People Share The Most Embarrassing Place You Could Visit When Wet

The Internet can breed a lot of strange, creative outlets. Digital and classic artists can find a multitude of photo sharing sites to advertise their work, while any number of capable video-sharing platforms can be used to screen upcoming filmmakers newest work. Then there's sites like Reddit, where it all clashes together and you hope for the best. This time, people gathered to creatively out-weird one another to answer Reddit user, r/ozamotazbuckshank's question:

Where would be the weirdest location to arrive soaking wet to?

Let's Hope They Weren't At The Front

Coming back from the bathroom, on an airplane.


First And Last

Your first day on the job as an electrician


Maybe Bring A Towel To The Interview

I have actually had people show up for job interviews coming straight from the beach.

That's Miami for you.


Or Maybe Don't Go

The burn ward at a hospital, while telling everyone you see that "you can never be too careful"


What's With The Interviews?

My Microsoft interview, after I planned poorly and biked in pouring rain trying to hold an umbrella over myself (yeah right), showed up in soaking pants and jacket.

That was funny. :)

(I didn't get a callback.)


Absolutely No One

Any restaurant on a sunny day. No one wants to sit by the weird wet guy.


Sparking A Wet Debate



Leading by example.


Every good Christian knows it's better to pre-baptize before the main even to make sure it takes.


Keep In A Dry, Cool Place

Stamp collectors' convention.


An Explosion To Make Michael Bay Sing

Alka-Seltzer storage area


Create An Everlasting Legacy

A live Presidential address in the Oval Office.

You would disrupt a President's speech live to the nation, get tackled by the Secret Service, get whisked away to Area 51 on how you teleported into the supply closet, why you were soaking wet and if that is related to the secret of teleportation, and create millions of conspiracy theories, and create a perpetually paranoid US government.


Save Yourself Some Money

One of the BEST locations to arrive soaking wet is a public/private swimming pool that you have to pay to get in to. Take a gallon of water from home and just drench yourself. Get to the front where you have to pay and tell them that you just ran to your car real quick as evidenced by the fact that you look like you were in a pool mere minutes prior.


That IS Oddly Specific

An audition with the Lithuanian ambassador


That's oddly specific


We had Lithuanian ambassadors visiting our school today


But, Like, How?

The Sahara desert


Awful Advertising

At the door, as a door-to-door umbrella salesman.


Just Stay Off My Test

A college exam.

Imagine walking into a room soaking wet, sitting down in you seat acting causal while everyone looks at you and wonders what happened as you try to not drip all over the test.


What A Strangely Specific Event...

Never-wet clothing convention


Guys, Rule Of Thumb, Dry Off Before An Interview

A job interview. Which I've done.

Live in nyc and drove to make sure I got there super early and parked about 3 blocks away. Figured I'd sit in my car and hang until about 15 mins before the interview time and walk over. 17 mins before the interview the sky completely open up. I'm talking torrential rains. I showed up dripping wet. It was an open office and literally everyone turned to stare at the guy dripping all over the floor. The receptionist just stared at me and said "let me get you some Bounty." In any case, it was a great ice breaker for each of the 4 people I met with.

And yes...I got the job.


Sometimes These Stories Are Real

I was the only person soaking wet on a crowded subway once


Last summer I was walking from my office to the subway (T) station in downtown Boston. It was gorgeously sunny but then all of a sudden this cloud rolled in and started unleashing absolute buckets of rain. I'm talking rain so thick and heavy it was hard to breathe. I didn't have any rain gear and ducked under an awning with everybody else on the street. I waited about five minutes but it wasn't showing any signs of slowing down and the subway was only like 300 yards away.

I made up my mind to just go for it and as soon as I stepped out, the rain started falling even harder. So I start running with that hunched shoulder thing people do when it's raining. I get to the station and go inside the doors and stand at the top of the stairs wringing out my shirt and trying to get some of the water off me.

Just at that moment, the cloud is blown away and the sun comes back out as if the whole thing never happened. I think to myself "of course..." and just then a train pulls up and hundreds of people are coming up the stairs as I'm going down and everybody is looking at me like I'm some sort of freak because they have been underground for the last 10 minutes at least and have no idea it was even raining. The platform was about 90 degrees so now I look like a dripping sweaty mess and had to stand like that for the whole 35 minute train ride home.



What's The Patient Turnover?

The doctor walking out of the gynecology office.



They Went There...

Drowning victim's funeral


...Good Night, Everybody!

Walking out of the little room you go into to donate sperm


H/T: Reddit

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