People Share The Quickest Ways To Make A Bad First Impression

You got one shot!

First impressions are everything. EVERYTHING! We all only get one chance and a handful of seconds, not minutes, seconds... when we first meet a new person. Everyone has the attention span of a gnat, so all you've got is the time it takes to impress a gnat. In the end, just be you. Don't overthink it or be weird and you'll probably be fine. Whether it's a professional or personal, helloes matter.... on their end as well!

Redditor u/JackBrightside wanted to hear some of the ways people have made mistakes in a hello by asking... What is the quickest way to make a bad first impression?

Are you deaf?


Correct someone when they tell you their name.

"Hi! I'm Joseph"

"Ohh you mean Jonathon!"

"... No.." uradventurepal

And you... 

Reply with "Yeah, I know." when they say "Nice to meet you."

Yes, personal experience. I was the a**hole. Azitik

I think it would leave a good first impression if you say it like a joke. aleksavlaisavljevic

Ms. Vicky if you're Nasty! 

Create a dumb pet name for that person and let them know

"And you are?"


"I'm going to call you Vickers." gummby8

How High? 

Turn up high on mad drugs. The_Barman

I once went to an introductory college class high as hell and everybody's introduction looked like one of those Daenerys name checks, but then my turn came and my body was so not ready.

"So, ummm, I'm Andy." Bengoris

What about fries?


Act like you don't know what a potato is. bobsmirnoff86

"I think it's insensitive to yell at me just because I don't know what something is. Let me tell you, that really made him mad." zangor

Hello Jager my old friend... 

Simultaneously poop yourself and vomit. Does it every time. Nylysius

The night before drink 1 bottle of Jägermeister, half a bag of cheap red wine, half a bottle of $8 whiskey, 2 diet red bulls, and a four loko. Eat 4 laxative pills and have cheap Chinese food for dinner. zangor

Smells like roses.... 

Shake their hand, and hold onto it for a just little longer than usual. Then bring it up to your nose and take a goooood long sniff. Let out a little moan after. Then carry on like usual. Alex-the-lion


My company is currently interviewing for a couple of positions. Sometimes, during the second round of interviews, they bring candidates in to the office where they'll be working, partly so they can see it, and partly so the rest of the team can give their first impressions after they're gone.

The candidate who was the strongest on paper comes in, and the first thing he says is: "This looks boring." I don't think he'll get the job. ubbleio

It's all in the way you dress... 


Wear Oakleys and a backwards hat, have yourself delivered in a large box, then explode out of it to do a dabbing pose with fidget spinners in each hand and vape smoke clouding out of your nostrils. ManicStoner

The hat is a monster energy drink hat.

The shirt is a tap out shirt or some sort of dubstep inspired DJ shirt.

The pants are cargo shorts.

The shoes are DC or converse. KudzuKilla


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