People Share The Worst Foods To Eat While Driving A Car


I was once in rural Pennsylvania and stopped by a Wawa––if you haven't been to one, then you don't know what you're missing––and purchased a sandwich. A hero, in fact. It was delicious and I loved everything about it. It also came apart in the car and I had to pick at it with a fork for the rest of the drive back to where I was staying... and I was in the passenger seat.

After Redditor s3thm asked the online community, "What's the worst food to eat while driving a car?" the responses made me glad that I was not the one behind the wheel!

"I can steer with one knee..."

Crab legs are challenging. I can steer with one knee for short distances, but when you get a bit of shell in your eye, it's hell to clear it out before you hit something. And if you hit a bump, that little ramekin of melted butter hanging off the A/C vent is going to spill.


"One day..."

One day my husband, daughter and I were headed somewhere, and my daughter says, hey, that guy is eating rice. We laughed and the looked. One hand had chopsticks, the other had the bowl up to his mouth, he was shovelling the rice in while presumably steering with his knees. Super busy arterial route, uphill with lots of curves and traffic lights. Crazy!


"When I got out of the car..."

I ate a pita. Steak and jalapenos with tzatziki sauce. Wearing a black shirt. Good damn pita. When I got out of the car, it appeared I had been in a tussle in the sheets with several poor marksmen.



I was late for work, and had a long drive. My wife kindly made me breakfast for the road. However, the plate of sunny side up eggs was not the best idea.


"One took..."

Definitely an overly greasy, poorly constructed burrito with way to many toppings and sauces.

One took my wife's tire and rim as a toll for trying to take it down. Thankfully life lessons were learned.


"A seafood boil..."

A seafood boil as it contains lots of difficult to peel shellfish and it's impossible to not get covered in liquid.


"Worst I've done..."

Worst I've done is a steak and cheese sandwich with very loose steak and onion. The good kind where it is shredded ribeye, not the kind that are like a long hamburger. Easier if you rip it in half, but you'll probably still have steak and onion falling all over the place or you'll drip a bunch of grease.

One time I somehow dropped the sandwich on the dirty floor. It didn't roll so I just ripped off the side that touched the floor and ate the rest. Usually have germaphobia problems but these were expensive sandwiches and not close to home.

And no I haven't done something like this in about 5 or more years. Should always find someplace to pull over and eat. I did it because I had a driving job and couldn't stop, but it's too dangerous to drive with one of those.

I'd imagine a subway sandwich is even worse.


"You're one pothole away..."

Fondue. You're one pothole away from third-degree burns on everyone in the car and a new cheesy interior.


"Just think about..."

Spaghetti. Just think about trying to get it around the fork. Then slurping the last noodle only for it to hit you in the eye and causing you to get sauce in your eye and now you can't see. Then you crash.



Burrito from Chipotle with no rice.

Normally the rice absorbs the juice from the beans. I got black bean juice all down the front of my shirt and had to work all afternoon that way.


"You take one bite..."

Chocolate eclairs in the blazing summer. You take one bite of that and you get cream all over your shorts.


"I once had to get in the car..."

Ramen noodles, I once had to get in the car fast for my mom to drop me off somewhere. She took a turn, and it went everywhere. It was really hot too.


"You may disagree..."

You may disagree, but the DQ dipped cones are so messy. When you bite into them, ice cream drips everywhere.



Spaghetti, meatballs with extra sauce to dunk your garlic bread in while trying to navigate a salad.


"They may be delicious..."

A burrito. They may be delicious, but they sure are filling.


"The worst..."

I used to do most of my eating while driving. The worst was anything that required utensils. Our highways are pretty straight and I could usually just use my knee, but I did almost kill myself with a poutine once. And there was the incident with the baked lasagna...


"Broth has to be hot enough..."

Pho. Broth has to be hot enough to cook the meat, you need chopsticks and a spoon, and dipping sauces. Maybe this is a better answer for "What food is impossible to eat while driving?"


"Still worth it though."

Fried chicken. Crumblies get everywhere and you get chicken grease on everything you touch. Still worth it though.


"I saw someone..."

I saw someone eating corn on the cob. Driver's side, stopped at a light... at 8 am!!! WTF?? I need the story, but alas, I, like all of you, must live in the dark.


"I want to say..."

I want to say a "hot pocket" that is barely warm on the outside, but one bite while you are driving and it is revealed to you that the insides are fairly close to the temperature of freshly-spewed lava from Mt St Helens.

In an abstract way, the worst food is any food that a revenue-seeking police officer can see when they pull alongside you.


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