People Share The Worst Thing A Friend Has Ever Done To Them

You are no friend of mine!

Sometimes people just have to go! They have to be eradicated from your life. Toxicity in human form disguised as a friend is a fatal trap. You have to save yourself. People ebb and flow through one another's lives for a reason, for life lessons. And often over time relations run their course. Never be afraid to move on, it's healthiest for everyone involved.

Redditor u/CanIBorrowAFeelingx wanted some people to open up and discuss how they've been betrayed by asking.... What's the worst thing a "friend" has ever done to you?

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I spent thousands arranging for him to go into a rehab program only to find out he had been screwing my wife since a week after the wedding. We were only married a couple months when I found out. They have two kids now. strong_cyclist_type

As much as the situation sucks, he saved you from YEARS of a crappy marriage. I'd say it was money well spent. JesusIsTheDoomSlayer


Stole my NES games - Wheel of Fortune and some baseball game. That was 30 years ago and I'm still hurt about it. His mom never made him give them back, even when we begged. swampjedi

Unforgivable... in every way... 

Convinced the rest of my friends that I'd done something unforgivable. And then convinced them that they shouldn't be friends with me anymore. While we were studying abroad, with no other friends/support system around. It was awful. justkilledaman

Oh Jake. Why?

He stole $50 worth of stuff that I had at my house that belonged to a different friend of ours. If the 3rd friend wasn't the nicest guy I'd ever known, he probably would have accused me of being a thief, and could have lead to me being ostracized by our whole group of friends. I didn't have a job at the time, so it took a little bit to pay him back the $50, but I was finally able to. F**k you Jake you thief. marry_me_sarah_palin

Girl! You Crazy! 


My friend slept with my (obviously now ex) husband while we were still together. About four years later she got mad that I wouldn't be a bridesmaid in her third wedding. onetotmama

I have so much trouble understanding how some people think. Like this is way beyond wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Did she know that you knew about the cheating? u_torn

What happend to just drinks? 

My "friend" thought that it would be funny if he burnt off the hair from my leg with a lighter and a deodorant. He ended up giving me a second degree burn on most of my calf that is still very visible after 2 years. koostamas

Sounds like a fun lawsuit. 956030681

Um.... don't flatter yourself... 

Physically attacked me because they thought I was attracted to them and they had to prove they weren't gay. I was not attracted to them, never thought of them that way once. Hydroelectric_dam

Wow... talk about projection. Inefable_

No Nudes....

She wasn't my worst friend tbh, but this was the crappiest act someone ever did. I had just started dating a guy in our friend group. We were in all different classes but he was in the same class with her a lot. As soon as we started dating, she became very clingy to him. She was always hanging onto him, flirting, just overall acting like she was interested in him. After 2 months of us being together, he broke up with me. I was heartbroken and as soon as he and I weren't together, she stopped. It was suspicious for sure, but I just wanted to think she was still my close friend.

Then, I confided in her that I really liked another guy. She just so happened to be in a summer play with this guy that I wasn't a part of because I was working all summer. She starts going on and on each time I see her about how much people think she and him are a couple and how she is always flirting with him. It made me realize that the only reason she was doing all this was because she wanted the attention on her, even if it meant stepping on her close friend's feelings. I stopped confiding in her after that.

A few years later I met and married my husband and she messaged him on Facebook to congratulate us and "interrogate him since I was her dear friend." She ended up getting flirty quickly and my husband stopped responding. I also have an ex friend who did similar things (on top of being emotionally abusive), but it wasn't as obvious other than the "accidental" nudes she sent to my husband. breentee

Vengeance upon you!!! 

I asked if he could stop in daily to feed my fish and test my water. Ran a decent saltwater tank. Nice 150 gal bowfront and gorgeous. I was out of town for 2 weeks. Came home to a nuked tank. He didn't stop by even one time. I gave him $200 to do this and he said "yea no problem it's on my way home from work anyways." veragesizefries23

I Know what you did last Summer..... 


This is probably not going to sound to terrible but when I was 13 years old I had a friend group of 5 and myself and one who I considered my best friend was my neighbor.

Each morning we would walk to school together. One morning he told me to go on ahead whilst he tied his shoes. I did so, then we walked a different way to me so he didn't have to walk with me. This happened for a week until we left school for summer.

On the night after we had broken from school I get a msn message from my group of friends who are all at the same house. It says 'We don't want to be friends with you.' I had no friends all summer. nxtboyIII


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