People Share The Most Disrespectful Thing A Guest Has Ever Done In Their Home


Entertaining house guests is a love it or hate it thing. But even people who love it sometimes have an experience that makes them wonder if maybe NEVER AGAIN is a better idea.

One Reddit user asked:

What is the most disrespectful thing a guest ever did at your home?

Honestly, after reading through some of these answers we kind of feel like even if we could entertain right now (thanks, COVID) we would hesitate. Also, it has never occurred to us to look for soiled underwear hidden anywhere in our house after having a guest... but we guess that's a thing we need to look out for now.

Yeah. You're welcome for sharing that with you.


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My sister's friend kicked my cat bc "she doesn't like cats". I slapped the sh!t out of her and I have 0 regrets.

- nia_likes_nuggets

There was a woman that I was friends with for a few years until one day she came over to my house uninvited. Then when my cat walked into the kitchen where we were talking she aggressively stomped towards my cat to scare her and yelled at my cat to get out.

I was like B*TCH - this is where my cat lives and you weren't even f*cking invited. I never spoke to her again. She would call and text and whatever, but nope. Cut out forever, also with 0 regrets.

- insertcleverthought

A Year's Worth Of Alcohol

Over the course of three days one person drank:

Two 1L bottles of regular mead

One 2L of the expensive stuff

Four bottles of wine

One bottle of spiced rum

One flask of vodka

and one bottle of tequila.

IN THREE DAYS. 3 days. Jfc. I had to check twice. I was angry, but also morbidly fascinated that someone could do this to their body and still appear sober enough to not rouse any suspicions.

He put most of the bottles back after he'd finished them. We had offered him some rum on the first evening and we watched him drink a tall glass of it like most would drink apple juice. The amount he drank would have lasted us a year or longer.

- Shroom2021

Be A Little More Distant

They invited another distant family member to our Christmas gift exchange, then didn't plan to show up themselves.

  1. We wouldn't have a gift for the person.
  2. They had been specifically told that the parents in the group didn't want this person near their kids.
We said something. We were cast as the a$holes. We don't regret it.

- CoasterCOG

A Vile Vial

My brother-in-law left a vial of drugs on the couch where any of my kids could've easily picked it up.

Then he had the audacity to ask my wife if we found it and told her he wanted it back. I threw the whole vial in my fire pit as soon as I realized what it was. When we told him we had already disposed of it he b!tched and moaned and yelled - and then got hung up on.

- GoliathBoneSnake

In the same vein, my sister had been stealing my kid's medicine to get high. She was emptying capsules and leaving them behind, so I was giving my kid empties sometimes, but sometimes full dose, for about a f*cking year. I couldn't figure out why he was struggling, then Covid hit and she didn't have access to my house any more because I'm always home.

- legocitiez

Get A Room, But Not My Room

Cardi B Booty GIF by Megan Thee Stallion Giphy

Tried to f*ck in my bedroom. Went back to my room for my smokes in the middle of our end of semester house party to find these two making out heavily on my bed, partially undressed.

I didn't know who they were and neither did anyone else at our party.

So we kicked them the f*ck out.

- ihugfaces

Carry On

When I was a teenager my parents had a dinner party. An infamous guest at the table sh*t his pants, went to bathroom, and left the soiled underwear by the sink. Went back to the table and carried on drinking.

- clownforhirepurchase

My parents had a coworker over for a party night once upon a time. He ended up getting blackout drunk and locked himself in the bathroom and sh!t his pants. The only way we figured out was Dad tried to see why the toilet wasn't flushing. Turns out the coworker tried to flush his underwear down the toilet.

- CervicalTrauma

Getting On Your Feet

My wife and I had done this a couple times with friends of ours. They stay at our place over the colder months because they're trying to get back on their feet and that's hard to do when it's dumping snow on you. So, we offered our home to two separate people on separate occasions, didn't charge them rent, just asked that they help around the house.

Our first guest kept b!tching about literally EVERYTHING we watched in the evenings on television. Posting on Facebook how bad all the things we liked were, et cetera. On top of that, the guy was eating us out of house and home. I'd go to make dinner and find the groceries I bought were already used and consumed.

Our second guest b!tched about the few chores we asked hold him on a constant basis. He just wanted to be left alone and drink, smoke out and do his own thing... but that wasn't part of our conditions to having him live with us.

Needless to say they were both kicked out after a short period of taking advantage of us and we haven't really opened our home to anybody in that way again.

- RandyTheFool

Overstaying Your Welcome

The worst offenders in my friendship group are two who infamously overstay their welcome. They generally stay over when they come round and if I didn't make an excuse about having to go out they'd probably stay until the next evening

- iMac_Hunt

I had/ have a friend like this. I know her home life is sh!t and her family is awful, but I don't think it's cool to spend 6+ hours on my couch watching something she's already seen or watching someone else play video games with her. It feels like being held hostage with my own free time, and I have so many other things I want to do...

- CrimsonGalaxy

UGH! I asked a guest to leave once, they'd been there since 5:00, and it was now around 11:30 PM. They were singing karaoke in our QUIET neighborhood. She looked me straight in the eyes, and said "Wow, it sure is rude of you to ask your guests to leave when they're having a good time."

- Cranberrysauce6


Swung from my ceiling fan and ripped it out of the ceiling. Like just reached up, grabbed it, hung on for dear life until it crashed to the floor on top of him.

I was in college and had friends over to my parents (with whom I lived with then) when they were gone for the weekend. My parents knew I was having friends over and we would be drinking but obviously no one expected this. The worst part was breaking the news to my parents but they ended up being chill and covered repair costs.

- wicked_witch69

The Sink

Not my house but I had to throw someone out of a friends house for pissing in the kitchen sink on the dirty (now dirtier) dishes.

All I know is a girl walked into the kitchen and said "are you pissing in the sink?"

Then everyone proceeded to be like WTF and he got thrown out.

- Sy_Fresh


Stuffed her used menstruation pads and cigarette butts in the back of a recliner and the couch cushions. She was staying with us for months and there were several. We couldn't figure out why the room smelled so bad until I found them.

- SundewofDoom

In Front Of The Social Worker

Had a good friend of ours stay with us till he got back on his feet, and we got our kids back (whole other story). Well he was a pretty loud alcoholic and was drunk every night. One day when we had our kids for a visit with the social worker, he even cracked a beer right in front of her!

He barely paid the minimum rent we asked of him (basically just cover the hydro bill) and found out he was smoking crack in what would be our son's room. Kicked his ass to the curb pretty quick and haven't seen him since. Left a bunch of his stuff behind, including his brand new Edmonton oilers Jersey. Still owes us money so it stays in my closet for now, not like he's bothered to come get it.

Oh! And same year we had another roommate who was a friend of my husband's ghost us on moving day(we were moving into a new place together) and the following week entirely.

- -singing-blackbird-

Caught And Keyed

aubrey plaza ingrid thorburn GIF by Ingrid Goes West Giphy

He was stealing my girlfriend's medication. We kept wondering where it would disappear to, and even worried that our doodle might've gotten a hold of it. He once took an entire bottle instead of just stealing a certain amount of pills, and my girlfriend was in so much pain.

Ended up catching him in the act and banned him from the house. He later decided to key my car.

- ExactDistribution494

A Smelly Guest

A dinner guest (not invited, but came as a +1 with a "friend" ) used my deodorant during a dinner party at our place. My wife told me that day, I did not hear it. Or maybe I did, but I was a little drunk and not taking in info.

She told me again one week later. It still bothers me that, that animal thought, "oh, I stink, let me see if they have a deodorant I can use in there medicine cabinet" then tells my wife during dinner, like its a totally normal thing to do.

- raze2020

Hard Water

I have a friend who critically eyes all my dishes before he uses them and loudly announces if they are dirty or tells people in the kitchen to be sure to look closely at my dishes to make sure they aren't dirty. And by dirty he is referring to spots on the glasses because I have a crappy dishwasher and hard water. It has gotten to the point I do not like that friend coming over, who other than that, is a very sweet guy...I try to keep calm as I think it's an OCD of his and he doesn't understand how rude he is being. But it still gets on my nerves. Last time he did it I told him to be sure to bring plastic utensils for the next time he came over and to stay the hell out of my kitchen.

- Maleficent-Dot-5569

Shoes, a Stranger, and My Carpet

The rudest guests I've ever had were friends of my partner. They came over for drinks one evening and I told them before entering the house to please take their shoes off. It's a cultural thing where I'm from, but very odd to go without shoes in the house in the area where I'm living now.

They scoffed, and then later I caught one guy purposefully stomping on my carpet with his shoes. Didn't even know the guy.

- vivachilewn

For Attention

My mother had a small get together when I was younger, around 14(?). One of her "friends" got up and walked up to me just to get into my face about how big of a slut I was. She accused me of flaunting my body and said and that I was just showing off for every man.

I was wearing some basketball shorts and a baggy T-shirt. "Oh it's just amazing what you little whores do for attention these days".

I know this isn't as interesting as some stories but it's part of the reason I never show skin anymore.

- iwant2die69420

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