Saying I love you is one of the most beautiful, exciting and excruciating moments in life. Saying those three little words can alter the course of many lives. They say it's best to friends first, to be best friends so that builds a foundation of trust. So why would it be so difficult to realize you love a friend and tell them? Probably because they may not respond in a similar fashion and that can make things awkward. But a large percentage of the time it's a risk worth taking. The proof is in the Reddit pudding....

Redditor u/SequelMcGee wanted everyone to tell us all.... What moment made you realize you had romantic feelings for your friend?

Oh Crap indeed! 


When we were at work together and I suddenly realized how often I kept looking at him. There was something about the color of his shirt and the way he held himself. Then there was just the moment of 'oh crap.'

It took me 6 months from then to confess how wonderful I thought he was. We moved in together in July 😊 Jamlastsforages

What did you say?

"I love you" accidentally coming out of my mouth. I forgot what I was gonna say to him, but that came out instead. He was just like "what,"completely in shock. I tried to say that I said what I originally meant to say, but he knew it was BS. He was distant for like the next week or so. We eventually went out though, like a few months later. Stayed together for 1.5 years but eventually broke up over his commitment issues. Still miss him sometimes. yogagirl54

I'll Be There for You! 

We met just over 8 years ago and we clicked instantly, like I had never related to or trusted someone so much immediately. He was married and going through a divorce, I had just broken up with the "love of my life" and we talked on the phone and texted nonstop (he lived across the state) we would hang out when he was in town for work, and we became drinking buddies. A year or so later his divorce was finalized, and we were best friends at this point. He was coming to town and we had plans to go to the bar like always.

I was riding my bike home from work one night. I worked late and I lived relatively close, so it was nice to save a little gas. I cut through a parking lot to get to the sidewalk because the sidewalks aren't lit and the parking lot was, and as I entered the parking lot I was hit by a car. I lost consciousness and was badly injured. I woke up in the ER and he was the first person I called to let him know what happened.

They released me the next day with a friend (concussion worry) and he showed up at my door an hour later. I couldn't walk, or raise my arms, my eye was swollen shut and I had stitches through my eyebrow (I now have nerve damage and facial paralysis in that area) he bathed me, cooked for me, fed me, did my laundry, washed my dishes, braided my hair, dressed me, took me to the doctors appointments and got my prescriptions all without me asking him to do any of that. We've been inseparable ever since. I moved across the state, we got married and are expecting our second child in the spring. He's the most caring, supportive, and kind man I've ever met. I'm a lucky woman. ladybarbarino

I just like him....

All of a sudden I cared what he thought. I desperately wanted to get every reference he made and impress him with my knowledge. I basically started studying his favorite films and games.

He was talking about going to see the new Star Wars film and even though I was never interested in films like that, I watched every film and the new one, just so I could talk about it with him.

We've now been together 3 years and I now genuinely like all the things he does, not just to impress him. chargrilledchaz

Great Minds....


I introduced him to a girlfriend of mine with the intention of setting them up. We went to the movies and she sat in the middle, and the whole time all I could think about was that I wish I was sitting beside him instead. Turns out he was thinking the same! Been married 2 years now :) hopfenn

Always there... :)

I was stuck in the hospital for about two weeks with an infected gallbladder and pancreas. He came EVERY SINGLE night to see me. Up to that point, we had only been briefly hanging out as friends. But the fact that he was so concerned about me that he took time out of his day, every day, to visit me made me realize that he was someone I wanted to be to very close to in my life. We've been dating for 7 years now. He's an amazing soul. sillybanana2012


One day when I was unpacking after a long trip with our team, he called my name and I turned around. He was just casually standing there with a big smile on his face. Maybe it's because I was dazed from the travel exhaustion, but man. I suddenly was thunderstruck by how beautiful his smile is. I got flustered and forgot what I was doing for a moment and couldn't see him in the same way after that. AGoodDayforThrowaway

She's Not Me! 

Happened once years ago. When he introduced us (the group of friends) to his girlfriend... I felt a sinking, crushing feeling... That's how I knew... niukbel086

Oh I know that sinking crushing feeling well! When I was still in love with an ex and naively hopeful we could get back together I felt that when he mentioned having a new girlfriend. tallulahblue

Moms Know.

My boyfriend at the time ditched me after he helped me move, saying he had better things to do. my friend helped me move so long into the night that he slept on the floor there, went to his lectures, and then came back and didn't leave until every bit of my maddeningly complicated ikea furniture was put together.

i called my mom that night and told her how it went down. she asked ''uhhhhh and why isn't Friend your boyfriend, again?'' i said wasn't sure if he felt the same way. she legitimately laughed at me and said i was stupid. i married him 4 months ago :) todayonbloopers

Everyone knew but me....


When I told our co worker that I wished I had the courage to tell my friend that lots of girls probably really like him and that he's great after he was getting down on himself. My co-worker immediately asked me if I liked him and I denied it but that's the moment I knew. We've been married a year now.

Such a wise co worker. He knew I liked my now husband before I did lol. snicknicky


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