People Share The Least Impressive Things They've Seen Someone Brag About


In the words of Shania Twain, "That don't impress me much."

It seems like everybody is constantly in competition with one another and feels the need to brag. So when the braggin gets going, strap in for some bumpy rides.

u/TradinPieces asked:

What's the LEAST impressive thing you've seen someone brag about?

Here were some of the answers.

A Badge Of Stress

Having recently graduated from college as a biology major, I can safely say that premed students love to brag about how sh*tty their lives are. It's honestly a competition sometimes. Oh you didn't get any sleep last night? I'll have you know I haven't slept all week and I missed my sister's wedding to study for a lab quiz! I heard it was lovely! They take so much pride in having the sh*ttiest life.


Oprah Would Never

I went to school with a guy who went to a taping of The Jerry Springer Show, and he wound up being one of the audience members who got to ask a question to one of the guests that Springer was profiling - and then he proceeded to brag nonstop for weeks thereafter about getting on-camera and being on TV. He apparently thought that it was some big break or indicator of success or something. He got really pissed off one of the times he was going on about this and one of the people in the room responded, "Who cares? It's f*ckin' Springer, it's not like you were on Oprah or something good."


Dictionary Definitons

I get it that people that have kids love them unconditionally and are proud of everything they do, and they should be. However, this one popped up on Facebook a couple months ago and it made me shake my head.

One of my best friends wives (who is as bad as a helicopter parent as you can be) wrote a solid page bragging about her sons doctor visit and how he was out pacing all his peers in growth. Then proceed to post that he was in 50th percentile for his age.

SHE BRAGGED THAT HE WAS THE LITERAL DEFINITION OF AVERAGE! Wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't such a long ranting post about it.


Real Sociopaths Are Dangerous

My first bf bragged about being a sociopath, just like his hero, Sherlock. He also used the sociopath excuse to justify him treating me like human garbage. Do I think he actually was one? No. He was just a jerk.


The Only Good Answer Here Was "Never"

That they hadn't cheated on their girlfriend in 6 months.

Then got angry when we called him a serial cheater.


Wealthy Bull

I know a guy who was born into a gigantic trust fund and his parents pay for everything and gave him a "job" in their family business.

He constantly brags about the life he "established" for himself. As if he did anything to earn his huge house, luxury cars, etc.



As someone in the chronic illness community, the most annoying thing people brag about is how they are sicker than anyone else.

It's like "You dislocated your shoulder? I dislocated my shoulder, hip, kneecap, and passed out from low blood pressure all at the same time!"


Sickless Sally

I have a coworker that likes to mention whenever possible that she hasn't been sick since she started working here four years ago.

What she actually means is "I've never called in sick in four years" because she HAS been sick but decided to come to work anyway.

Like last year during flu season when she was at work, coughing and sniffing and downing flu medicine left right and center. After a few days of working next to her my throat started to feel weird, I developed a nasty cough and had the sniffles. When I dared to mention it's because of her she shut me down quickly because, can't be, she never gets sick!

Don't get me wrong, she's actually a really nice, intelligent person but somehow has got it in her head to be proud of never having missed a day of work because of sickness. And this in Germany, where we have almost unlimited sick days and no one bats an eye if you take one week off of the year because of the flu.


The Life

There was this kid my sister was interested in at college (we went to the same college) and every time I saw him he would be bragging about how many houses his parents have or what his parents bought him. He wasn't even bragging about his own money, he was bragging about his parents' money. It was f*cking annoying. He couldn't pass an art appreciation class but god were his parents loaded, apparently, so it didn't matter. She still follows his insta and it's just full of him taking expensive trips out to like, Venice beach and sh*t and doing photogenic bullsh*t like surfing and talking about his brand new super expensive surfboard, or his brand new red jeep, or some other brand new pricey object his parents have purchased for him to supplement the complete lack of parental love and care. They live in a completely different state than he does.


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