People Share The Smartest Thing They've Ever Seen Their Pet Do

Pets are smart. Check out these wise animal stories below. Pet owners: you can relate.

Gnostic28 asked: What's the smartest thing you've seen your pet do?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Crafty kitty.

My cat knocks packaged food items off the countertop, waits for the dog to tear them open, and then moves in for the prize.


We used to have a bassett hound with an iron stomach. To keep her out of the trash, we put the can on a step stool so she couldn't reach it. Somehow she kept getting in the trash and we couldn't figure out how. Until one day we caught the cat getting on the window sill near the trash and knocking it over for the dog. Little ones work together to eat!


This faker doggo.

My cattle dog chased the cat and when I caught him he pretended that he had a hurt paw so he didn't get in trouble lol. I was panicking and he looked very pleased and tried pretending the other paw was also hurt while putting full weight on his first "hurt" one.


I used to have a little dog that was tiny as a puppy. He kept getting hurt because he would go right underfoot and people (and other dogs) couldn't see him. We would dote on him if he got hurt. Eventually he would act hurt every time he wasn't getting all the attention. Luckily by then we'd gotten used to his little presence and he got big enough to see with the naked eye.


Love that, it's funny how they figure things out. That was the only time mine tried anything like that and now when he gets hurt he hides it. His paw webbing got split a little and if I didn't see it during nail clipping I would've never known. He doesn't chance showing me what hurts in case I keep him from the dog park.


Mine could be feeling sick to his stomach, but he will act like he's fit as can be if I touch his leash. 3 walks a day and he still acts like it's a rare treat.


Only 3? Sounds like dog abuse. -dog


A regular Scooby Doo.

Our cat likes to jump on the counter to see if there's anything edible there that he's not supposed to have.

Our dog is a shepherd who is always looking for a job, so he observed us yelling at the cat to get off and then shooing him away. Now the dog will notice when the cat is preparing to jump on the counter and will intervene to shoo him away for us. And if he catches the cat already on the counter he will come get us and bring us over so we can get the cat off the counter.

Kind of amazing to watch him figuring it out, and so incredibly endearing that he wants to solve problems for us. He's a clever boy.


We have a police dog too!

Edit: Ours is a cairn mix, I'm not referring to a shepherd as a police dog. We jokingly refer to him as a police dog because he keeps the cats in line.


Attention is attention.

I had a dog that never misbehaved. I mean NEVER. We used to joke that she'd rather explode her bladder than pee on the carpet. So, it was highly unusual when my husband and I were working on our deck to see her grab one of my hiking boots that was sitting there and walk around with it in her mouth. I scolded her, but kept an eye on her because this behavior was so unusual. Sure enough, a few minutes later she starts making these weird movements with her mouth, so I go take a look. She loved to chew on sticks, and had gotten a sizeable piece wedged into the roof of her mouth, which I promptly removed. She had intentionally misbehaved to get my attention. She never touched one of my boots again.


Smart dog.


My dog does this too. When she's hungry she paws at her food bowl first, and then the food container, and then she starts softly barking at us, and then eventually she throws somebodies sock in the air and looks back at us like she knows she's not supposed to. Hard life for a beagle on a diet.


Yes, cats feel sadness.

Sad one, warning. Our cats did really mourn the loss of our first dog. One would even sit for as much of the day as she could get away with on the trampoline he claimed as his throne. She'd dig into the rips of it to sniff at the fur he had left behind, until they disappeared anyway. We recently got rid of it and will get a new one in Spring, but she'd sit on it and nuzzle where he sat and leaned against, her head hung in grief like in the photo... :(


My cat, Meryl, died this summer and my other cat, JB, mourned, too. JB spent several days/nights sleeping in bed with me, even though she is not cuddly and hadn't spent the night in my room in years. JB didn't even really like Meryl all that much, but she definitely understood what happened.


This past summer my cat had to spend several days at the emergency vet. Our other cat did not see us take my cat out of the house. Later in the evening she spent a while looking for my cat and when she realized my cat was literally not in the house, she seemed absolutely delighted. Several days later when we brought my cat home, she saw us bring my cat out of the carrier, gave a glare and then proceeded to pout for 3 HOURS underneath the bed.


This mechanically-inclined cat.

We had one cat that was scary smart. He could open doors and operate light switches. One of the things he used to do was open the kitchen cabinets and sit inside the pans, so Husband bought a pack of baby proofing latches. The cat sat and watched while Husband installed the first one and tested it. Then, while maintaining eye contact, the cat reached over and flicked open the baby proofed cabinet door on the first try. Husband never bothered installing the rest of the latches, and we washed all the pots and pans before using them...


You could store the pans upside down.


Yeah, but then where's the cat gonna sit?


Some cats don't stay fooled for long.

Cat figured out where the red dot comes from and started swatting the laser pointer out of my hands.


My cat knows that the laser pointer shoots the laser. He brings me the pointer when he wants to play with it.


Same. If I can't find the cat, I shake the laser pointer because he'll come running at the sound of the keychain on it.


Hungry cats are merciless.

My cat used to like to get up early and would want my parents to get up to feed her. So she would jump on the dresser and would threaten to knock stuff over. First she would start with my dad's watch and inch it closer to the edge until it fell, then she would go to my mom's jewelry box and start inching that closer to the edge. They always got up before she pushed the jewelry box.


You'd think they'd learn to move the jewelry box...outsmarted by a cat.


That is straight up blackmail.


This traffic-conscious pup.

She learned to stop and sit at crosswalks without me even trying. There's a few busy streets I cross on our walks every day so I'm always extra cautious, stop at the cross walk, and make damn sure no one's screaming down the street at 40mph before I cross. After a few months I noticed my dog would get to a crosswalk and immediately sit and stare at me until I started to cross.


Good girl.


Dave is a smart kitty.

I suffer night terrors and my cat is the only being capable of waking me up without me flailing like a moron and being even more frightened. He does this by laying down on my chest, extending both his paws to the back of my neck and kneeding my skin very gently, but rough enough for me to wake up. He also always purrs loudly into my left ear - only ever the left ear. He's usually not a lap/chest cat and never stays for long after; just long enough for me to calm down and get drowsy or calm enough to sleep more.

I know you'll never read this, because you are a cat, but thanks for being there in those dreadful moments Dave.

Edit: Wow, woke up to a lot of demands for pet tax and gold (thank you so much!), so here is my best friend in the world :


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