People Share The Definitive Moment They Knew They Were Getting Old


Where did the time go?

Aging is impossible and something we all believe we'll never take part in... until nature tells us we do! When we're 20 we think it's all forever. Then slowly things happen as the years pass that show us we're growing older bit by bit until the moment we look in the mirror and realize the sand is OUT of the hourglasss.

Redditor u/tequilaoperator wanted to know... What was your "damn I'm getting old" moment?

I'm staying 5! 

I ask a friend why his user name had the number 2001 and he told me he was born in 2001, it blew me away that someone born in 2001 is 16, in my mind they were like 5. Pepsi-CokeSuicide


9/11 to some is like the Fall of the Berlin wall to me. poopellar

Also, I had to explain 9/11 to her. Everybody else I had talked to about it remembers the day. How do I explain this to someone who just wasn't there?! universe_from_above

The Essentials... 

When I get excited to buy socks. 3EdgyforMe

The best is getting socks for Christmas. My mom puts socks in my stocking every year! LadyXaviaraH


I went into a clothing store and all the racks were too close together and the music was too loud. MrsRobertshaw

That's just science... 

I wanted something sweet so I ate a rolaid. snakeoil-huckster

The Crow...

My wife's crows feet. I can't remember when they happened, I just noticed they were there one day, and it just hit me that we weren't teenagers anymore. She laughed when I said about it, and told me she drew her's on to match me. Bloody woman. jacksapatheticspleen

Being truly happy when you know you won't have to go out this weekend and you can get all the stuff you need to do done. theywouldentevenknow

I consider it a win when my laundry/sheets are done before dark on a Saturday. chuckdooley

I'll take the stairs... 

I was really enjoying the music being played on the elevator when I realized that it was the instrumental of my favorite song.

Elevator music. My generation's music is now freaking elevator music. PrncessConsuela

Drink Water...

Hangovers last two days now and I hate crowded bars. therealmeant

Day drinking, is so much better. Met up with some kids in their late 20s/early 30s to watch college football. At about 8pm I said I'm done, but they talked me into staying out later. It was a nightmare. Everything was loud, crowed and tremendously dramatic. I left before midnight and still had to call in sick on Monday. jedledbetter

When I had to explain to some young coworkers what a dial tone is. They never knew 'regular' phones. alwayseatingbiscuits


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