People Share The Most BS Reasons They Were Given a Bad Grade


School can be fun! Sure, it sucks like 90% of the time due to stress and bullying, but other than that it's a smooth ride!

But the one thing that can make school suck the most? Grades. And sometimes, bad grades are simply not justified.

u/BeginingMemer asked: What is the most bullsh*t reason for a teacher to give you a bad grade?

At least you challenged it.

Because he didn't read my paper. It was a university class where a TA was responsible for grading the papers; he was clearly overwhelmed and just reading introductions and grading based on them alone.

I had a two-part introduction that fully addressed the prompt, but as he only read the first part I got my paper back with a big "C" at the top. I ended up getting full credit after I challenged the initial grade.


There is so much that is wrong with that.

We had weekly spelling tests in my 11th grade English class, which I thought was a bit remedial by that point and probably said so in a not completely diplomatic way. The teacher even made you write any words you got wrong five times and hand that in to her by tend of the class.

I would typically get perfect scores on them, but one time I got a test back with no actual errors marked as a 0%. My teacher's explanation was she saw me talking to someone in our free period before class who ended up doing poorly and that was my fault because I distracted them from possibly studying.


I mean, they did complete the assignment.

I was taking a 1 week online class

In the syllabus, the teacher said you must post 6 times throughout the week.

So...I posted 6x on Monday, 1x on Wednesday and felt I was good to go.

I get my grade / teacher comments and the teacher wrote Kayano905, you had some good posts early in the week....but then you stopped posting, so Inhad to mark you down

I was annoyed by this, but then realized it was the last online course in the program and frankly I didnt care.

I still graduated and that certificate is "proudly" sitting in my junk drawer for all to see...


Cuz that definitely makes sense.

A friend of mine got a minus 1 for scratching his head. Our teacher said he was faking it...


I guess that teacher had too many bad experiences with women who faked head scratches.


Fake head scratches are a real problem in our society, and they're probably what causes hurricanes.


Staple it in the middle next time.


Staples were not in the "right spot" for my essay even though I had them in the top left corner like always


That's when you know the teacher doesn't like you and is literally looking for petty reasons to take points off.


Why is it always gym teachers who are the most ruthless?

My 7th grade gym teacher gave me a D because I hardly ever smiled. My life sucked at that time.


"You seem like an unhappy kid. Let me give you something else to be unhappy about because of it."


So much work for nothing.

I did a presentation in biology. The teacher told me she wanted me to do a creative introduction instead of just opening it with the standard "today I'll be presenting..."

So I did. I invented a short story about an old lady going to the supermarket and worked in some early symptoms of Alzheimer's (the topic I was presenting). I was so invested in that character, she had a name and a backstory, I even drew up a few comic panels so that everyone could follow along easily, then at the end of my presentation I asked my class which symptoms the old lady in the story had and hence what stage her Alzheimer's was.

I get my grade back and the teacher deducted points for the intro since she "told me to do a creative intro so it wasn't an original idea". Like what the hell?! I came up with the story, I drew the comic panels, all of that was me. I felt so betrayed. If I hadn't done a creative intro she would have deducted points so I did one and she deducted points anyway?! And after all that work... Still grinds my gears. I was 15 at the time.


Wasn't a personal attack, but go off I guess.


I didn't like a movie that was supposed to be her favourite. She would do stuff like this all the time to other students as well. Complaints were made, but I graduated before I saw where it lead.


What movie?


Bridge to Terabithia. Now that I'm older I realise it's not a bad film, but as a 12 year old I couldn't stand it.


Seems unfair.

In the nineties my family didn't have a computer and I had no access to one.

I spent a lot of time on a handwritten assignment for school and the teacher gave me a B, writing as a comment, "I would have given you an A if you had typed it up on a computer." I'm still bitter.


Of course, adults are never in the wrong, right?

My teacher lost my coursework on the bus home, I refused to redo a years worth of work in 3 weeks and I got taken from an A to a C.


School sided with him.


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