Humans are WEIRD. We all have some pretty strange habits, but some people take it a step further.

Reddit user KidzWithBugz asked:

"What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen a stranger do?"

Some responses edited for content or clarity.

Traffic Stopper

Had to stop the car because a man was crossing the road while walking on all fours and had his arm in a woman's boot that went up to his elbow. He stopped mid away across the road, waved to me and continued crossing the road. While on all fours he was like he was "walking" the boot as if it was an action figure or something.


Added Flavor


Most recent thing was me going out to eat some pho and the guy next to me casually eating noodles with his glasses instead of chopsticks or a fork. Part of me wanted to ask him if he wanted me to get him a pair of chopsticks from the front in case he had a bum knee or something but like I said, I've learned that when weird stuff happens, to keep quiet and mind my own business.



My neighbor and I drove to get dinner at Taco Bell one night. As we waited in line, a person who looked like a junkie sprinted through the parking lot - and hit a spinning backflip.

The most random sh!t ever. We were listening to some random Rap song in my car, and we both saw a emaciated looking dude do a perfect backflip after sprinting full speed into it.


He Was Fresh Out Of Chips

An old bald man on the train in full lycra who ate a whole 1kg bag of raw potatoes.


Sometimes you got to carb the f**k up.


That's Just How It Works

There is a coffee shop located In the building I work in. When it was time to close (midnight) I was told a guy was sleeping in the coffee shop. I woke him up and told him I was going to lock the doors and he had to leave. He stood up and opened a bottle of water and poured it on his jeans on his calf. I said “what are you doing?” Meaning like hey you’re getting water all over the floor wtf and he just politely said “that’s how they work man” and then left. It still confused the hell out of me.


Mistaken Identity?

I was on a first date with this guy and we went for a walk in a park. The path could easily fit three people wide, probably 4. He's on the outside and I'm in the middle and there's a lady further ahead, jogging toward us.

We start to move over to make sure there's plenty of room for her to jog by.

We start moving over more, because she seems to be heading straight for us.

As she passes, she swings out her elbow and clocks me in the ribs.

I turned to look at her, and she's giving me the dirtiest look.

I have no idea who she was and my date had no clue either. I still wonder if he was telling the truth, but he seemed pretty genuinely concerned and bewildered.

This was Canada. We were walking on the right side of the path and moved over to the right side. She was jogging on her right side of the path, and crossed over the “middle" to hit me.

Also, why didn't I fight her? So there's the fight, flight, or freeze reactions. I'm a freeze. This day proved it, the two other separate times I've been punched in the face by rando's proves it. Want to randomly hit someone with no consequences? Hit me.


I Bet It Works

Middle of the night in a hip city neighborhood, we saw a guy coming down the street with an awkward gait. As he approached we realized he was skipping while spanking himself, yes hand to butt. And thus he went into the darkness.

Maybe a good way to avoid mugging?


Gotta Get Your Morning Workout

Not my story, but one my dad told me. He goes to work very early in the morning, and one day he had stopped in a WaWa to get some coffee. While he was pouring his coffee, he noticed a guy who had already put Coffee in the cup and was now standing in front of the cream dispenser, rotating his entire body like he was hula hooping to mix it together.


A Deal They Couldn't Pass Up

Someone going through TSA security with two roombas and nothing else. One Roomba per bin of course.


City People

One time I was on my way to a house inspection and witnessed a man laughing and talking to his chained up bicycle getting progressively angrier until he started screaming and fighting with said bicycle. It was my first introduction to weird city people.


Who Needs A Pet Store

Watched a guy on the sidewalk below the train platform bend down and casually put a pigeon in his pocket then walk away. Dinner is served I guess.


Where do you think magicians get their doves?


I Bet It Flew Though

You know those sticks that dog walkers use to throw the tennis ball further? I saw a guy just throw the whole thing, with a ball attached. Dude did it twice.


Must Have Been A Mandrake


I was walking through the town I live in a few years ago, and some guy was walking just ahead of me looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter, in a long brown wool coat and long hair and beard, and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a plant, with roots and everything, dropping soil everywhere. He looks down, repots the plant in his pocket, and reaches into the other side pocket for his wallet. Since then I've been totally in awe of him and I often wonder what he was growing in his coat.


Need For Cheese

Saw a man wearing shirt with the word "Legend" printed on the front sit down on a park bench, pull out a wheel of Camembert cheese and proceed to eat the entire thing in a few bites. Then stand up and be on his way. A true legend.


Heh, legend dairy.


Gotta Get On Her Level

When I worked at PC World I had a customer come in and start browsing landline phones. She then got a call on her mobile phone so decided to take off her jacket and kick off her shoes, take off her socks and lay on the floor of the store whilst talking on her phone. After a while she put the phone down but continued to lay on the floor looking at all the types of landline phone. I ask if she needs a hand and she says she needs help. So I sat down on the floor with her and kicked off my shoes as well and had a good old chat all about landline phones. She ended up buying one with a extended warranty so management didn't care that I just sat on the floor with her.


The Special Car

I worked at a radio station & was doing a remote at a car dealership. A woman walked up to us wearing a shirt, an apron type skirt (no back) and men's boots...and nothing else. She had spray paint all around her mouth and kept asking to buy the 'special car'. It freaked me out.


That's inhalents for you.


Oh No

I was hanging out in Washington square park by the fountain with my buddy. Hot summer day, people have their feet in the water and just relaxing. I shit you not, a guy comes up jogging, places his water bottle under the fountain and chugs it. Fills it again and jogs away. Me and buddy look at each other like "No Way Dude"!


Beer Buddies


Just yesterday, I saw a guy walking down the street, with a glass of beer. (Consumption of alcohol in public spaces is illegal here for the record.) Another stranger walking the opposite direction approaches him,

"Hey, give me your beer, here's some cash, go buy me a beer and buy yourself one too."

First stranger obliges, gives this man his beer, and goes off with the money to buy some beer. By the time he's back, 2nd guy is finished the beer, 1st guy hands a glass to 2nd guy, and they both go their separate ways. Was pretty amusing.


Well, I'm Never Eating Those Again

I saw an old man in a casino eat 40 or so peppermint candies. He would put 5 in his mouth or so then swallow then do it again. These were the ones you would have to suck on for an hour to get anywhere.


TIL how candy canes are made.


Lost A Bet? 

When I was backpacking around Ethiopia I ended up staying overnight in some tiny little town whilst waiting for my bus to my next destination.

I saw someone walking down the street completely naked with a block of wood clenched between his bum cheeks. It was that strange and illogical that there are times where I question whether or not I saw it.


H/T: Reddit

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Have you ever been reading a book, watching a movie, or even sitting down for a fantastical cartoon and began to salivate when the characters dig into some doozy of a made up food?

You're not alone.

Food is apparently fertile ground for creativity. Authors, movie directors, and animators all can't help but put a little extra time and effort into the process of making characters' tasty delights mouthwatering even for audiences on the other side of the screen.

Read on for a perfect mixture of nostalgia and hunger.

AllWhammyNoMorals asked, "What's a fictional food you've always wanted to try?"

Some people were all about the magical foods eaten in the magical places. They couldn't help but wish they could bite into something with fantastical properties and unearthly deliciousness.


"Enchanted golden apple" -- DabbingIsSo2015

"The Minecraft eating sounds make me hungry" -- FishingHobo

"Gotta love that health regeneration" -- r2celjazz

"Pretty sure those are based off the golden apples that grant immortality. Norse mythology I think?" -- Raven_of_Blades

Take Your Pick

"Nearly any food from Charlie and the Chocolate factory" -- CrimsonFox100

"Came here to say snozzberries!" -- Utah_Writer

"Everlasting Gobstoppers #1, but also when they're free to roam near the chocolate river and the entire environment is edible." -- devo9er

Peak Efficiency

"Lembas" -- Roxwords

"The one that fills you with just a bite? My fat a** would be making sandwiches with two lembas breads and putting bacon, avocado and cheese inside. Then probably go for some dessert afterwards. No wonder why those elves are all skinny, eating just one measly bite of this stuff." -- sushister

Some people got stuck on the foods they saw in the cartoons they watched growing up. The vibrant colors, the artistic sounds, and the exaggerated movements all come together to form some good-looking fake grub.

The One and Only

"Krabby patty 🍔" -- Cat_xox

"And a kelp shake" -- titsclitsntennerbits

"As a kid I always pretended burgers from McDonalds were Krabby Patties, heck from time to time I still do for the nostalgia of it all. Many of my friends did the same thing." -- Thisissuchadragtodo


"The pizza from an extremely goofy movie. The stringy cheese just looked magical lol" -- ES_Verified

"The pizza in the old TMNT cartoon as well." -- gate_of_steiner85

"Only bested by the pizza from All Dogs Go to Heaven." -- Purdaddy

Get a Big Old Chunk

"Those giant turkey drumsticks in old cartoons that characters would tear huge chunks out of. Those things looked amazing, turkey drumsticks in real life suck and are annoying to eat."

-- Ozwaldo

Slurp, Slurp, Slurp

"Every bowl of ramen on any anime, ever." -- Cat_xox

"Studio Ghibli eggs and bacon" -- DrManhattan_DDM

"Honestly, any food in anime. I swear to god half the budget no matter what the studio goes into making the food look absolutely delicious." -- Viridun

Finally, some highlighted the things that aren't quite so far-fetched, but still far enough away that it's nothing we'll be eating anytime soon.

That tease can be enough to make your mouth water.

What's In It??

"Butter beer" -- Damn_Dog_Inappropes

"came here to say this. i was pretty disappointed with the universal studio version which was over the top sweet. it was more of a butterscotch root beer. i imagine butter beer to be something more like butter and beer, which wouldn't be crazy sweet, but would have a very deep rich flavor" -- crazyskiingsloth

Slice of the Future

"The microwave pizzas in back to the future two" -- biggiemick91

"I've been fascinated with those for years! They just look so good!" -- skoros

As Sweet As They Had

"The Turkish Delight from Lion Witch & Wardrobe. The real ones I had weren't bad but nothing special." -- spoon_shaped_spoon

"Came here to say this. I know it's a real thing, but I always imagined that it must have been amazing to betray your siblings over." -- la_yes

"You're used to freely available too sweet sweets. For a WW2 era schoolkid, it would have represented all the sweets for an entire year." -- ResponsibleLimeade

Here's hoping you made it through the list without going into kitchen for some snack you didn't actually need.

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