People Share The Most Awkward Things To Happen To Them


Sleepovers can be lots of fun. Being crazy, staying up all night.

Or they can be weird. You never know how people are going to behave when deprived of sleep. Sometimes, though, you stay at a friend's house and wake up before them, and it gets really weird.

Is there anything weirder?

u/Requilibrium asked:

What's more awkward than staying at a friend's house and waking up before them?

Here were some of the answers.

Ding Dong Ditch


Thinking somebody rang the door to your apartment and so you open the door but nobody is there except some guy walking down the hallway and he happens to be walking by your door and you make eye contact with him then close your door.

Normal In-Fighting

Violently fighting/making violent threats to each other. I went to a friend's house just once and got to overhear his parents in a screaming match downstairs. She threatened to stab him and he threatened a murder-suicide. And every few minutes I heard a loud door slam or stomping and one of them even left for a bit and the tires loudly squealed as they sped off. I asked my friend if I should call my mom to pick me up but he appeared to be unphased by it. Told me it's normal and nothing will happen and went back to whatever game we were playing (I think it was Smash 64). And of course they eventually calmed down and even ordered pizza and it was like they were a happy couple again.

Didn't sleep a wink that night.

But Just Him

Having a friend camp out at your house and his grandpa comes over at 6:30am, wakes him up, and takes him to McDonalds for breakfast.

The Weirdest Things Happen At The Pool

I work at a pool. I did a locker room check and saw my ninth grade teacher naked. We locked eyes. He recognized me. Then in full nude started a conversation with me. We talked for 10 minutes before I managed to leave that conversation.

Flashy Morning

Woke up to my friends parents both naked. Their mom was naked on the couch smoking a cigarette and playing Tetris, the dad came walking out of their bedroom naked and went to the kitchen and made himself breakfast. I just turned around and went back to the room and went to sleep.

Don't Bring Me Into This

Your friend being yelled at by their parents and the parents trying to drag you into it.

Friend's parents: "I've absolutely had enough of your behaviour Taylor, this is just ridiculous. Look, youre his best friend, what do you think of all this?"

everyone looks at you

You: "Uhhhh... I dunno really..."

desperately avoiding all eye contact

Are Ya Hungry Babes

Their mom asking if you're hungry but you declined even though you're starting to feel hungry. Then you can't ask for food because you already declined. So you wait for your friend to wait up and have breakfast together. It's even worse when you're shy.

Whoah Whoah Whoah

When my dad and step mom first started dating, I got along really well with my step sister. We wanted to have a sleep over after their first official date. The next morning we were eating ice cream and I finished, and then asked her if I could have another bowl. She threw a fit that I was eating all of her ice cream. Her mom told her I was a guest and that there was always more ice cream. Then my step sister cried out, "Well when is she leaving??"

Yup. I'd say that was significantly more awkward.

Hand In The Air

I would say when you wait for the teacher to finish talking to another person, so you can ask them to use the restroom when you really need to go.

Basically, would you rather just save up the embarrassment and just go back to your desk, possibly resulting in somebody else going in the line to ask; or do you just wait there awkwardly while the teacher is finishing up their conversation?

I Kinda Liked It?


One night when I was about 16 I was staying over at my best friend's house, I slept in her older brothers room because he was gone all weekend. Well, lo and behold at 5 am he comes home drunk, goes to his room. I wake up as he's stripping his clothes off and about to crawl into bed naked, I couldn't even make words I felt so awkward I just said "UHhhhh" (basically the Tina groan) and he just put his underwear back on and said "Oh my god I am so sorryyyy!" I very quickly got out of his bed and went to my friends room. When I woke her up and explained what happened all I hear from his room is "Sorry about that!" Incredibly awkward, but we were able to laugh about it in the morning. I thought he was hot at the time so I can't really complain about him almost crawling into bed with me.

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