It's hard to believe that certain things still continue to be argued, even if they have already been debunked a million times over. But some people just like to stick to their guns when it comes to their beliefs, even if they may not entirely make sense. Here are some of Reddit's dumbest arguments.

u/Vectorman_Ballz asked: What is a stupid argument that people STILL keep using?

Fair point.

"Well I did [unsafe thing] and I turned out fine!" Yeah, that's because the people who died doing it usually don't speak up about it much.


I hate when this is in the context of unsafe food (eg, frozen chicken that my previous roommate left to thaw in the fridge for 2+ weeks). I'm an epidemiologist and have worked on foodborne outbreaks, this is literally my job. Death is irreversible, so of course you haven't died from it, but it sure as sh*t will give you the runs (the actual outcome we're actually worried about). And stop contaminating my f*cking kitchen with your unsafe food practices, TRISHA.


This is true.


"Don't eat that, do you know it has chemicals in it?"

Everything has chemicals in it. Be specific about what is dangerous then.


That's messed up.

"I had a sh*tty childhood and I turned out fine." If you're making your kid's childhood sh*tty just because of that reason, you did not turn out fine.


My mom had the same logic and I admit that I unconsciously absorbed it. Now I'm doing everything I can to break the cycle.


Bad excuse.

"But it's Christmas" to try get anything they want.

For example, I'm a bar manager, group comes in 20 minutes after service stopped trying to get a drink,

"Sorry we've stopped serving." "But it's Christmas you should serve us!"

Unfortunately your £20 in the till isn't worth the potential loss of my personal license.


F*cking Gail.


Trust. "We just need to trust the people we work with." The entire reason I'm bringing this is up is because Gail is a moron. Why is this being turned on me?


Doesn't stop me from doing it.

Microwaving your food is bad because of the radiation.


Now I can microwave my ramen in a styrofoam cup!


So dumb.

It's my opinion and facts shall not change it.


Facts are meaningless. You can use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true. Facts schmacts.


Always be careful.


When you're explaining to them about Internet privacy they say, "why should I care I don't do anything wrong?"


I've heard this argument used for DNA databases too. Particularly for mandated paternity tests at birth.

It's not that I'm worried it's not my kid, or that I've committed a crime and am worried I'll be caught. It's that I absolutely don't trust any company or government to not cock it up and either accidentally link me to something or maliciously implicate me.


That doesn't make sense.

You changed your opinion based on new information, that shows weakness and untrustworthiness.


Isn't this what you're supposed to do? Aren't people ridiculed for not doing this?



The one that sh*ts me off is 'Natural = good/healthy', and that 'Artificial = bad/unhealthy'

As if our species hasn't spent millennia creating un-natural buildings and cities for comfortable living, or developing un-natural vaccines and antibiotics to treat all the very natural diseases that have killed billions.




"If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?" At this point I wouldn't need friends to do that.


Why do people think this is effective?

"I brought you into this world, I can take you out!"



Just because someone in school has a lower grade than so and so doesn't make them stupid. The grading system has to be looked at more in detail than a percentage.


Listen up, parents.


My least favorite is probably "Because I said so" What in the hell is that supposed to mean? It means that there is no logical reason for why you're denying what I'm asking of you, other than that you're lazy.


So frustrating.

Every time I make combat his statement he says "yeah, but still".


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