People Share The Creepiest Thing Their S.O. Muttered In Their Sleep


What did you say?!

The mind is a strange and fascinating part of the body. The psyche is even more of a wild mystery. Do you ever wonder what secrets and thoughts others hide? You know we all have our own quiet crazy we restrain so you can imagine what our lover's are holding back? It's in the witching hour when we are lost in slumber that sometimes the creepiest part of our brain is unleashed. And it's the person in bed next to you that has to worry about what happens next. Never mind Freddy, our SOs pose a greater threat to a restful sleep.

Redditor u/flyingbeetlekites wanted to hear some "odd" lover secrets during the nocturnal hours... Redditors with SOs who talk in their sleep, what is the creepiest thing they've said?

Let them Watch! 


I come in to go to bed, lay down and am about to turn the bedside lamp off. Cue him turning over, eyes still shut, obviously still asleep. "Don't turn the light off." I'm confused now, "Why?" "They need to see." Now I'm freaking the hell out wondering who is in our bedroom that I haven't noticed. "Who needs to see?" "The bugs." "Why do the bugs need to see?" "To read." This happened months ago and I still haven't let it go. BoldBupropion

Run Little Girl! 

So little me had a nightmare and went to my parents room to tell my mom and get a cuddle so I could go back to sleep. I knocked on the door and opens it very quietly so only my mom wakes and not my dad, since mom is a very light sleeper and dad a heavy one. I get in and at that moment dad jumps out of bed and shouts "I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU HERE AGAIN!" I fled up the stairs and cried and mom followed me and told me she didn't know what happened either. Dad says he doesn't remember it but I sure do. Summer-Breeze-Reddit

The Lady in the Corner.... 

A compilation: (All of these start with her shaking me awake) Her: "Shhhh. They're on the roof"

Me: "Who?"

Her: zzzzzzzz

Her: "Where is he going to sleep?"

Me: "Who?"

Her: "The man who's here" points

Me: "What??"

Her: zzzzzzzz

Her: "I see it over there by the stairs"

Me : silently pooping self

Her: zzzzzzzz

Her: "Do you see her?"

Me: sigh "Who?"

Her: "The lady in the corner"

Me: "There's nobody there"

Her: "Her eyes"

Me: "There's nobody there"

Her: "I hope she goes away" zzzzzzzz

Me: doesn't sleep

She never remembers saying this stuff. Froynboy

No TV for you! 

"Kill the writers" uhhhh

My brother once woke me up screaming a number in his sleep. None of us could understand the significance of this number until a rerun of Mythbusters came on.

It was the length of track from when they raced toy cars vs real cars. DoopSlayer

Sleep with one eye open.... 


I was told by my SO that I said, "Give her a lobotomy, right through the temple." sdrandolph

I hope your SO is not a neurosurgeon because I'm pretty sure through the temple is the scenic route to a lobotomy. hutdonuttuttut

A lover's touch.... 

My girlfriend will do this every so often, but this one time she was having a really bad nightmare and she just straight up screamed at the top of her lungs right into my face. I woke up with an adrenaline rush that is still my closest guess for what cocaine feels like.

I woke her up by stroking her hair and whispering to her that it would be ok, and she thanked me the next morning. helpthischairisold

Sleep with Mace... 

I talk in my sleep regularly. One instance comes to mind.

My SO said she was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. On her way back, I said "It's following you" and went back to sleep. xKracken

The Laugh of the Devil.... 

Initially he just mumbled something I couldn't understand. I turned around to face him and asked him what he had said. He responded in his sleep "don't worry about it" and then laughed in this villainous way that I've never heard him use while awake. It honestly creeped me out. Fiery_Embers

Sleep Fighting! 

My GF fell out with me while she was sleeping one night. She asked me to pass the "light up picture frame" and when I asked her what she was talking about she shouted "Fine! I'll get it myself" and actually started walking about the room looking for something. It's not really creepy but I don't get a chance to tell the story often. R9J4B

Are you dead People?


My wife doesn't talk in her sleep, but I did wake up once to her sitting up, leaning over me and staring at me Paranormal Activity style. It was terrifying, and she has no recollection of it. GeraldFord210

I woke up to my wife screaming the most horrifying blood-curdling scream I'd ever heard.

Something made her wake up and in the faint moonlight that was seeping in through a gap in the curtains stood a small figure less than a foot from her face. It was our son wanting a drink but he had decided to stand next to her head like a mannequin until noticed. poorbred


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