We all have things that annoy the hell ouf of us. Learning to be tolerant of them can be nearly impossible. Here are a few of mine: People who walk slowly through the city. People who drive under the speed limit. People who don't fact check. People who are dismissive of science. People who don't read my articles.

DustierDragon asked frustrated Redditors: What is something you will never be able to tolerate?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

The messy roommate.

People who don't keep things clean when living in shared house. Wash your damn pots and dishes after use.


My 35F roommate who cooks Mac & Cheese in my pots during the day, then decides to leave without cleaning up. I come home at 5 to a rock-hard cheesy crusted mess that takes forever to clean. F*ck you, Kristen.


Back off, for real.

People who don't understand personal space.


I hate that so much, that I actually found a solution. When someone gets really close to you, take a step back with one foot, leaving the other where it was. It will create an arms length of space that they can't come closer..... unless they want to straddle your leg.


Passive-aggressive insecurity.

Teachers/professors/instructors who are really insecure and take it out on students. Like you ask a question about the way they did something (why did you take points off for that, don't we have to move 20 yards during that choreography, etc) and they take it as a personal offense and get defensive and bitchy. I instantly lose all respect for people like that.


I had a professor in college who would ask if there was anything she could improve on in her lectures and whatnot, and after the second comment she received was met with such heated defensiveness, everyone else just put their hands down.


That's when I would put my hand up and tell her that she needs to handle criticism better.


Seriously, get out.

People talking/texting in movie theaters.


It's the main reason my wife and I barely go to the movies anymore. The last we saw was A Quiet Place and the kids were surprisingly good about keeping their screens dim and not talking.

Nothin pisses me off more than when the phone screen lights up.


And if you don't want to tip, stay home.

Being rude to a cashier/server/cleaning people. You wouldn't speak to them like that if they were on the other side of the register so why would you do that when they're at their job? The frustration is towards a company but it's misplaced on the person providing the service. If they're sh*tty, respectfully tell them you're unsatisfied and leave.


Wholeheartedly agree. I try to have grace for those people. In my years of working as a cashier and barista I've come to understand that sometimes these people take it out on me because there's something else going on in their lives where they feel like they've lost control (family in the hospital, divorce, financial issues, etc.) and I'm an easy target. I'm a young, petite woman with a smile almost permanently plastered to her face.

Sure, their behavior still sucks and I don't enjoy being the human punching bag. But I know I sure as heck am not going to make matters better by raising my voice back.

On the other hand, it's one thing for customers to yell at me, an adult, but if they go after my teenaged coworkers, I will be quite upset.


Someone struck a nerve.

People that enter somewhere busy like a Costco, find the worst choke point like the exit then stand there and go through their bag looking for a napkin or some other sh*t. MOVE TO THE SIDE! THERE ARE DOZENS OF PEOPLE TRYING TO PASS YOU


Ok THIS. the amount of full grown adults who are unaware of their own surroundings is wild to me. All it takes is like 3 steps to the right or left and you'd be out of the way. Plus slowwwwww walkers. Also those certain individuals who just leave their cart in the middle of the aisle or in a busy area... like dude I will move your cart to a place where you can't find it. Don't test me. Geez I just really, really hate the grocery store on busy days.


There is a surprising amount of people who get off escalators, take one step forward and then stop to look where they're going next. It's quite possibly the worst place OF ALL TIMES to stop and block people behind you, cause they can not take a step back without falling or hurting themselves. Why the f*ck can't people take the extra five steps to move to the side and then look around?! It is really not that hard and I assure you, you won't get completely lost or unable to find your way back. God, this makes me so frustrated, haha!


It's not illegal to shout "GET THE F*CK OUT OF THE WAY!" at them. It should be encouraged, really.


It should. Every time you do it and it's justified, everyone around you offers you a high 5, and maybe you get a nice badge or something.


Jumpy web browsers. Yeahhhhh.

When the page doesn't fully load by the time you click on something then BAM it does and everything was shifted and look you just clicked on an ad and you're being redirected to a new page.


I have to log in to the 'Cloud' every day at work and there's a stupid questionnaire that pops up exactly where the 'continue' button was half a second before and it drives me insane when I press it.


Headphones are like a security blanket TBH.

I'm a pretty mellow guy until my earphones get yanked out of my ears.


Or people bothering you to take off your headphones only to ask for a smoke. I'm not even smoking and don't smoke!


I'm gay AF.

The sound of my own voice on a recording.


Mine sounds like someone high-pitched my voice and is mocking me.

I hate that bitch on recordings. She's so rude.


Mine sounds like a little boy with a severe sinus infection.


This, especially when they grow up to be president.

Parents that raise their children to have the mindset that they are entitled to everything.


It annoys the shift out of me when someone feels entitled to everything. I don't think it's just the parents. Friends too have equal contribution or more to this kind of behavior. I believe One shares their experience more with their friends than parents. When friends give sh*tty advice to them like "yeah you're right, you don't deserve this or that" without giving them a different perspective on the matter then they stop seeing within themselves and start seeing the problem in others. And feel they are right, entitled to have everything according to them.


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