People Share The Strangest Thing That Happens To Them On A Regular Basis


Creatures of habit or creatures of oddities? Both, it seems. People have the same weird things happen to them over and over again, like being asked for advice from strangers, or having dreams within dreams.

melovetaco asked: What's the strangest thing that happens to you on a regular basis?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

It's a gift to be trusted.

People tell me personal sh*t. I don't know why. It's amazing how many people have been cheated on, etc. My dad took me to his barber that he has been going to for 20 years. In 10 minutes I knew more about the guy than my dad. It apparently happens to my mom, too.


You probably have a "trustworthy" face, if that makes sense. I read somewhere that some people were deemed more trusting and kind based on facial features, so that's probably why people just spill random sh*t to you.


Maybe. It can be weird at times.


This is true. Alex Todorov is a psychologist who studies face perception and attribution. In other words, which facial features do we attribute to which personality characteristics? Look up "Todorov's faces" to see some computer generated images of certain trustworthy or untrustworthy faces, competent or incompetent faces, dominant vs submissive faces, etc. If I remember correctly, a trustworthy face has wide set eyes, upward sloping eyebrows (so they slope upward toward the center), and soft cheekbones.


There are worse things to be called.

People call me Jennifer. My name is Stephanie. Happens at least once / month.


Mine is similar! I get called Amanda all the time by random people. My name is absolutely not Amanda.


Some people actually look like a specific name. I once knew a lady who looked like her name was Lisa. Her actual name was Pam. I don't know how to explain why she looked like a Lisa to me.


Animal friends FTW.

It was pointed out to me that it's weird that I leave my backdoor open all the time and have a semi-resident bird who pops into the house every now and then to eat dog biscuits. I spend a short amount of time each day wiping bird sh*t off the tiles.

My friends have suggested I close the back door so I didn't have sh*t all over the floor, but then I'm like, how would my bird friend get in?


how would my bird friend get in?



Like a true gentlebird.


Sleep paralysis, perhaps? Watch out for aliens.

About once a week I will wake up with eyes closed (if that makes sense) and will hear a person walk past me or open doors and flush toilets. I live by myself and for some strange reason I can not, for the life of me, open my eyes to see who or what it is doing this.


Maybe it could be sleep paralysis, my boyfriend has it often and by what he tells me it sounds a lot like this.


Sounds like a strange form of sleep paralysis. Can you move at all or just not open your eyes?


I can't move at all, but I don't feel held down or anything just the feeling of complete tiredness and inability to lift even a finger.


Definitely sleep paralysis.


That sucks.

When I cough I hiccup. It's been happening since I was little and it's annoying as f*ck. It's like I can't get a good-deep cough because every cough is interrupted by a god damn hiccup!


That sucks. That one last strong cough can be so satisfying...

Course, I've also had the cough-gasp-swallow-gag-hiccup-burp. Pray you never know it...



People tell me their problems or ask for advice all time. People I barely know or total strangers. It's pretty intense.


Happens to me too but it's part of my job.


You're probably a good, intent listener without realising. Your body language, posture, way of speaking and whether or not you reply with care probably gives this vibe.


Embrace it!

Strangers take photos of me when they think I don't notice. They point at me, and start conversations with me. Small kids will sometimes cry at the sight of me. Teenagers will laugh. Drunken people want to lift me up.

Unusual for most people, but kind of typical when you are a little person.


I have face tattoos. People stare and take photos. Little kids cry. It's a completely different situation with similar outcome. I chose this. It must be frustrating to have it thrust upon you. Also people are jerks.


We all experience this...

The false vibration of my cell phone. Look at it after and nothing there.


Have you googled this? I remember reading a while back it's a new minor psychological issue that is intertwined with technology dependency/ phone addiction.


I get that too!


Too easy.

Deja vu really freaks me out.


You've already said that.




When you incept yourself.

I dream in my dreams. Not often but it has happened quite some times to me. Like somebody in my dream wakes me up from my second dream or my second dream is so scary that I suddenly wake up from it but only for me to wake up to be in my first dream. It's super weird.

Also I used to remember this pretty creepy face smiling at me. The guy I remember is short maybe a dwarf. But it's so creepy and he moves his head while laughing like a hyena. It used to happened while I was awake. I have never met anyone in my life like that. I was never afraid of it and it could possibly be a memory from something I had seen as a kid. Still pretty weird.


Oh sh*t man, I love those - terrifying but thrilling. "Waking up" from crazy scenarios in dream level 2 and disregarded them as dreams, and then back in gold ol dream level 1, it's anything f*cking goes madness but seems 100% vivid realness


Sometimes I have huge dream chains. I wake up in different rooms repeatedly until I wake up for real.


This happens to me too! The last one I can remember I was dreaming of being back in a high school classroom. In my dream I was sitting there with my backpack on the desk. I rested my head on the desk and drifted off to sleep, and began dreaming—in my dream! I've asked family and friends if they've ever had a dream within a dream and none of them have. It's so weird!


Happens to me too.

Freaks the sh*t outta me.


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