People Share The Most Awkward "You Can't Be Serious" Moments They've Experienced

People Share The Most Awkward "You Can't Be Serious" Moments They've Experienced

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Sometimes you really can't believe your ears. Not looks wise, but what you're hearing. The actual words coming out of another person's mouth and the moment they choose to let their "thoughts" fall. Most of the time we think they're kidding. Some of the time... we're wrong and that can lead to some dicey awkward pauses.

Redditor SpaghettiBoy99 inquired about What was your most awkward "hahaha....oh wait you're serious" moment? We've ALL been there y'all. Some people are just... (no words)


I was at work, I work in retail, and me and my coworkers heard a loud "boom". But we didn't think anything of it.

5 minutes later, an older lady who is in the store almost everyday, maybe in her 50s-60s, came up to me and said " I just drove into your building."

I looked at her, and right before I began to laugh out loud, I realized she actually did.


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I was taking a long leg cast off a kid about 2.5-3 years old. After I get the cast split open and pull it off, mother says, "Oh, his toe fell off". I'm like, "heh, nice one". The kid was in the cast because his small toe had been nearly amputated and reattached; the doc was hoping what tissue was still connected would be enough to vascularize the distal portion. It wasn't and the kid's toe died and fell off.


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I work in a deli and we had a new older lady start. I was showing her how to display the chicken breast and she turns to me and says "I'm going to have to work up to the chicken, my husband used to tie me up and hit me with raw chicken breast" this was so shocking and out of the blue i assumed it was a joke, nope. I just thought she was grossed out by raw chicken.


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Someone once said to me " Wait you're Chinese? I always thought you were Asian."


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Met a guy, and I told him my name. He said "I'll probably not remember it; I have memory problems." I said "Haha yeah, I'm bad with names too." Met him again two days later, and I remembered his name. He, on the other hand, didn't remember meeting me. And when I realized it wasn't a joke, and was told by his mother that he actually does have memory problems, I felt like an idiot.

Oh well, he doesn't remember me laughing at him.


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I posted this before but - I was on a first date with a guy I met at work and things are going good til his phone starts ringing and he tells me to be quiet because it was his wife...


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A man was regaling his fellow party-goers with his drunken jokes. He described being found as a newborn in a field, after his teenage mother hid her pregnancy and gave birth at home. All he knew about her was she was a Waffle House waitress. We sat there, enthralled, waiting for the punchline, until we realized he'd moved from "life of the party" onto the "in vino veritas" stage of drunkenness.


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Her: How do we even know that Dinosaurs were called Dinosaurs if they're all dead now and we've never met one in real life?

Me: Hahaha that's funny.

Her: What's funny?

Me: Oh honey...

It took me literally half an hour to even get her slightly on board with the fact that things are called things because we decided on the name not because things inherently have a name we discover.

I wish I was joking.


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Realtor here. Buyers offered goats to sweeten their offer.


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I work as a server in a restaurant. We use little wooden trays as check presenters and since it is an open air restaurant we weigh down the receipts with decorative stones (shiny ones like for the bottoms of fish tanks). I dropped a check for an older couple and when I got back the man said "You should warn people that those rocks aren't chocolates! I could have broken a tooth!" I get a lot of older people who like to josh around with me so I definitely thought he was kidding.

He was not. He was actually mad at me because he had tried to eat the rock and it was obviously my fault.


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My now bf and I were on our fifth date. We were out to lunch, and some toddler started throwing a screaming fit. Bf and I looked at each other and I said something along the lines of, "Kids are the best, aren't they?" Which is when he said "Oh, I've been meaning to tell you, I have a daughter". We have similar humor styles so I started giggling thinking he was teasing. He was not. So that was interesting.


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This one girl asked me if 9/11 really happened on 9/11 or did the news and others SAY it happened on 9/11 because it sounded more legit than any other day


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An old roommate wanted me to start paying more in rent because he was trying to save up to buy himself a house.


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When I was 18, I went with my then girlfriend to Las Vegas to meet her parents (we were in Florida where she lived with her aunt and uncle). I found out that her dad and mom lived in separate houses right across the street from one another for whatever reason, which was strange but definitely not the strangest thing that would happen that trip. Her dad came over to her mom's house to meet me and I couldn't help but notice he was dressed in a suit. I thought maybe he was just a fancy dresser. He kept asking me questions about my family and how I felt about his daughter. He seemed to like me, and we went through the trip on fairly pleasant terms, but nothing else happened of any note.

Once we get back home to Florida, my girlfriend decides to tell me that her dad thought we were coming out to Vegas to get married and he dressed up because he was planning on taking us to get married that day. She had to tell him that we had no intention of getting married in Vegas.

UM DUDE.... T.M.I!!

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My uncle asked my brother if he thought my other brother, (who's gay,) bleached his a**hole.

My brother, telling me the story:

"I kept waiting for him to start laughing or smile or anything, but he just stared at me with such a straight face. I was like 'oh you're serious? I don't know dude' what was I supposed to say?"


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I asked a coworker with what his son's name was, and he answered Legolas. After two seconds of laughing I realised he wasn't laughing. His son is actually named Legolas.


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First day on a new job, my boss was discussing standard office policies. He said, "And I'd like to point out we have an open door policy here."

I said, "Oh, great! So if I have a problem I can come to you?"

He said, "No, I mean keep your office door open at all times."



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Worked at a pet food store. A women came in and asked where to put topical flea medicine on her kids, Frontline, I laughed way too hard. She complained to my manager, who also laughed.


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I was a waiter and guy said his wife wanted to take me home. I had never heard of anything like that before.


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Dated a girl for ~4 months a few years back. One day we're chilling at my house, ask her if she wants to watch an episode of Brian Cox's documentary Wonders of the universe to which she told me she "doesn't believe in space"

She was 100% convinced that the sky was all their was and that space was a huge cover up by the government or some shit.

At first I laughed, then we argued and I couldn't win because I haven't been to space to prove it exists.

We didn't see much of each other after that.

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