Over-sharing is a thing. Sometimes, people really just cross the line in the information they've decided to volunteer to us.

It's hard to control who does this to us since it tends to take us by surprise, but hearing some of the things that people have suffered having to hear can easily act as cautionary tales to us.

May we all have the serenity to say, "I really don't need to hear this right now."

u/Butt_Roidholds asked:

What's the most f**ked up thing someone has told you about themselves after barely getting to know them?

Here are some of those stories.

Seriously, Who Asked

I used to work at an animal shelter and we had several people who would come volunteer to help out.

One of the women who came there on a regular basis went to lunch with me. She was such a sweet woman, a little older than I was at the time. She proceeded to tell me that she used to go to the park and hook up with old men because she felt sorry for them.



Decent Bloke....

I (25f at the time) was at A&E in the UK. I got discharged and was waiting for my taxi outside. This buff shirtless dude, covered in tattoos (they were decent too, imo) comes over and asks for a light. I bought a zippo for novelty so I obliged.

We got to talking and he told me how he had just got out of prison after serving a life sentence for killing his father, after his father murdered his baby sister. Had his records on him and everything (he was at the hospital as he was diabetic and had experienced an issue of some sort after being released - I have no expertise here).

I have never feared and respected a man so much in my life.

I bought him a pint after my taxi decided it wouldn't be arriving. Decent bloke - we still speak 9 years later.


Oh....Sounds Fun....

My sophomore year In college a girl who I had a group project with told me that her first sexual experience was getting tag teamed by a couple of guys while she was in high school.

I just told her "wow, that's pretty intense." She told me that she loved it and then I changed the subject. Until that point nothing sexual had come up in the conversation.


Like, who approaches a total stranger and says these things to them?

TW: Suicide

My manager at my job in high school decided to tell us about how she tried to end her life on my very first day.

She was like, "One day, I decided to take some pills and end it all. I grabbed a pill bottle out of my mom's cabinet and took a handful without even looking at what it was and then lay down to die. I was so surprised to wake up in the morning perfectly fine. Confused, I checked the bottle to see what I had taken."

Yeah, it was estrogen.

Please Tell Me About Your Infidelity

My wife loves to tell this story.

Her first day at a new company she was to meet another employee who would show her around the office. She met her in the lobby and on the elevator ride up to the office she proceeded to tell my wife how her husband has gained some weight and she is considering starting an office affair with a co-worker who is really into fitness and 'has muscles' (apparently she made a gesture where she fanned herself while saying muscles)

Like literally my wife met this lady 5 minutes earlier for the first time in the lobby and she is already unloading all this stuff on her.


TW: Abuse

I was seated next to a quiet kid on a high school band bus to a football game. He'd been in my band class for years, but I had never really spoken to him. He was the type who didn't fit into anything at school that I ever saw. I resolved to get to know him a bit and open up a conversation since we were going to be sitting by each other for a few hours. It was like a dam burst; that dude talked for the whole trip.

At one point, he told me that his mom was really unhappy with his stepdad but couldn't afford to divorce him. And then he told me that his stepdad would get drunk and beat him with a stick, but he wasn't sure if his mom was also getting beaten and that scared him. There was a brief pause before he said "I never told anyone that before..." Then he changed the subject completely.

I must've been seventeen or so. It shook me. Like... Obviously I was old enough to know that sort of thing happens, but too sheltered to think it happened to anyone I knew. I told my parents about it-- seemed the right thing to do. I don't know what happened from there. He and I never really spoke of it again. I just looked him up on Facebook, though. Looks like he's done really well for himself.


Not The Thing To Tell Your Nurse

I was doing my practice in a hospital. They brought a young man in the neuro clinic, he was my 1st patient. He was around 30 and he had fallen from a tree while working.

He turned out to have a complicated neurological condition that had nothing to do with his fall. He was also diagnosed with severe depression. He was in there for months and no one ever visited him, the only time he felt a bit better was when I visited him and did some tests to him.

He said "it's nice when you come and make me play with the coloured toys and make me draw things". One day he was looking out of the window, when I came in he looked me dead in the eye and told me "you know, if the windows didn't have protective bars, I'd jump right out". It was the 1st time I'd heard such thing and I remember it ever since.


And it gets dark so very quickly.

Ope Okay Guess We're Going There

Coworker took out a client for a business lunch at a small town restaurant. He asks the waitress "How are you?" to be polite.

She proceeds to go on a 5 minute spiel about how terrible her ex husband is and how he's ruining her life and how she feels like crap because of it. After she finishes, takes their order and leaves the customer says "So you must know her pretty well?"

"Only well enough to say hi in passing."

"Oh, so then that was just as awkward for you as it was for me then?"

"Yes, yes it was."


The Evidence Is The Burn

Some guy next to me on the bus once went into a long elaborate story about how he burned his house down for insurance money like three weeks prior.

I wouldn't have believed it if his hands didn't have massive burn scarring.


Who Are You Fooling?

Met this dude in college when he moved into the dorm. Goofy looking redneck kid from the San Antonio area. I'm getting to know him when I notice his Spice Girls cd (this was like 2003), and I commented on it.

He then goes into this long story of how he was at the Walmart in San Antonio, looking at the CDs in that store and just happened to have bumped into Ginger Spice who invited him into the tour bus that no one had noticed, and he lost his virginity to all the Spice Girls at once.

My thought was "Thank you for this story, I know instantly that I can never trust or believe anything you ever tell me again." It's been almost 20 years and I still can't believe that was something he said in the first five minutes of meeting me.


Some people are liars, some people are oversharers. Some people are crying for help.

What would you do if you came across something like this?

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