People Share The Most Absurd WiFi Names They’ve Ever Encountered

People Share The Most Absurd WiFi Names They’ve Ever Encountered

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Choosing a name for you home wireless network doesn't have to be a bore. Instead of going with something like, "Johnson Family" or, the sign of your stagnation, "Home," you have a chance to be creative. Reddit user, r/G4ttboy, put others online to the test when he asked the following question to spur on others to be more innovative with their WiFi names:

What is the best name you've seen for wifi?

1. Slow and Steady

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Super slow.

When I hovered over the wifi button in Windows, the pop-up said "Super slow Internet Access". I thought that was pretty cool. JokerGotham_Deserves

2. Just Think About It

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My downstairs neighbor's wifi name is "Cunnilinksys". Thought that was pretty clever. SignoreReddit

3. *Rim Shot

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My current one is "You kids get off my LAN" Sparks_MD

4. Building A Better Community

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TroyAndAbedInTheModem BourbonBaccarat

5. This Sounds Something Bad's About To Happen

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I had one in my neighborhood called "TellMyWifiLoveHer" haveioffendedsomeone

6. Walter?

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"Not a Meth Lab" and their neighbors, "Definitely a Meth Lab." wesanity

7. That's Not How You Make Friends

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My buddy and I named ours "IP on your bushes" when we lived together. Tagg444

8. Darn It, Dwayne!

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My brothers neighbor has a dog that won't stop yipping. One of his other neighbors has their WiFi named "Shut your damn dog up Dwayne!" DirtyBalm

9. Did Anyone Actually Do This?

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Yell penis for password. Heywoodjajustgoaway

10. An Infinite Loop

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Ha! Mine is "Yell Bubbles for password".

And the password is "get your own internet"

Nice to see their faces when they yell bubbles and think they're being shot down. -Styked-

11. Poor Dave

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My neighbor's is named GoAwayDave. I really want to know what Dave did to deserve such infamy. _stayhydrated

12. Ew

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Bathroom cam 1. hiiimadam

13. No-Fi?

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Bunch of French students in my apartment block had named theirs Oui-Fi. Rutgerman95

14. It's A Hard Knock Life

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Mine is LAN of Green Gables. I live with my sister. If anyone knows of any red headed orphans, let us know. iunderstoodthatrfrnc

15. Jerk Move, Bro

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I live within range of a White Castle so I named the network 'White Castle Wifi'. The employees still have no clue why they keep getting asked for the password. megangershey

16. Guess It's A Florida Thing...

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"The Alligator molestors"

For context our apartment has a sign that says "do not molest the alligators" lethalpringles

17. Is It Locally Sourced?

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One of my neighbors has Gluten-Free Fair Trade WiFi. Axver

18. Mom!

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Mine is "Mom! It's this one!" DrDudeManJones

19. This Is Some Sort Of Cruel Joke

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Password is Taco

The password was not Taco. babyfarmer

20. Does Whatever A Spider-LAN Can

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN is what I changed mine to. colorlessmage


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I named mine FAST FREE INTERNET and my 5G is VERY FAST FREE INTERNET. Both have passwords. returnofheracleum

22. And The Winner...

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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club WAN BlueDrache

H/T: Reddit

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