People Share The One Thing That Immediately Makes Someone Untrustworthy

Something just seems off....

You know it. We all know it, in our guts. When someone shows you a sliver of their true selves, you MUST believe it! It's normally something small. We may think we're the crazy ones but more often than not we are completely spot on. We can't trust everyone and people wi always show you why. There are trust standards that people betray and when they do... we must send them off.

Redditor u/_PM_ME needed some advice on recognizing when it's time to see somebody for a shady B! They asked..... What small thing makes you automatically distrust someone?

Show me my $$$....


When someone borrows something and never attempts to return or mention it until you bring it up. supnottoomuch

Yeah, like money. I shouldn't have to ask for my money back. Heathens_94

It's not about you! 

When they act like the wealthiest person in the room and like they're the most amazing person in the room. sphinctroid

Oh jeez. I grew up in the states, but now living in my birth country in Asia. Met this girl at a friend's little get together at his house. She said something to me then my friends said, Speak English to him. (Stereotype here: English speakers == $$). After that she talked to me the whole night, despite her boyfriend being there. It was awkward as hell, I tried to look not interested or involve him in the conversation so he knew it was just innocent talk. Later on in the night, she starts telling me that her family has a restraining order on him for her but she still sees him. She told me this and he was a few feet from her. After she told me that, I just hung out with another group at the place. badass4102

Let me be me....

Not respecting my decision when I say no to something small. thank you for letting me know you don't respect boundaries. 👌 grapesofap

Why are you awful?

When they openly brag about screwing someone over. Alright. I get it. It's not small at all. It didn't register in my head when I was typing this answer. I get it. You guys can stop now. FootballMan15

I had an old manager at a fast food restaurant that bragged so much about doing this at a steakhouse, their 7 oz steaks could be cut between let's say 6 and 9 oz, and he would intentionally cut them all at 6 oz to save the company money, which is okay I guess but I really hated it, and him for it, he was really scummy. DeanDipp

Mind your business....


People who can't keep something to themselves and talk about another person's private matters. I'm very private about myself, as trust takes years to build up but seconds to shatter. decadentbeaver

Generally gossiping is a red flag in the first place as it usually involve's spilling someone's secrets. Danyo-

Shut your mouth.... 

They constantly talk crap about others but all the stories are skewed to their favor. I watch my mouth around people like that and try to only say things I don't mind getting out. SensualSashimi

Our local librarian will talk about anyone, good or bad. Usually she tries to act like everyone already knows and believes what she's saying, so she just has to hint and raise her eyebrows. And she remembers basically everything you've ever told her. So I too try to give her as little as possible outside of what I'm fine with everyone knowing. Sluggymummy

Just be Kind....

When they judge others for the very things they're guilty of themselves. Back2Bach

I mean I get that it's difficult to see your own faults sometimes, but it's pretty comical when the pot calls the kettle black.

I know someone who always complains about people being "arrogant and rude" to her, but she doesn't realize that everyone feels like they're walking on eggshells around her because of how unnecessarily rude she can be over anything you say. When she complains about how mean everyone is at work and how difficult her job is, I can't help but wonder how much of it is self-inflicted because of her own personality and the way she responds to them. DrasticGoDown


Someone who constantly interrupts. foxbrij

Or someone who talks too much and then visibly turns off when it's not their turn to talk. okaysian

I work with someone who does this. She will flat out walk away if you're talking even though you stood and listened to her rattle on about it and then repeat herself later because you didn't have the desired reaction the first time. She reminds me of my child. She's 53. KelleyK_CVT

Just between us....

"They told me not to tell anyone but..."

Never will trust someone like that. If they tell me other people's secrets they'll no doubt tell other people mine. YikesImBack

Not a Harvard grad are you?


I don't trust physicians who never say "I don't know."

The most dangerous physicians are the ones who make a bad call and then defend it with all their might. Those who answer a question incorrectly with supreme confidence.

If a doc occasionally says "I don't know, let's look it up" then I know I can trust her/him. ofkorsakoff


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