People Share The Most Annoying Gifts To Get For The Kids Of A Coworker You Hate

But I don't even like you!

it's that time of year. Time to give joy and merriment.... and presents! But there are just some people we shouldn't have to give presents to. I don't want to give a present to a co-worker I hold in disdain let alone their spawn. However, you can carryout some vengeance for said co-worker by choosing their kid's gift wisely. A gift that brings merriment for the child and you! ;)

Redditor u/TheFancytastic had some holiday venting to do by discussing... Reddit, what is the most annoying gift to give to a coworker's young children?

That's not Charlotte's Web! 


It's a new (to me anyway) toy this year shaped like a cute toy spider that drives around and goes faster the louder you scream at it. It also randomly spins and changes direction. I can't imagine any 3-8 yo that could resist screaming as loud as possible at it in joy until either the battery or the parent gives up on life.

They're called Yellies!


How about them balls?

I recently discovered that you can buy a bag of 100 bouncy balls online for less than $20. So naturally I gave my friend's kids 250 bouncy balls. Kids were thrilled, parents less so. Carleas

Batteries NOT Included....

A corn popper push toy. largefarva2404

Or one with a siren and no battery. Friend of mine had one for her kid, tried to batteryectomy and found nothing. LOTR_crew

Exactly. We made the mistake of purchasing one for our first son. It survived him and was then passed onto his little brother. I think we finally "lost" it since it wouldn't die on its' own. largefarva2404

Can you hear me now?

Does it make noise? That's the best gift you can give them. rambo_brite

Bonus points given for:

  • no volume control
  • no off switch
  • inaccessible batteries InannasPocket

Let it Go!!!! 


A recorder flute. I think that coworker still hates me to this day. Rodaxoleaux

Paired with a songbook for Frozen. othybear

I think you just need to plant the idea that they might try to play Let It Go. Let them figure out the notes on their own in order to inflict extra suffering. splergel

Sing out Louise!! 

Karaoke machine. Or just a microphone. flaccidbitchface

Did anybody else back in the 90s have those ice cream cone looking microphones that echoed super loud and didn't require batteries? I'm having flashbacks right now. jakllc

Let's harmonize! 

A harmonica. I remember getting one for Christmas as a young kid. Then I remember it was "lost" just days later. I realized when I got older that it probably didn't get lost. My parents just made it disappear. 😢 z090_090z

I got one for my dad a few years back. He never learned to play, but he has an amazing talent for finding the random combination of notes that send every cat in the house fleeing in hysterics. After a few months it "vanished." I'm sure my mom put it wherever the Haunted Outhouse toy and the Santa's ass Christmas ornament that farts Jingle Bells ended up. Reddit

Follow your Arts! 

Craft kit that includes

Tubes of glitter that leak and spill easily
Non-washable glue
Malodorous oil paints in fluorescent colors
Fruit- and candy-scented markers
Big tablet of cheap thin weak paper NoxWild

I hate Re-gifters!! 

When our son was born, a couple gave us each and every noisy toy that was given to their son. Every car with an alarm or repetitive voice. A percussion kit including tambourines, clap blocks, and a hollow stick that you scratch with a stick. A glow in the dark chemistry set. Nothing was included except instructions and a glow powder. It couldn't be used at all unless you bought baking soda, flour, food dye. My son wanted to play with it but every recipe required something that needed another store visit. The glow in the dark powder managed to make itself leak.

100 tiny wooden blocks. These were a little bigger than monopoly houses. Too small for little fingers to manipulate, or really pick up once scattered, impossible to put back in the package, and painful when stepped on. Thanks, I hate it. Double ended markers. In a matter of seconds I had to paint the outside of the apartment. A noise activated bumblebee. It's supposed to sooth kids back to sleep, instead it creeps people out in the middle of the night.

A puzzle that tells you when it's solved. Every time the lights turn off, the drawer it's in gets closed, or it shakes it makes a noise of a siren. These are the things that get thrown out once the kids go to bed. Looking over this list, I have realized almost half of them are from a couple that have likely re-gifted bad gifts. DarrenEdwards

Beary Stingy Genius! 


A $5 gift card to Build A Bear Workshop. You can't walk in there and spend less than $20. So $5 is annoyingly useless but kids get so excited to spend it. timonyc

You are an evil genius! Switzerland87


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