People Share The Scariest Thing That's Ever Woken Them Up From A Dead Sleep


Waking up in the middle of the night to something terrible is probably the worst thing that can happen while sleeping. It's a time that you're most vulnerable- in bed, in the dark, unconscious- so dealing with unexpected horrors is something that is hard to recover from. Here are some instances of these, courtesy of Reddit.

u/dataustinguy asked: What is the scariest thing you've woken up to in the middle of the night?

That's so sad.

When I was 15, I woke up one night after our 21-year-old cat decided to sleep with me. She wasn't there with me and I got worried. I turned my bedroom light on and saw the cat on the ground. Upon closer investigation, I found out she was dead.

I was devastated. We had this cat since before I was even born, and she "helped" raise me like I was her own son. I couldn't go back to sleep at all; I just kind of sat around not really doing much besides bawling my eyes out.


Where did that come from?


I had a frog jump on my chest. No shirt on, lying in bed, a big moist SPLAT right on my chest. Of course I freaked out and flung it off me. Turned on the lights and saw that stupid frog just sitting there with it's stupid frog face.


Poor Homer.

This didn't happen to me, but it's funny so I thought I would share:

My parents own a pizza cutter with a picture of Homer Simpson on it. It used to say "Mmm... Pizza!" whenever you cut a slice, but one day they washed it after using it and the water must have got into somewhere it shouldn't have because in the middle of the night they were woken up to distorted sounds of "Mm- Pi-zza-a..." coming from the kitchen.


Bad kitty.

When I was a kid we had windows with screens on the inside. I woke up to our new, completely black kitten hanging on the screen close to the ceiling. It was like 3am I was a kid and I thought it was a monster bat hanging over my head and shrieked.


It's a'cleaning.


My husband and I woke up at 4:00 a.m. to what sounded like banging and rummaging around downstairs in our living room. We have no pets and both kids were completely zonked out. He grabbed the baseball bat that he keeps by his side of the bed and walked down the stairs. I had 911 up on my phone and was going to hit call if anything happened.

He walked into the living room and saw it. It was the f*cking knock-off Roomba vacuum cleaner I given to him for his birthday the day before. It turned on for some reason and was just a'cleaning our floors.


Another bad kitty.

Woke up and couldn't breathe or see, I thought I had died or something, my cat was laying on my face.


My dog plopped, PLOPPED, on my face once while I was dead asleep. I grabbed whatever it was and chucked it (he's a toy poodle and weighs 13 pounds.) I woke up to a yelp and opened my eyes in time to see him bouncing off my bookcase. I never felt so bad on my life.



Voices. LOUD voices. Stern voices. Coming from all around me. They're telling me to do something, but I don't take time to listen. I try to find the source, but they're coming from every room. I'm running around the house trying to find them. I can't. Are they inside my head? Maybe I should stop and listen...

"...Take cover. A tornado has been sighted in your area. Please take cover..."

That was the night I realized the tornado siren closest to my then-new neighborhood included a verbal alert.


Oh my god.


The frightened whispers of my roommate during a school trip. She said "Wake up, wake up, someone is in here!" I told her to go back to sleep because she must have had a nightmare or something, but when I opened my eyes I could see the silhouette of a man by the door. He ran out and disappeared somewhere between the other huts.


Glad he's doing better.

My husband calling me from a rooftop to say goodbye. I was able to talk him into telling me where he was and calling the cops while I raced there as well. It's been a long road, but it's been about 6 months since then and he's in a much better place mentally. Still a lot of trauma to work through, but I'm very proud of how far he's come.


Night terrors are the worst.

Mostly my wife's night screams. She used to wake up screaming about once a month, and I am so glad that has stopped.


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