People Share The Kindest Thing An Animal Has Ever Done For Them


People really don't deserve animals. They really don't. When a human becomes a part of the palette of animal instinct, that animal will go to the ends of the earth for that human. Because humans have more conscious thought than instinct, we tend to not do the same in return. But these are the stories of some animals who were so kind that they shall ever be memorialized on this list.

u/lemonadejohnson asked:

What is the kindest thing an animal has ever done for you?

Here were some of those stories.

We DEFINITELY Don't Deserve Dogs


I worked at a convenience store about two miles from my home, and had to be there every morning before 4am to open up. My husband was in a minor car accident, and our vehicle had to go into the shop for nearly a week. We don't have public transportation in my small town, and no one was able to give me a ride at such an early hour, so I was determined to walk to work. I headed out before 3am, and it was very dark of course, and felt very eerie. I had to pass by several abandoned/meth houses, and cross the isolated parking lot of a factory, before following the highway along a wooded area. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling very safe or sure of myself and my decision! Suddenly a very large (maybe 70lb) dog comes trotting up beside me out of seemingly nowhere. At first I was startled and wary of him, but he basically paid me no mind, just jogging along slightly ahead of me as I walked. He was a very intimidating-looking dog, and I immediately felt safer just having him by my side. He walked me all the way to the store I worked at, and even laid down outside the doors for a half hour or so, then went on his way. Every morning for the next three or four days he met me at the same spot and escorted me safely to work. Thank you, anonymous angel dog.


Further Evidence Of How We Do NOT Deserve Dogs

My childhood dog saved my dad's life.

She was a big malamute/wolf mix, gorgeous and super smart. She was my parents' "practice child", and basically my sister before my other siblings were born.

We lived way out in the woods, and our house was wood heated, so a big part of my dad's work around the house was gathering, splitting, and hauling firewood. I wasn't there for this story, but he's told the whole family about it.

One day he was out getting firewood by the river. It was winter, everything was frozen over, and he was trying to get a madrone that had fallen on to the frozen river. Normally he's really careful about stuff like this, but everyone makes mistakes I guess. Anyway, the log slipped, the ice broke, and he went straight in, heavy boots and winter coat and all.

He said it was hard to tell where the edge was, the ice kept cracking, and he was sinking fast. Next thing he knew, he felt a yank on the back of his coat, and his head popped above the surface. That dog had run out on the the cracking ice and grabbed him by the collar. She dragged him to safety.

He managed to drive home, dripping and shivering, and that dog was eating steak for a week.


Even Cats Take Care Of Their Staff

After each round of chemotherapy I went through, my two cats took turns staying with me 24/7 for several days afterwards. When one would get down from my lap or my side, the other would snuggle in their place. My husband said they did this even while I was sleeping. The level of devotion that they displayed was absolutely heartwarming.


Tyrone Really Came Through

Not me but when I was about 6 we had a Vietnamese pot belly pig named Tyrone. He would follow my mom everywhere she went. She would often pick wildflowers in the field behind our house and he would always come with her. One day she got into a bad argument with my dad and was sitting on the back porch crying. Tyrone pulled a bunch of flowers and grass out by the roots and brought them to her to try to make her feel better. It's always struck me as the sweetest thing I've seen an animal do.


My Favorite Alpha


In 2013, my husband adopted an Australian cattle dog from the pound and named him Niko.

Niko took an intense and immediate liking to my husband. I was a different story (he would literally walk away from me while I was petting him. ). While he tolerated me, it was obvious that I was simply not his cup of tea. Which was fine with me, as long as he listened if I told him to do something.

In 2016, my gallbladder went bad and I had to have it removed. The surgery went well and after i was settled back home in bed, my husband brought the dogs in to see me. He insisted on letting them smell the wound, saying they would understand I was injured and be gentle with me. My lab became inconsolable and cried like he was the one injured. Niko was so interested in the surgical site that my husband had to physically get him of the bed and forbid him from getting back up on the bed with me.

Sometime that night, my pain killer wore off and I woke up having to pee. Cue 15 minutes of rocking like a turtle on its back, before i managed to get myself up. I sat for a moment catching my breath and realized that Niko was sitting nearby watching me.

I hobbled to the adjoined bathroom and sat down on the toilet. And again had to catch my breath. That's when I heard Niko padding softly and slowly into the bathroom. And felt his cold nose against my knee.

Then he ducked under my knee and positioned himself between my feet, looking around the bathroom.

And i realized that he was guarding me. He didn't particularly like me, but apparently, I was part of the pack and no one else was awake. I was injured and he was going to make sure I was protected while i peed.

That was the turning point in my relationship with Niko and we are now best buds. He is actually one of the sweetest, most loving dogs that I've ever had.


20 Years Of Solid Love

I used to have a Turkish Persian. I was hit by a drunk driver and spent four months in bed until my bones healed enough for physical therapy. She would not leave my bed even to eat. My mom brought food for her to the bed. Also my mom carried her to her litter box twice a day so she would use it. She did and then she ran full speed back to my bed. My beautiful girl lived 20 years. I still miss her every day.


There's No Lead In This Zeppelin

I'm not sure if this counts, but I have two big Pit Bulls who love to play tug of war. They get very competitive and it's their favorite game. Their grips are super tight and if you pull up hard enough they'll dangle on the rope like a tree ornament. Anyways, one time my little brother picked up the rope to play with the bigger male dog, Zeppelin. I was scared Zeppelin wouldn't understand and yank the rope and hurt my little brother. He's a very good boy, but he's stupid. So, I started to jog over to them to break it up. To my pleasant surprise, Zeppelin let my little brother win, right away! And they kept playing for awhile, with Zeppelin going noticeably easier on my brother, and my brother having the time of his life. Zep would shake his head and tug very softly, and then when my brother yanked the rope he would let it go. It was the cutest and most adorable thing I've ever seen.


Change Of Heart

Many years ago I house- and dog-sat for someone for about three weeks. This dog was old and cranky and spoiled as it had been the only fur-child of a single woman for many years. It generally wanted nothing to do with me except if I was feeding or walking it.

I was a little over a year from a terrible break up and had finally managed to get a date. Except the date stood me up and ghosted me. I was devastated and just sat in the living room crying, and this little spoiled brat dog jumped on my lap and licked my face and just cuddled with me for the rest of the evening.


Thanks For Keeping Cool, Horse

I was trying to mount my horse from a milk crate, and the crate broke when I pushed off. It made a horrible splintering noise and my left foot went through the stirrup and my right went through the crate.

The noise and sudden weight drop scared my horse, and he should have spooked - most horses would have. If he had, I'd have been dragged on concrete and possibly killed.

At the last second, he turned his head and we made eye contact, and he just froze. He was shaking like a leaf, but I was able to pull myself up and get my foot free. He absolutely saved my life.



Once, me and my little brother was in a summer camp for about a week. We did bunch of activities, most of them surrounded the topic of nature and animals. One day at the bunny pen, the camp would hand out a baby bunny to each and everyone of us. We were extremely happy, as we loved those cute little things and just wanted to hold and hug them. The camp leaders did warn us to not get close to the pigs with the baby bunnies, as the pigs would eat them.

So we all split up, each with a baby bunny. Me, my little brother and some other random kid decided to sit on the floor inside the stable. We had fun, cuddling them. But then to our horror, a pig walked into the stable. We started to get afraid, fearing the pig would attack us and eat the baby bunnies. It started to walk closer. But it didn't reach us, as from nowhere a goat came out from one of the stables and chased the pig away. We were really happy and thanked the goat.

Bad*ss goat saves the day.


Other Mother

My parents rescued a cat when I was just two weeks old. She decided I was her kitten and looked after me like her own. When I was crying she used to sit up on her hind legs, put her paws on my shoulder, meow in a concerned way, and lick my face. She slept in my bed every night until she passed away when I was 14. RIP Rosa, my other mother.


Listen To Your Cat

I wasn't feeling well and decided to try to sleep it off. My dear kitty would not leave me alone. He kept poking at me til I got angry n tried to get up. Realized I was really ill and called 911. I was having a massive heart attack with no pain. He saved my life.


Dogs Understand More Than We Give Them Credit For

This year my health has gone down hill pretty fast and my dog can tell. She is a huge lab and loves long walks but because I'm not feeling well all she wants to do now is to just go potty and come right back inside. I'm very grateful to her because she understands. I'm doing my best to get my health back so we can go back on long walks.


Moody But Caring

We had a very very moody cat, named Tarnish because he was solid grey, who was taken away from his mom too soon, so he'd try and nurse on blankets.

He'd want absolutely nothing to do with me 50% of the time, and the other 50% he would only barely tolerate me.

But whenever I was upset or cried and laid down, or when I was sick and in bed, he would ALWAYS come lay on me and knead the covers and nurse then and let me pet him nonstop.
I really miss that b*stard cat.


Always Ready To Help

I had an old Texas stray cat that had just lost a litter at the same time my daughter was born. One night, while sitting on my bed trying to breast feed my daughter, the cat plopped down in front of me and rolled to her side, exposing her tummy to me. She started kneading her paws in the air at me, as if she was offering up her own unused milk for my baby. So yeah, my cat offered to breast feed my infant daughter.


Guard Bunny

My story involves the world's worst/best rabbit.

I have Lupus, and a few other assorted chronic illnesses/disorders, which means my life is a NOS boosted revolving door of crazy symptoms and issues.

A few years ago I started having seizures.

This wasn't normal for me, so my family and I had no idea how to deal with them. My second seizure happened at a friend's house, which is a great way to ensure you never get invited back over. They were horrified, and ended up plopping my limp, chubby body into the back seat and calling my mom to ask for further instructions. She met them at my place and took over limp, chubby body duty.

This is where the rabbit comes in.
Meringue is a 3 year old lion head rabbit. At 5 pounds, with a wispy head of hair reminiscent as that Whoopi Goldberg hyena from The Lion King, she's less than threatening. Fooled me into thinking she was a sweet, delicate babbit. Truth is she's a MENACE.

She once stole the glasses off my face and threw them at me. A friend came by later that day, and she threw his too.

I had a date over one day, and she stole his bag of crispy, crunchy, totally not rabbit friendly potato chips, and then kicked me in the leg when I took them back.

I watched her steal an entire corn dog from the table, right in front of my sisters flabbergasted face. Rabbits don't eat corn dogs. Or any kind of dogs. They're vegetarians.

That didn't stop her. Sweet baby snuggle bunny takes off with the trophy Pogo in her mouth. My sister and I are frantically chasing her around the room, but rabbits are FAST, man. We have no chance of keeping up. Meanwhile, terror-bun is horking back as much mechanically separated processed beef-like product as she can stuff into her tiny sh*tty body between hops.

What I'm saying is that Meringue is trouble.

Back to the seizure.

If you've never had a seizure, the one thing I can tell you is that you're left feeling foggier than a coastal Newfoundland ferry town on a misty April morning. I've never felt so tired. I ended up sleeping for 32 hours. My mum says she managed to get me to drink some kind of Kirkland branded power slurry, but outside of that, I was out.

Meringue never left my side.

My evil, depraved, nasty bitch of a rabbit slept on my bed. Pacing back and forth, sniffing at my face and digging at my arms, making sure her favourite (most tolerated) human was still alive. Mum said there were moments where she had trouble getting near me, she knew from experience that fuzzy bunny princess was something to fear, and she took her human guarding very seriously.
I'm doing better these days. A lot more stable, no more seizures.

Meringue is still a huge pain in the ass. I could write a poorly written book on her escapades, but I'm grateful for her company.

And yes, she was fed many treats for her hard work. She's a very well loved asshole.


Cats Are A Lifeline

My old cat stomped into my life, didn't care that we were renting a flat that was no pets allowed, didn't care that I couldn't leave the flat because of crippling anxiety. He needed food, made it know,so I ventured out to buy him cat stuff. Then he decided that he liked the garden so I had to go out with him. He liked digging, I was in a state but decided I should help him find whatever it was he was looking for. So we dug. Excercise,fresh air and a friend. Gradually he got me out of my slump.He was about 18 months when he adopted me. 16 years when he died. I never suffered from the same anxiety. He was an angel cat,knew when I was upset, pregnant, sick. I miss him.


Happily Bumbling Bumbles

He showed me that he trusted me. :)

I lived with a friend for a little while who had insects stuck in his bathroom during summer because he had a lot of plants in there that drew them in. One little bumblebee had been buzzing around for ages trying to get out, until he after days got exhausted started walking around on the floor.

When I stood there brushing my teeth one day, I noticed something right by my foot and looked down, he had climbed on to my slipper, right next to my foot. I stood still, to allow him to get off if he wanted to, but he didn't, so I carefully walked out to the kitchen before bending down and allowing him to climb on to a paper, which he did. I fed him honey, which he happily ate. I then put the paper on the window-sill to allow him to go free.


In Case You Still Wondered If We Deserve Dogs

I got a dog when I lived alone in a mountain town where I didn't know anyone. I volunteered at the local humane society to pass the time outside of work. I would transport the animals to the local vet hospital to get spays and neutering done. You would take the small ones in their crates and dump them on a little dolly. Big dogs you took out and walked in to be put back in their crates.

This guy was looking so down and lost and sad, much like I was at the time, from the time I washed him at the shelter. By the time I got to the vet and opened his crate, he just shot straight into my arms and wouldn't move from my hold. I looked back at the vet worker and said I'm taking him home right then.
I got to work and couldn't focus. Left after an hour to go wait at the vet for him to see how his operation went. Took him home the next day all doped up. He's laying on my heart right now as I choke up thinking about this. He lays down on my chest when I'm hyperventilating. I've had my share of quality relationships, but never had a soul mate like this before. We just need each other to be whole, it's saved me from going to some dark places many times.


This Cat Gets It

My mom left a box of Krispy Kreme glazed donuts on the kitchen counter and at night my cat jumped up, sliced the plastic film, and brought one all the way to my room. He gets me.


This, this is true friendship.


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