People Share The Dumbest Injuries They've Sustained From A Seemingly Harmless Scenario


People can be stupid. And Darwinism can take place in even the most harmless circumstances. These injuries, while scary and painful, are also really f**king dumb. And these Redditors will tell you firsthand.

u/Kamioni asked: What's the dumbest injury you've sustained from a seemingly harmless act or scenario?

That's strangely impressive.

I dislocated my thumb once, because I didn't realize I was sitting on it and pulled my hand up too hard.


You didn't know you were sitting on your hand? Were you a baby or are you just that oblivious?


Oh NO.


Punched myself in the testicles while fluffing pillows.


I witnessed a guy I was working with, get stung on the upper leg by a wasp. He slapped the wasp with his hand to kill it. He was holding a hammer in that hand and perfectly hit himself in the nuts with the hammer.


That takes skill.

Pinched 3 nerves in my neck by looking to the left, trying to get dressed one morning.


This happened to me when I was 14 or so. I was brushing my hair, and my neck just felt like it seized up. It was at the start of a vacation with my friend in Florida.

My head was turned slightly to the left the rest of the stay and my friend wouldn't stop laughing at me. I guess I looked pretty goofy.


Uh-oh, spaghettio.

I have a relatively massive scar on my right hand from trying to open a spaghettios can while sh*tfaced.


What's the story you tell people so they don't think you're an idiot?


Good dog.


I was jogging with my dog and zoned out and then tripped over my dog and broke my hand


But was the dog okay?



A buddy of mine tore his tricep during sex. Like, not even crazy weird positions, just on top, flexed his arm funny, tore a tricep, had to have his wife drive him to the ER to have it looked at.

Permanent damage. Might not ever get back to 100% functions. From standard, dude-on-top going at it.

Weirdest thing.



Crutching out of the hospital after having my cast removed, because I tore the ligaments in my ankle. Someone walked into me, I fell and could go back in, torn the ligaments in my other ankle.


Dude this is hilarious.


Too much love.


Had my rib broken receiving a hug.


Who the f**k did you hug??? A bear???


My boyfriend was happy to see me. Too much you could even say.


But were the jorts ok?

Stabbed myself with a fixed blade hunting knife trying to make a pair of jorts while I was wearing the jeans. Over five hours in the ER trying to stop the bleeding with multiple sets of stitches and staples.

Yes I was intoxicated.


You sound like the kind of person I want to be best friends with, you had me at jorts.


You need to get that fixed.

Hugged my dad, dislocated my shoulder. Also, sleeping with my gf, dislocated my shoulder. Also, sneezed, dislocated my shoulder. You see where I'm going with this, right?


Did you dislocate your shoulder posting this?


What a tale.


I tripped in a puddle of my dogs piss, and shattered every bone in my hand and wrist.


And I thought cats were a**holes.


Could've ruined his chances at college.

I'll start off. The day before I was scheduled to take my SATs, I jumped into my bed belly first and landed on my thumb. It bent backwards and I was in serious pain for a few days. I was unable to complete the writing section of the SATs because of it.


Darn cats.

Oh man, I ruptured a disc in my back when I sneezed while changing the litter box. Easily the worst pain I've ever been in my entire life, worse than a kidney stone.

I was basically paralyzed from the waist down with no medical or painkillers for a week before breaking down and going to the emergency room.


You definitely showed him.


Pretty sure I broke a bone in my foot by dropping a mattress on it. I was drunk and mad at my husband for not moving it earlier. I showed him.


Don't mess with your friend.

I was sitting in the backseat of a car with my friend and decided to tickle her because I knew she hated it (we were dicks to each other lmao). Anyway, she somehow managed to jerk and kick me in the side of the head, right along where your jaw meets your ear.

It gave me nerve damage related shingles that spread inside my ear and down my jaw to my chin. I was in horrible pain and could barely hear out of that ear for weeks. The shingles left a few small scars on my jawline as well.


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