People Share the Weirdest Phobias They Struggle With On A Daily Basis

People Share the Weirdest Phobias They Struggle With On A Daily Basis

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We're all afraid of something. Our phobias can leave us paralyzed with fear, and it often seems like no amount of guidance can alleviate what scares the bejesus out of us.

JohnPosu asked, What's your weirdest phobia you have?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Sleep paralysis is often blamed for alien abduction stories.

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Due to night frights, sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming, I fear sleep.

But they're so soft! Then again, they do eat your clothes...

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Fear of moths. Not butterflies too, just moths.

I'm wearing headphones tonight. Nope nope nope.

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Cockroaches in my ears, which has evolved into a completely crippling phobia of cockroaches in general.

People find this out and they're like "but the cockroaches here are too big for that!" Like this is in any way based on logic.

I just wanna add, I am loving the stories coming out of this you guys, it is SO nice to know I'm not the only one! There are dozens of us. DOZENS!

There's a fine line between being afraid and being completely, and utterly, annoyed.

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I get like one of those shocks that run all through my body for a moment like I've been electrocuted whenever I hear the alarm clock buzzers. I'm not afraid of them, but they ALWAYS shock me in that way.

Tiny deformed humans? Pass.

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I have a fear of human sculptures, but only if they look sloppy, and especially if they're small. Something about them just really unnerves me.

Oh yeah this is really unnerving. Just... back up... please.

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Anyone, but especially children, standing on a balcony or ledge will very soon jump, be pushed or fall to their death. I can't talk with people on balconies, or go near cliffs or ledges.

I had this same fear! I got over it by watching the movie again and again.

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I mentioned this in another thread about strange childhood fears, but it's stupid enough and scares me enough that I'll mention it again: E.T dressed as Santa.

As in, the alien from the movie E.T. That weirdo creeps me right out with his long-ass glowy finger and springy neck and skull shaped like a pair of binoculars. I had a nightmare as a child that he killed and replaced Santa, and the mental image of that monstrosity scurrying through the house in Santa's duds gives me all kinds of heebie-jeebies. I'm in my thirties, and I still can't sit down and watch that movie because I can't stand looking at that thing.

This is creepy af and will definitely happen one day.

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I have this weird fear at night that the TV is just going to turn on and a loud voice will start yelling at me.

You never know what's lurking in the abyss.

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Deep water, I'm fine swimming at the beach or what not but I have gone swimming in some lakes where I can see the bottom one second and then it just drops straight down and I freak the fuck out. F_ck deep water.

Elmo says, "you're mine now, b_tch."

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Elmo. It's not a crippling phobia like I can be around an Elmo doll or something and be ok. It just makes me kind of uncomfortable. I had a dream in high school that I was a little kid and an Elmo doll dragged me into the closet (a la Chucky) and was going to kill me, then my parents came in and he went back to being a doll and they yelled at me. After they left he went back to trying to kill me and I woke up. Been kind of unnerved by Elmo ever since.

All dolls are creepy tbqfh.

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I didn't think anyone else had this fear. I had a nightmare as a kid that a giant Raggedy Ann doll was trying to kill me, and ever since, I've had a fear of things with bright red hair. Elmo is a big one. Clifford the Big Red Dog, too.

I want my eyes to spring open at my funeral.

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I don't call this a phobia but I have an irrational fear of looking at the face of the person who died thinking they will open their eyes and look at me.

Birds bigger than duck are approaching dinosaur status...

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Any bird bigger than a duck.

Does this guy work for Jigsaw or something?

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A friend of mine is afraid the piston in his office chair will erupt through the seat and impale him.

Well, this is certainly a strange fear.

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I don't like the crease in my forearm being touched. I will immediately feel sick and or have an anxiety attack.

Emetophobia is a very common fear.

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Vomiting. Doing it myself or someone else doing it. The sound, the smell, the taste, the retching, the gargling. I've been like this since I was a child, it leaves me petrified - if I was given an option, I'd honestly choose death in a heartbeat over being exposed to vomit. This has made traveling via public transport and being anywhere near drunk people a f_cking nightmare.

Wanna slowly pull them apart? Or how about that woman who EATS THEM?

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If I even think of cotton balls it gets harder to breathe.

We've all heard the horror stories about people getting sucked in. Watch your shoe laces...

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Not quite hypochondria, but a crippling fear of death, known as necrophobia.

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Every time I get sick, even slightly, I'm afraid that I'm about to die. Like my small illness is going to end up turning into something drastic and lethal. I have no idea why I think this way. I actually think it's because I realized a long time ago that my life can be taken at any time, any day, for any reason, or for no reason at all, and I may not have any control over it.

The other week I had a toothache, the worst one I've ever had. And the idea that it could be the beginning of some lethal infection or something like that kept running through mind.

Once a year, usually January/February, I get very sick with the flu. Every year I end up going to the hospital and they just tell me to drink more fluids and wait it out. It's so frustrating because I'm legitimately afraid that it's going to kill me, despite what they tell me.

Full stop, stay tf away from the eyes.

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Literally, anything to do with eyes. I can't wear contacts, and can't stand putting in eye drops or anything. I can barely stand the puff of air at the optometrist to test your eye.

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