People Share The Worst Piece Of Advice They've Ever Gotten

Advice is a funny thing; sometimes it's super useful, and sometimes following it is absolutely the worst thing you could possibly do. People who have the best intentions can still manage to give he worst advice.

Reddit user u/ehudros asked:

"What is the sh*ttiest advice you've ever gotten?"

Doing The Job Isn't How You Get The Job?

I had to miss some high school orchestra rehearsals because I had gotten a job performing for a musical. My conductor said "taking gigs is not a good way to start your career in music."

Yeah. Try again, bub.


No Future In Tech

Dad - There's no future in those bloody computers Son. 35 years ago.


I got similar advice in the early 90s about the web.

We don't need internet, who wants to read what random people write on a website.


Got told this about web apps and JavaScript specifically -JavaScript will never be used and is just a fad! - Early 2000s compsci professor

Best advice I didn't listen too


That's Not How It Works...That's Not How Any Of This Works!

To not accept a raise because it would "put me in the next tax bracket and I would lose money."

The tax bracket system does not work that way. I promise.


I am a grown man, and explain this to other grown ups about 20 times a year. Pretty sure only half of them believe me. It's so frustrating because I know that if most middle class folks understood this they would think about changes to the tax code completely differently.


Get Too Greedy And You Don't Get To Eat Anything

"Ya know, son, being with a woman, is a lot like eating at a fancy restaurant. If you order the lasagna, you should eat the lasagna. That's the entree you picked, and you owe it to the lasagna to clean your plate. But as long as you're going to clean your plate, it's okay to try a bite of other foods here and there. That's not neglecting your lasagna, it's just making sure that lasagna is really as good as you think it is. And if you like a different dish more, it's better to find out now, before you're full."

This said while encouraging me to cheat on my girlfriend while we were on a family vacation.


My ex-husband's uncle gave him advice VERY similar to this. My ex husband took that advice. Now he can never eat lasagna again and the chicken alfredo didn't work out either. Turns out he's really struggling to find anything to eat nowadays.


Getting Old?!

That I better catch me a man because I was getting old.

I was 19 and at the wedding of a 20 and 21 year old. There wasn't even alcohol because majority of the guests were underage. I'm no longer friends with those people for many reasons (not the ones that got married, they moved and we lost touch, but the ones telling me to catch a man still live in the same city and we don't speak).

If I married the guy I was dating at 19/20, I would be a very bitter, angry person. Some people find the person they were meant to be with at a young age, I didn't and am glad I didn't succumb to the pressure just because everyone else around me thought that they had. I met my husband when I was 25 and everythings been going good. I made the right decision.


Stay In School

I was a teen dad supporting a stay-at home wife and kid and was going to engineering school at the same time.

I kept getting advice from adults that I should quit school, pick a safe job and work my way up. Why work a part-time, near-minimum wage job or internship when I could quit and work full time as landscaper or utility worker and make $3-4 an hour more?

That was 20 years ago. Today I probably make 3 or 4 times what a landscaping or utility career would have yielded, and I am in a career that I love. It's taken me all over the world and opened some amazing opportunities.


Sharing Is Caring

The taboo of "sharing salary information with your co-workers is unprofessional".

This BS is solely perpetuated to help your superior pay you the minimum salary required to still get you to come to work every day.

Often times (but obviously not always) people are arbitrarily paid different salaries.

I had an infuriating situation occur when I "earned a management promotion" in my previous role. I was basically 100% production on top of all of the responsibilities of being a manager.

My hard work was acknowledged by my boss telling me I needed to train a new hire with zero experience in our industry to be a carbon copy of my current role so I could advance into my promotion.

So I spent a year training the new person who was under paid and eventually quit pretty much immediately when I had him ready to assume my position.

Well long story short, no one was trained enough to assume my role so my promotion evaporated.

Meanwhile I was running around with my hair on fire doing the work load of two people never missing a single deadline.

Out of perceived necessity my boss hired another new person with no experience in our industry/very little general work experience and asked me to train this person from scratch, again...

Obviously, I was frustrated, but I don't back down from my responsibilities so I took on this set back challenge.

All was tolerable until the new person un-knowingly shared she was making the salary that I was told I would earn once I got promoted.

Young people entering Corporate America, never hide your salaries from your co-workers if the opportunity presents itself. Businesses won't look out for you.


You Don't Really Need Water...In The Desert...?

In the military, in Iraq. The sweat is irritating and to fix that, my friend says you just stop drinking water. I was dumbfounded.


Of Course It's Poison

When I was diagnosed with aggressive cancer: Chemo is poison! Don't let those doctors kill you, they just want to make a profit. If you fast and drink lemon water your body will heal itself.

Literally the worst advice. I would be dead right now.


Yeah, it is poison, thats the fcking point


Right? Do people forget that chemo is bad for you? Cancer just happens to be worse so you pick the lesser of two evils. Nobody goes to get Chemo for fun or because it's good for you.


Just Ignore The Injuries

I was getting a hard time in school from other kids. The advice I received was 'just ignore them'. Anyone who's being bullied will tell you that simply ignoring it is not possible because bullies don't allow you to ignore them.


The Exact Opposite Of Good Advice

Treat em mean, keep em keen.

My current girlfriend of 9 years (and the girl I was pursuing when my friend gave me the above 'advice') has said that if I had started being an arrogant dick towards her - she would have just stopped bothering to see me.


Why An Axe?

"No need for a lock! Get an axe and strap it to your bike. Nobody wants to mess with someone who has an axe, so nobody will try to steal your bike."

(I swear I didn't make this up… the guy who said it seemed more than a little drunk though.)


But if the axe is on your bike, you don't have an axe. And if you're lucky enough to catch the person stealing your bike, they now also have your axe.


I think it's fair to assume that a person who carries an axe on their bike may have multiple axes.


Yeah, but if you steal their bike, there's a solid chance you've now got what was recently the largest axe they brought with them today.


Wow, Thanks, I'm Cured

"Why are you sad? Just cheer up"

Gee I never thought of that before.


Gee, Thanks Sis

My sister's advice to me. "If you're ever drunk and need to drive just do some coke"


What is she up to these days?


Probably coke


Water Seems To Be A Recurring Theme

Broke my arm in the fourth grade. The teacher's advice was to get a drink of water (as the only form of medical attention until I finally convinced them to call my parents). It didn't fix my broken arm.


You didn't drink enough.


Nobody Should Work In Sales

"You should work in sales!"

(Worked in sales for two years, it was easily the worst two years of my life. Trust me, you should not work in sales.)


Oh, Wow, No. Just No.

I went to the dentist once because my wisdom tooth was growing in sideways and cutting my gum and it was swelling up and really painful. THE ENTIRE time he's looking at my teeth hes trying to convince me to get braces for one crooked tooth I have in the front, and I keep asking him what to do about my swollen gum and he told me to "just brush your teeth harder"

Also: just think more positive!


Only If You Want To Still Be Paying When You're 80

Borrow as much as you need for college. Don't worry about how you'll pay it back, just have fun.

Really, really stupid. I went to a private college that cost over 100K. I owed 46K in student loans when I graduated. A $600 a month minimum payment on an entry level salary *really* limits your options post school.


If That Worked We Wouldn't Be Here, Now Would We

During an anxiety attack... "just don't think about it". Oh! Okay! Phew. I can't believe I didn't think of that!


It's like depression, you can just "Stop it"

Ah thanks

>rolls eyes


I've trained my brain to stop thinking; doesn't do Jack sh*t, my body still freaks the f*ck out.


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