People Share The Weirdest Thing They've Ever Seen Someone Selling


How much?

Everything in life is for sale. You can sell your home, your car, your clothes and..... your soul if try hard enough. No, literally you can sell you soul on the internet. (Don't ask) In this day and age it's not that crazy to see people selling crazy. But it's always okay to be surprised by what is on sale.

Redditor u/Meshugugget wanted to know what are the strangest things they've seen on the market by wondering... What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen someone selling?

Cheeto Power! 


Genuinely saw someone trying to sell a hot Cheeto on Ebay because it 'resembled Yoda's staff!' LaiqTheMaia

He should probably get that checked. to_the_tenth_power

Oh Walmart! 

Steaks stolen from Walmart in the Walmart parking lot. He was just doing laps asking people if they wanted to buy cheap steaks. forfuniguess

Who doesn't want to buy warm steaks from a tweaker in a poorly lit parking lot? Narfi1


Burned out light bulbs. yes, burned out light bulbs.

I was stationed in Berlin.... DECADES ago. Once of the cool things going on was this popup black market. Every Sunday it popped up somewhere in east Berlin and you could buy all sorts of stuff in that traveling flea market. There were a couple of guys in our unit that knew who to talk to to find out where it would pop up would be, and we went. You could buy anything. The time I went, there was a dude with a little stand and a sign CLEARLY selling burned out light bulbs.


I assumed it was a cover for something else, but I watched him and clearly people were buying burned out light bulbs. I thought there HAS to be something else going on here, and I watched him for an hour until he sold out and started folding up his little table and sign. I asked him, what's up with the light bulbs. He laughed and said, "light bulbs are rationed over here." I didn't get it, and he knew it. He said "regular people's light bulbs are rationed, only government agencies have enough, so most people have to wait a long time to get replacements." I still didn't get it. He said "people take the burned out ones to work, swap them out for working ones at their government job, then either sell the good ones or use them at their house....."

"I work at the blahblah government building as the custodian.. I replace all their burned out bulbs and sell them here."

LOL. TheGarp

I'd rather the 80's! 

A guy in Eastern Europe in the mid-90s with a bunch of used out-of-date city maps which still had all the commie-era street names, selling them to old folk who couldn't get used to the new names. jaggy_bunnet

I'll be there for you! 


Used to live in a crackhead infested ghetto in the deep south. One night around 1 AM I was walking back from the bars. A dude on a bicycle rides up on me. I'm getting into fight mode thinking it's going to be an attempted mugging.

...he tries to sell me a Season 1 DVD box set of Friends for $20.

When I declined he said "I thought white people love that show" and rode off.

Paper or Plastic? 

I hear tell they sell cardboard to people who have to stand on ice/snow/permafrost in extremely cold situations.

Like when a reporter is having to do an on the scene piece in Alaska. The local kids will sell cardboard to them because apparently it insulates them from the cold. dirtymoney

What Flavor?

Pre-mixed kool-aid on the side of the road.... 7693385781711

By an adult? tman065

By multiple adults. They had a pre-mixed kool-aid enterprise going on. This was outside DC in 2009. 7693385781711

Pens of Many Colors! 

This lady i saw recently at the movies was selling pens with Christmas Hats on them. She said she lost her job so she wanted to start selling stuff to make some extra money. Its not the weirdest thing ever but i thought it was strange. My friend was the only one with actual cash on him so he just donated some money. I hope she's doing well. BadMotherfucker2517


Gun show in Northeast Ohio. Guy had 2 RPGs sitting on a table next to some fake nazi memorabilia and overpriced surplus military clothing. No other firearms and the only other "weapon" was a clearly reproduction hitler youth knife that had a broken handle. Wanted $950 for one and $1250 for the other since it had an original RPG scope with it.

Now even though the rockets themselves were almost certainly dummies and the launchers were probably decommissioned, it took an insane amount of will power to not head to the nearest ATM and buy one of those sweet reason-for-divorce items.

In the end, I left with some good beef jerky and a great sadness in my heart. The best part though? The next month I went back to the same show and the RPG with the scope was no longer there. Godspeed to the crazy son of a b**h who bought that, godspeed. Caribbean-king67

Need a jump?  


I parked in front of my house, a lady from across the street came out holding a beat up box. Came up to my window before I got out and asked if I wanted to buy a charger. I told her no and she replied, "don't you have a phone!" then ran back into her house. Abram_SF


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