People Share The Times They Burst Out In Inappropriate Laughter


If I wasn't laughing I'd be crying...

Sometimes emotion is too much to bare and the way we express it can be beyond our control. That expression can happen in the most inconvenient moments. Often when are emotions are running high we as humans try our best to hide our pain and refuse to shed a tear but that pain is coming out no matter what and it can explode in the form of outrageous laughter. When you watch that you'll feel much better about your own awkward outbursts.

Redditor u/Thuthang wanted people to cop to... When was the most inappropriate time you busted out in laughter? We've all been there.

Dearly departed... 

Funeral. I thought the son was telling a joke in his father's eulogy, turns out it wasn't a joke.


Mine was also at a funeral. I still feel pretty bad about it...

My grandma 's 3rd husband died from lung cancer and at his funeral they played a montage of pictures most of which he was smoking in. About the third or fourth picture my brother and I looked at each other at the same time and we both just busted out laughing. The irony was too much, I guess? I don't know, it was hard not to laugh but my grandma turned around and glared at us which for some reason made it even harder not to laugh.

Wow, sounds horrible typing it out but I think it was one of those moments that you know it's not that funny but you also aren't allowed to laugh which makes you want to laugh even more.


Oh my god I had a moment like this. My manager was wearing a birthday badge (you know, those massive ones usually given to small children) and she told me to guess how old she was. I really didn't want to, because she looked about 60 but I knew she was younger and had a nasty temper. I made umming and awwing noises til she burst out with "I'm 45!" and I just started laughing. I made some excuse that I thought she was 40 maximum but I think she knew I was lying because she didn't talk to me the rest of the day.


Kindling isn't a joke. 

It was my own joke that screwed me. We were in class watching a video about a big fire in Chicago ages ago, the triangle shirt factory fire I believe. One of my classmates asked why they used children as workers, I responded with "because they make good kindling" and immediately we started cracking up.

The death stare from my teacher gave me the chills.


In the middle of church when I was like 10, a little kid dropped a song lyric book off the 2nd level and it hit some old lady in the back of the head during prayer. My mom shot me a glare, but I couldn't help it.


I too was in church. I went to mass with my roommate who wanted to try out a new church. During one of the prayer times when we were all kneeling on the pews, the lady in front of us let out this massively long fart. But it wasn't like a normal fart noise. I think because she was trying so hard to keep it in, it ended up sounding like a balloon deflating when you pinch the opening and it's this high pitched squeaking noise. Felt bad but could not keep my crap together for the rest of the service.


God's wind. 

When I was an altar boy at a funeral and the priest cut a loud fart as he elevated the host. Thank God for the incense - there was no escaping it!


I hate to admit this, but as a fully-grown adult, just last year, I attended a talent show at my kid's school and almost had a laughter breakdown. Some poor kid was supposed to be doing a classical violin piece accompanied by piano (piano played by the music teacher) and maybe he just got off to a bad start... or maybe he forgot to practice, ever. I don't know. But I don't think he hit even ONE right note, just madly floundered and warbled off-key, sounding like a dying cat, through the whole thing. And for some reason, the music teacher, instead of seeing it was not going well, and mercifully wrapping it up before it got any worse, carried on for the whole three minute eternity of the piece, with the kid just lost and making random sawing motions across the strings of his violin, resulting in nothing but absolute, godawful sonic dissonance. Three neverending minutes of it.

To my credit, I had it together in the beginning. But one or two minutes into the cringy awkwardness, with still no promise of the end in sight, and being reminded all too vividly of the hilariously cringy awkwardness of one of my own childhood talent show performances, I had to fight back laughter and tears all at once. I tried to cover my already-contorting-into-hopeless-laughter-face by pretending to wipe my mouth with my hand, I cleared my throat, I bit the inside of my lip hard, and I told myself: That kid's parents and the principal of my child's school seeing me lose it in uncontrollable laughter will be even more awkward and cringy than this. Also, someone will probably whip out a smartphone, and I'll end up on one of those YouTube laughter-disaster compilations. I won the fight, but it was a close call, and I am not at all confident that no one saw me struggling to maintain composure.


Chew slowly... 

My grandma choked to death eating at s restaurant she was very old and she was dead for no more than an hour when our immediate family was in the viewing room of the hospital saying our final goodbyes. My aunty, which is my grandmas oldest daughter says "she looks so peaceful like she's asleep." Then my mom starts bawling her eyes out crying and hugging my grandmas body. I lean over to my cousin and say "if she keeps shaking grandma like that she'll wake her up." It's not a funny nor clever joke but the look on my cousins face as he's trying not laugh ended up making me laugh out loud which he finally gave in and we're both there in this sad situation laughing to tears.


Good to show your skills... 

I was in a job interview and the woman asking questions looked like a fish and had a funny voice. The more she spoke the harder it was to hold in the laughter. Then I started to imagine what a fish would sound like if it could talk. I started watching her lips move and with that thought in my head it was too much. I burst out laughing and couldn't stop laughing.


EMT here. Thought it was a psych call... show up an 87year old woman is yelling her son got THE disease in jail. Looked at his penis, he was erect. He took a viagra and somehow his mom saw his penis and thought it was a disease. The scenarios running through my head got to me. The guy was embarrassed and went along with it being a disease. The mood was serious. I had to excuse myself.



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