People Share The Most Awkward Thing They've Ever Witnessed At A Wedding

The Feels

As a wedding guest, you expect a relatively calm and simple party.

But things don't always go as planned. If something can go wrong, then it will go wrong. Drunken guests, egotistical pastors, and plain bad luck can make a wedding unforgettable for the wrong reasons.

Former wedding guests shared their most cringeworthy stories when Redditor u/akidnamedsunny asked, "What is the most awkward moment you've experienced at a wedding?"

10. This invasive singing cousin

"At my friends wedding they asked her cousin (or her cousin insisted) to sing for their first dance. She is a professional singer and does have a great voice. It started out fine and dandy. Couple was dancing, cousin was behind them singing, and then she got off stage and started walking in front of them dancing. She literally stood in front if them with arms out belting her song like she was Celine dion in vegas."

"During their FIRST dance. She completely tried to upstage them and it was an incredibly cringe worthy experience to watch her cousin try to make a show out of her own performance rather than letting the bride and groom have the attention. She is in every photo of their first dance because she wouldn't stop standing in front of them. It was like out of a comedy movie. Collectively you could FEEL everyone in the room thinking WTF is going on lol."


9. The unforgettable spill


"Probably when I spilled gravy on the bride's gown as I took her plate away. Yeah that was...that was pretty bad. Six years later and I still think about it at night."


8. A poorly timed break up

"We flew my sister in laws long time boyfriend out to come to our wedding because he was great and we all loved him/them. After he got there and got settled she decided to break up with him the day before the ceremony. He was staying with my in-laws so he had to ride out the weekend and their house, with her and the rest of the family. I felt soooo bad for him!"


7. This maid of honor didn't understand her role

"My maid of honour took the mic from the DJ and 'did an unprompted speech' talking about how she got married months before and talked mostly about herself. Someone said 'wtf' out loud. We don't talk anymore."


6. This misunderstood dress code

"So this is shame on me. My aunt was getting married, and their invitation said the theme was sports related and to wear your favorite jersey. It wasn't until I got there (and saw no one else wearing sports attire) that I realized I mis-read the invitation. The jersey attire was meant for the reception not the ceremony... So there I am, wearing a jersey while everyone else is dressed formal... And I'm not really even into sports."


5. That's gross...

"I went to a cousin's marriage and it all went well until the reception where everyone was having a good time and a friend of hers who I'm guessing was really drunk ended up speaking into the mic that he hoped that he enjoys her beef curtains as much as he did when she was just getting to know him. Dude got chased out the building by multiple people and everyone awkwardly tried to continue the reception as if it didn't happen.

We aren't that close so IDK if she ever ended up talking with that 'friend' and I don't feel like I am close enough to ever ask about it."


4. Or you can just go get them

"I edit wedding videos for a living.

I think the most awkward I've seen was when the officiant leaned into the couple before starting the ceremony and told him he'd accidentally left their vows in his jacket in the dressing room, so they'll have to read them at the reception. (A groomsmen ended up running to get them, thank goodness)"


3. The pastor loved the sound of his own voice

"Friends wedding. Everything was beautiful. The guys mom requested our church pastor to give a little prayer before eating. Cool I guess. The guy goes off the deep end and gives a whole sermon. 1 hour plus. And during his sermon the most stupid thing he said was 'if there is ever any problems call your family first and not the police'. On top of that, he took up so much time that it cut into everything else. Dancing, picture taking, it was all cut down because of a pastors ego."


2. A sprinkle of patriotism


"An 8 year old kid got ahold of the mic during the open floor toasts and started singing the Star Spangled Banner. Slowly everyone stood to face a flag. There were no follow up speeches."


1. This wannabe comedian

"The master of ceremonies stood up as the bride and groom entered the room and said 'I'd like you to raise your glass to Mr John Smith and his wife Mary Jones-Jackson-O'Brien-Lloyd-Williams-Brown-Smith' listing all of the surnames of her former husbands. She was not amused."


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