People Share The Stupidest Thing They Ever Said In School


Thank goodness the dunce hat is just a figure of popular culture, or there would have been a number of times that the nonsense that poured out of our mouths would have landed us wearing it in the back of the class. These brave souls have come forth to share their embarrassing classroom stories with us to remind us that we are not alone.

u/Hunt321 asked:

What's the stupidest thing you have ever said in a classroom?

Here were some of their stories.

Was A Legit Guess


So, when I was in third grade, this one episode of spongebob had just come out where at the beginning the narrator says "B.C. (before comedy)". I'm in class one day, and we're talking about history in the times of B.C. and such. My teacher asks "can anyone tell me what B.C. stands for?" And I raised my hand and said "before comedy!" My teacher gave me the most confused look that made me feel so stupid after that.


Nine Year Old Phrasing

I went to answer a question in 4th grade. I knew the answer, but as soon as the teacher called on me I forgot. So I said the following lines:

"Uh, I..know the answer, but like, it kinda went from the front of my brain to the back of my brain and I don't know it anymore. That happens sometimes."

I don't think my teacher knew what to say so she called on someone else and they knew the answer. That memory still haunts me from time to time.


Screaming Incorrect-idies

Oh I got a great one. So back in second grade, we were learning about how to use commas. At the same time, the girls in my class were telling me how they found a condom in the toilet (I have no idea, and I'm only just realising how creepy that is...). Anyway, I, being an innocent child, had no idea what it was, and they went ahead and explained it to me. Needless to say, I did not understand a single thing they said.

Fast forward to probably like a day or two later, and we were doing review on punctuation. My teacher asked a question, and the answer to the question was "a comma". However, no one was getting the answer, and I really wanted to be right. Eventually, I did think of the correct answer, but instead of "A COMMA!" I yelled out "A CONDOM!". My teacher just stared at me and then pretended she didn't hear me. Despite, you know, the fact that I yelled loud enough for the adjacent rooms to hear me.


Everybody Do The Wave

In fifth grade I missed a couple of weeks of school because I had surgery. At the time I was still very serious about my education. Doing poorly in school horrified me. In hindsight I wouldn't even say I was a nerd. Nerds are smart. I've just always been anxious and self loathing, and so I always came off as an insufferable try hard. Because I was.

Anyway I'm sitting in science class and the teacher is talking about seismic waves. I was like "that's awesome, tell me more."

I don't remember exactly what the lesson was, but at some point I became too confused to let the class proceed. I raised my hand.

"So what happens when these waves crash? Where does all the water go?"


"Well I mean if the waves are that strong, surely it must go somewhere...?"


"No? Is it just me? Waves? WAVES!? These are big waves are they not? They must flood wherever they hit!?"

Yaaaaaaa...In hindsight I don't know why the teacher didn't correct my pretty obvious error. She and the rest of the class just looked horrified and remained silent.

I didn't realize my mistake for weeks.


Toilets Of The Sky


Probably not the dumbest, but it stuck in my memory. I was learning english at the time (it's my 2nd language and I must have been around 13). I had to read a paragraph in class. The word 'skyscrapers' appeared and I've never seen it before.

Without hesitation or thinking much about it I read it to the effect of "Sky's crappers" and continued without missing a beat. The rest of class, including the teacher thought I was joking and burst out laughing. So - no embarrassment by sheer luck and confidence.


He's Not Wrong

Not me, but a kid in my college class: Someone in the previous class left his baseball hat on the desk in front row, the professor picks it up and says "Does anyone recognize this?"

This doofus raises his hand and says in all seriousness, "I think it's a hat."

I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself.


Eighth Grade Was Wild

I was in my 8th grade english class and we were about to start our greek mythology unit. As my teacher pulled out her mythology book that had a naked greek goddess on the front, she said something like "guys, this will be your first picture of a naked woman." I decided this was a good opportunity to say something hilarious so i looked at my buddy sitting next to me and whispered "not my first." But apparently I didn't whisper well, and the whole room lost it. I didn't mean to admit to every single person in the room including my teacher that I'd looked at porn before, but ya live and ya learn.


So Close, Yet So Far

It was the last week of class in genetics and we were doing a review for our final. Our professor was showing images on the screen and we were to raise our hands and say the term for what is shown. Just for fun, she put in a picture of an aglet (the tip of a shoelace) because one of my classmates taught us that word earlier in the semester. Right when she showed it on the screen, I was like I GOT THIS and quickly raised my hand to answer. When she called on me I (confidently) called out "KEGEL" because for some reason I confused the two words...... I was absolutely mortified and my friends could not stop laughing. The professor just kinda looked at me... and then asked around the room for a different answer.


Definitely Like Glee

I was a senior in high school running choir rehearsal because our normal teacher was absent (substitute was there but not a music person, so I was directing). When I wanted to address the group with the moving melodic part, I said, "If you have the runs-"

Needless to say, I didn't get any farther than that. Tried to salvage it with, "I mean, if you have the moving part-"

They were having none of it. Good times in high school choir.


Played Yourself


We were getting a quiz back in my second grade. It was one of those quizzes that I gave up on halfway through and guessed the answers on every single one question because I didn't have the attention span to read it.

When we got the quizzes back, my teacher expressed how disappointed he was in our scores. He pulled one of the quizzes from the top of pile, looked at it, and said, "One of you even put down the answer 'triangle' for the question, "what shape is Earth?'"

Shocked by how anyone could be so stupid, I said loudly and firmly, "WHAT AN IDIOT. How do you not know the shape of the earth, how can anyone be so stupid,…..ect."

Guess who received the quiz from the top of the pile.


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