People Share The Most F***ed Up Thing They Did As A Teen


Warning: Some entries may contain NSFW content.

Ah, to be young and unafraid of consequences. With youth comes fearlessness, or a strong rebellious streak. Many of our worse and daring decisions are made earlier in life, and hopefully will eventually become humorous memories.

Redditor u/__bigbackclock__ asked people "What ******up thing did you do as a teen?" and you won't believe what some people were getting into as teenagers.

Party over here!

"I live in the boonies, when I had my graduation party we needed to put something out at the end of our driveway for people to find us. So... my best friend volunteered to flag people down... we proceeded to duct tape him to the telephone pole write "party here" on it across his chest, stuck a joint in his mouth and left him there for an hour while people showed up. It worked marvelously and we cut him down when we heard police sirens."


A weird romance

"Played with Omegle. Was very fun, then I got into a 'relationship' with a 15 year old mom. I didn't actually know how to handle relationships (I was 16) so even though she told me she loved me, I ended up ghosting her because I was too stupid to know how to maturely end things."


All is forgiven

"I argued with my dad constantly. I feel awful about it now. My dad had a temper, but mostly, I was just a little **** in my rebellious phase. Now that I'm an adult, Dad says I'm the child of his that he relates to the most, and that meant so much to me. I idolized my dad when I was a kid, I was a terrible ******* to him as a teenager, and now I'm back to my dad being my hero."


A dangerous prankster

"Preteen - used to lie by the roadside like I had been hit by a car with my body folded awkwardly half in the road. Whenever someone would stop, I would get up suddenly and run away."


What would you do for Sour Patch Kids?


"Me and my buddies befriended a gas station worker and would consistently steal red sour patches from the store. What terrible human beings we were..."


At least they made it right...?

"Stole money out of one of those donation cans at my job for kids with cancer. Only got caught because the woman who comes to collect it each month noticied it was pretty empty so my bosses checked on it more and caught me once on the CCTV when I wasnt being sneaky enough. Totally ****** up on my part. I was fired. They didnt press charges and I did return the money plus more."


That's pretty much criminal...


"If you guys know the ride the Waltzers (always there at UK fairs). There was a sign that said "topless girls go free" so Me (f) and few other friends went on for free "for a laugh". The ride works by men spinning the seat things by hand. They took photos of us whilst spinning and nothing we could do about it. We just laughed at the time. It didn't feel ****** up then but knowing some guy somewhere has photos of me topless just so I could save £3-4 feels a bit ****** up now.."


Sabotage is a strong accusation

"Made dinner wrong one night and my mom accused me of sabotage. Apparently this was a hell of an offense.

It is now a sibling inside joke."


Be kind to your neighbors

"Poured two 40lb bags of dry dog food in a mean neighbors pool. It created a 4in layer of brown mush."


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