People Share The Weirdest Way They Have Seen Someone Misuse An Everyday Item


It's important to actually know how to handle an item before you do so. Otherwise, you could make some very grave, possibly even life-threatening mistakes. And these Redditors have some pretty wild examples.

u/blendergremlin asked: What is the most extreme misuse of an everyday item you have ever witnessed?

Definitely not what they meant.

I caught a friend of mine rubbing one of the antibacterial hand wipes from KFC all over his friends chicken. The little packet said 'a hint of lemon' on it, and he thought that he was meant to flavour the chicken with it...


Managed a Regal movie theatre.

An employee was detailing some stainless still part of the shelving and used an aerosol can called Chrome Cleaner. They alternately would spray and wipe stuff down while setting the can on the counter. They're not even running a register as it was slower that set.

Pair of Hispanic men come in, barely any English, and buy two tickets. Then they buy two tubs of popcorn. The one Hispanic guy grabs the aerosol Chrome Cleaner and sprays it all over his popcorn!

Employee screams out of nowhere, I rush over. Turns out in broken English wherever dude was from in Latin America they have movie theatre butter that comes in aerosol cans. He thought it was the same in American and almost took a big bite. How he couldn't smell the cleaner and not know, I'll never guess.


The forbidden candy.


Roommates in college used laundry pods in the dishwasher for like a week? I handwashed my dishes, so it did not affect me. They only noticed because I asked why they always left their laundry pods on the kitchen counter.


I will admit I did this for a short time. I was student teaching and insanely busy between school and my university work. I grabbed the pods thinking they were dishwasher pods. I used them a few times and each time there was foam leaking from the dishwasher.

My dumb, exhausted, overwhelmed ass thought there was something wrong with the dishwasher. Maintenance guy came, said it was fine. I felt like the biggest moron ever when I went to do the next load and read the package....laundry pods..... I got some actual dishwasher ones and never had another issue with leaking foam!


There are easier ways.

My friend's kid decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron on the couch. Burned a nice iron shaped hole in the couch. Kid was 15 at the time.


In college and living in the dorms, my roommate and I had an iron specifically for grilled cheese, no burnt couches though.



My mom's coworker (or maybe even her ex boss) used the plastic page protectors for office binders in a wrong way. The page protectors have only one opening on top as everyone knows, but she would always turn them upside down and then used a billion of paperclips on the bottom to prevent papers from falling out.


NOT a microwave....


This was a story that a colleague told me that happened on the day I was off back in the day I used to work for a hotel.

Apparently some Chinese guests came to reception to complain that the microwave wasn't working. We didn't have microwaves in the room, so when coming to inspect the problem, she found out that they were trying to microwave a pizza... in the room's safe.


Actually kind of a smart idea.

My (adult!!!) BIL once used steel wool to scrub his parents' oak dining table. That still floors me after like a decade...


Has he ever had to do a cleanup chore at a family gathering after that? It's the long con, if you screw up so bad people react in horror once they never ask for help again.


3 pairs.

Using my fabric shears to cut wire and plastic packaging. And now he's butthurt that my new fabric shears have a padlock through the handles.


It is my firm belief that every household should have 3 pairs of scissors: one for fabric, one for paper, and one for every-f**king-thing else (aka the kitchen scissors). Mine are stored in vastly different places so you'd have to deliberately look for and choose to use them for their unintended purpose.

But the padlock is a genius idea and I love it.


Kids, man.


Walked into my sister's room and she had maxi pads laying everywhere with Barbie's on top. She's like, look at all these Barbie sleeping bags I found.


One time I found a tampon in my older sisters room and me and my younger brother went and showed our mom that she was off having fun without us because she had a party popper in her drawer.

My mom giggled and threw it away without a word.


No common sense.

Using a microwave to "dry" a smartphone.

After running said smartphone under tap water to clean it (this was like 7 years ago, I don't think the phone was waterproof).

Person who did this was good academically but had no common sense whatsoever it baffled me


This is a mood.

We had a housemate who used to get home very drunk and try and cook himself elaborate meals, which always resulted in a lot of mess and noise. To combat this I turned the oven and electrical sockets in the kitchen off when he went out one night. Foolproof

The fool cooked himself steak in the living room with our clothes iron at 3am.


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