People Share The Facts That Might Help Save A Life, And We're Taking Notes


Would you like to know a secret? Promise not to tell? Well, don't promise that. Tell everybody. Tell your mother, your brother, your sister, and your friends. We've got secrets that literally might be the difference between life and death.

u/luciflerfather asked:

What fact could probably save your life?

Here were some of the answers.

This Is Why I Skipped Chem

Chemical burns are not like fire or heat burns.

Many will not immediately trigger a reflex action of pain.

I lost a chunk of skin under my armpit because a industrial cleaner dripped under my rainsuit. I had rinsed off my arm and didn't receive so much as redness, but 30 minutes later I noticed my shirt was soaked in blood. No pain till the next day and by then a quarter size piece of skin had fallen off.

Read the labels and remove any chemical as quickly as possible using the recommended method. Water is not always the best way.


Just Don't Wait

Blokes - check your nuts once a week and don't be afraid to go to the doctors if you notice something.

I had a scare earlier this year and I put it off for a while before plucking up the courage to go to the doctors. I was an idiot for waiting but I just felt like I didn't want to have a doctor check out my balls. Turned out all clear and I walked out of the doctors thinking "this really wasn't as bad as I expected"

The old cliche is true - doctors have seen a million, yours isn't any different.

I spoke to my Dad about it before my appointment and he tried to reassure me. After my appointment he said "when I was your age I went to the doctors for the same thing" WHAT?! If he had just told me he'd had the same maybe I would have gone sooner or felt less bad about it. I then told my good friend and he chuckled "ah man I've been to the docs for that too". Its so god damn common you wouldn't even believe. More often than not it's not cancer, But if it is then tackle it head on. If you're a please, please, please break the ice with someone about this topic. You could save a life.

Let's not think it's something we can't talk about! Anyone close to me now knows I've been to the docs for this, on the off chance it happens for them.

Even if 1% of you isn't sure about what's on your nuts then please get checked. It'll always be in the back of your mind if you go through life without reassurance! If anybody needs to talk then message me - I am more than happy to share my experience and give any advice I can!


Not A Solution Ever

I read a story about the people who clean up bodies after they jump off of the golden gate bridge. Most people don't die on impact, but the injuries they sustain kill them shortly afterwards or they drown slowly in miserable pain from the massive internal damage. There is this story about one person who jumped and as they let go regretted the decision. They ended up living remarkably but they had significant internal injuries and many many broken bones.

The fact: you don't always die on impact when jumping off the golden gate bridge. The few people who have lived all state they regretted it the second they let go.



Current 911 dispatcher, totally okay with the "I'm not sure this is an emergency" calls. Fell on your a** and can't walk to the ER or sit in your car? Call. Smell natural gas? Call. (Leave the building first.) Someone's lurking around your office building with no ID badge and popping their head into offices that aren't theirs? Call. Someone's peeking in your neighbor's window? Call.

Also, teach your non-English speaking family the word for their language in English in case they need to call 911.

^ This is super important, too! We can hook you up with an interpreter...but only if we can tell the interpreting service which language you're speaking.

And if you can't hear? Go to google, right now, and type in [your city] text to 911 or [your county] text to 911. Text to 911 is rolling out across the country.

Most importantly, and worth a separate comment: KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. Every once in a while, describe your location as you would to 911. "I am at home and the address is [address]. I am on I-270 westbound just east of the I-76 ramp. I am on the southeast corner of 6th and Broadway." And so on.


No More Sheeple

I haven't seen this one yet but... don't follow a crowd. If you think something is wrong, act! I've heard that people whose intuition said something was wrong and acted on it typically got to safety whereas their counterparts did not.

I usually heard this in the context of shipwrecks and other major situations where people assumed (wrongly) that because others weren't acting that they still had time. Thus simply isn't true.

If you sense something is wrong, go. Don't follow the crowd.


A Quick Check

For some reason there are a lot of people who seem to think if you take two meds as long as they aren't the same type, you are fine. Example: Anti depressant + OTC cold medicine

However MANY meds have dangerous interactions. You can check on

For my example which sounded safe, take Zoloft, a commonly prescribed med, and Nyquil a commonly taken otc cold med.

Serious Zoloft oral + NyQuil oral Potential for serious interaction; regular monitoring by your doctor required
Zoloft oral and NyQuil oral both increase affecting serotonin levels in the blood. Too much serotonin is a potentially life-threatening situation. Severe signs and symptoms include high blood pressure and increased heart rate that lead to shock.

check your sh*t so you don't die, it takes 10 seconds.

I wanted to add that by no means was this to scare people on zoloft, i used it as an example since i take zoloft myself and am familiar with what interactions it has. Serotonin syndrome it actually quite rare. You should be making sure none of your meds interact with each other no matter what you are on. I'm also on alprazolam (xanax) and found interactions with it and antifungals. It has a pretty serious interaction with grapefruit as well. Again they are just examples, but whatever you may be on, check for interactions, talk to your pharmacist (actually any pharmacist will usually talk to you) and be careful.


The Soda, Not The Water

If you have a grease fire put it out with baking soda, not water.

Flour is combustible and not safe to use. Some people have commented that they have put out fires with flour; and it is possible. If you take the bag flip it all out at once as close to the pot as you can I'm sure it'd be successful at smothering it. Due to it's combustible nature though nearly anything would be better to use, salt, kitty litter, sand/dirt.

If for some reason you had to use flour. Don't pour it out incrementally and DON'T pour it out in a way that will create a dust cloud. Pour it out so it falls together and quickly.

Also the BEST thing to use is of course a ABC fire extinguisher. This advice is in lieu of that or if it's to far away. Putting the lid will also work fine if the fire is small enough. You don't want to put a lid on a huge fire though or you can create a back draft of sorts in the pan and it'll flare up when you open it.


Seatbelt, Windows, Out

Seatbelt, windows, out.

Seatbelt, windows, out.

Seatbelt, windows, out.

Drill this phrase in your head when there's a risk your vehicle could end up in the water.

Undo your seatbelt, open your window, and get out.

(Electric windows should still work for a little while.)

Your car can sink fast and you may mentally lock up with indecision. So it helps to have a simple mantra to remember.

If you have kids it's SEATBELT, CHILDREN, WINDOWS, OUT.

"...undo your own seatbelt, undo those of any children in the vehicle, open the driver-side window and escape, first pushing children out ahead of you."

Here is more explanation

Keep in mind your vehicle may very well be upside down.

Consider getting a life hammer to smash the window if it won't open (or apparently using the metal rods of your removable head rest). But first try to get the window open on its own. Your car may float for a little bit.

"Your car's electrical system should work for up to three minutes in the water. But once the water reaches the bottom of your window frames, pressure makes them increasingly difficult to open, even with a manual crank."

Lastly, while apparently true, your plan "A" shouldn't be simply waiting for the car to fill with water and then opening the door. Save that as a last resort.


Active Drowning Victim

How to recognise when someone is drowning:

Silence - while someone who is shouting is on the verge of drowning (and will likely need rescuing), it's the person thrashing about in the water not making any vocal sounds you need to worry about.

When someone is actually drowning, their lungs are filling up with water inhibiting their inability to call for help.

Hairy face - anyone who has long hair knows that when it gets wet and it sticks to your face, the immediate reaction is to swipe it away. Not for a drowning person

When someone is actually drowning, all power is devoted to saving themselves. The issue of wet hair across the face is not a priority. Keep an eye out for someone in the water splashing about but not immediately reaching to remove their hair from out their eyes.

All credit goes to the Stuff You Should Know podcast.


Important Information To Break The Cycle

There is a cycle of violence when it comes to domestics. It starts with a build up, where tension and aggression are escalating. This moves to an explosion, where the abuser releases tension. Following this, there will be remorse and pursuit. The abuser will start to tell. You how sorry they are, then start to try and charm you. This is where they blame something for their anger (usually you) and try to win you back. Once they have won you over, you will experience a short honeymoon stage, where they are on their best behaviour. After this, is again the build up.

The cycle just continues. It can end with you being killed. If this is happening to you, please do some reading (if it's safe). Seek some help through your friends or family (an abuser is likely to have isolated you, but they do still care and will help). If you are being abused, there are people and services that can help. You may not feel like it, but you are worth something, and you are much better than they are making you feel. Get out before it gets worse.


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