People Share The Most Mind-Boggling Useless Facts They Know


Facts aren't always useful. That's why trivia exists.

Some people are exceptionally good at retaining useless information. And they have come together to brighten your day.

u/niveikitten asked:

What is the most useless fact you know that is also mind-blowing?

Here were some of those answers.

The Devil's Game

If you add all the numbers of a roulette wheel, the sum is 666.


Roulette is for the devil Bobby Boucher!



If you had a atom for every grain of sand on our planet, you would have enough atoms to make half a grain of sand...

Google it, it's true!...


So when I read these type of numbered facts about atoms, I'm just in awe at how many of them there must be in the entire universe. Mind blowing!

But then you read stuff like, there are more chess iterations than all the atoms in the universe. All of a sudden it's like, something has you beat so screw you atoms.


A Schemer

If you cool down distilled water to -5° C very carefully it will stay a liquid but freezes instantly as soon as you stir it.


I found this out from my science teacher and he had a small deep freezer in his class. I begged him to let me use it for "school purposes", and he was fine with it.

Two days later I'm charging my class mates 5$ to show them a magic trick and I used popsicles and so after it froze I gave it to them for free. He said to give him 20$ at the end of everyday and in exchange I could do it all day (outside of my scheduled class with him which is how I was making the money)

The school found out and I was suspended for a week and he was put on administrative leave for a month for extortion, I miss high school


Process Of Elimination

In World War 2, a Hungarian Mathematician named Abraham Wald developed a counter-intuitive method for armor plate placement while studying damaged aircraft. He observed planes returning home from sorties with large holes in them, and was tasked with figuring out where to put armor plates. His crucial insight was to not put armor plates where the holes were.

The holes in the aircraft that returned represented damage that did not impact the ability of the planes to return home. In other words, he made the critical observation of the bias in the data he was observing: he was only looking at planes that survived. With this knowledge, he instructed armor to be placed in areas that were not damaged, because if these areas were hit, there would be no damage in that component in the planes that returned home.


Madam Im Adam

Racecar is Racecar backwards

This isn't mind blowing but it is useless.

Also I figured that out last month.



If one of the strings in super-string theory was the same size as a human then, on the same scale, an atom would be the size of the Milky Way galaxy.

I heard that this morning on a science programme on Radio 4.


We Can Relate

One habit of intelligent humans is being easily annoyed by people around them, but saying nothing in order to avoid a meaningless argument.


Proportions Of The Universe

If bacteria had eyes, they would still need a tiny microscope to see viruses, because they are so much smaller.

I have no ability to comprehend things that small. Strings, atoms, molecules, viruses, bacteria, and krill are all the same size in my head, even though intellectually I know they're not.


Viel Spaß!

You know the Christmas Carol "Hark! The Herald Angels sing"?

While the lyrics come from "Hymn for Christmas-Day" by Charles Wesley, the tune was originally Felix Mendelssohn's "Gutenberg Cantata", created to celebrate the 400th anniveresary of Johannes Gutenberg's printing press.

The original German title was: " Festgesang zur Eröffnung der am ersten Tage der vierten Säkularfeier der Erfindung der Buchdruckerkunst auf dem Marktplatz zu Leipzig stattfindenden Feierlichkeiten", which translates to: "Festive song for the opening of the celebrations taking place on the first day of the fourth secular celebration of the invention of the printing industry on the market square in Leipzig"

You'll notice I have highlighted the word secular. That is because Mendelssohn said that he didn't mind if lyrics were added, with one condition:

That the lyrics were not religious.

Well that worked out well...


24 Never Told Us!

Kiefer Sutherland's grandfather was a politician who created and implemented universal healthcare in Canada. His grandfather, Tommy Douglas, is considered a Canadian hero.

I'm Canadian and still can't get over this piece of trivia.


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