People Share The Creepiest Message They've Ever Received


Messages out of the blue can be weird, or downright creepy. From slalkers to absolutions, gangbangs and curses, people should be more careful about what they say - and to whom it's said.

AStutler4907 asked Redditors: What's the creepiest message you've received from someone?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

None of this makes sense.

My dad's ex kept sending me letters asking me to to let her exhume my paternal grandparents graves because she believed they cursed her.

She got an FB account and kept sending me long messages and once offered to let me sleep with her if I told her where their graves were. When I kept refusing she threatened to call the police on me for harassing her.

I just called an uncle of mine who was a police officer and told him everything. My Dad knew she was off-kilter and my uncle had me ignore her, block her, but keep the messages as evidence.

Stopped hearing from her after that.

She was put in prison a year later for a different crime.


How the f--- do you even start that conversation? "Hey Jimmy, I know your dad and I broke up... I hope you're doing well... how's school? Listen...I have a small favor to ask of you, I need to know where your grandparents are buried? Just - what's that? Oh, no no. I wasn't going to put flowers on their grave. No, I was actually wanting to dig up their corpses? Hmm? Oh, it's just that I'm certain they've cursed me and I want to do something to their bodies to rid myself of the curse... or something... anyway, all my love to you and your dad, ta ta!"


Measured response.

I was beating a guy in Black Ops 2 so he sent an Xbox Connect image of his a--hole.


This made me laugh so f*cking hard.


Sorry about that, was an accident.




Make me.

A random number send me a long sms in which he argue that I shouldn't be hooking up with truck drivers for cheap money while I can hook up with him and his rich friends for much more money. I replied that I am a guy and he probably has the wrong number, to which he replied that he knew who was I and gave me my university dorm address. I blocked him instantly but it creeped me so much then. It may be a prank but it didn't sound like one, and I was an international student there so I didn't really have friends who would prank me like this.


Look man it's not too late. Just stop screwing truck drivers. My friends and I are still willing to give you good money.


So, did you stop with the truck drivers or not?


What happened?

At about 11pm, a family friend texts me this: ( as accurately as I remember)

"Look, I thought I could do it. I can't. It's been six months since it happened and nobody even cares anymore. He's just a kid. I do not want to be any further involved, ask someone else."

About 30 seconds later,

"Oh, sorry, that was just a mistake. I meant to send that to my brother, we're just messing around."

I don't know man.


Dude that's the first text here that really freaked me out. Did you ever find out what it was about?


I only met the guy once afterwards, couldn't really find the chance to talk about it and he didn't even seem like it was on his mind at all. We had never previously ever talked via text, and never did afterwards either. He's my dad's friend, not mine really.


The emoji makes it.

Last year I was idly wasting away my afternoon when I got a message notification on Facebook. I opened it up and it was a 20 year old guy saying "Are you (my full legal name)?" No one really knows my full name, so I figured this kid knew me. I opened up his page and he lives halfway across the States from me, we have no mutual friends, and, as far as I can tell, we would have had no way to ever meet. I respond, "Yeah?" to which he responds "I am going to murder you. 🙂"

I am 27 years old and not terribly paranoid, but this shook me to my very core. As far as I know, I still have him blocked on Messenger.

I want to thank everyone for concern over my safety. At the advice of some commenters, I have turned over the conversation to Facebook through their reporting system. Also, I realize I didn't say in the story, but I am a male. I have moved twice since this incident and my location on Facebook is not accurate. I don't know who else to report it to, because the police here would laugh me out of the office if I reported this. I am very aware of my surroundings, but, as far as I can tell, this guy lives 1,500+ miles away from me.


Is it weird that the emoji creeped me out wayyyy more than what was actually said?!


Didn't know you could order stalkers off a menu.

It wasn't the message that was creepy it was the details.

I got a friend request and a message on FB from some dude with a car as his profile pic. The message was just something like, "Hey, remember me?" I didn't and had to be like who are you.

It turned out it was this dude from a Chinese restaurant near my house. He remembered my name from my debit card and searched me out.


It turned out it was this dude from a Chinese restaurant near my house. He remembered my name from my debit card and searched me out.

Hi it's your Uber driver from the other night, I want to tell you I have feelings for you.


Just get in my car and I'll give you a ride you'll never forget.



This happened when I was around 16 or 17. I was on a bus and in my school's sport uniform. Then I got a text from an unsaved number asking "are you not cold in those thin clothes?" (It was a chill morning)

So looked around inside the bus immediately and got another text: "stop looking you're not going to find me."


That's chilling---did you ever figure out who it was?


It was a guy who lived in the apartment building not far from my house. I still have no idea how he got my number but I didn't think he would do anything. He texted me and told me that himself after I moved out.


Life's gonna be hard on her.

When I was a sophomore in high school a girl in one of my classes told me she would kill herself if she couldn't be my girlfriend. I really had no idea what to make of this and didn't understand at the time that it was really all about her and not about me at all. Of course I pretended to be her boyfriend, but we never so much as made out. A couple of times we went on long walks after school and that was about the extent of our relationship.

It was a bizarre experience.


I could see this going: Her: Will you be my boyfriend? I'll just die if you won't be my boyfriend!

You: No LOL.


"I'll send flowers to your funeral."



About a year after graduating high school, I was playing hockey with my buddy when both of our phones beep. It was our former HS band teacher. We had his number from a cross country field trip the band went on. The message:

"Hey guys it's [former band teacher]. Group gang bang tonight. Let me know if you're in."


Sounds like someone got ahold of his phone and played a prank


Grab a drum and a seat.


Finally, he's gone.

I got a text from a wrong number and all it said was "he won't be bothering you anymore, I took care of it."


Sounds like a prank.


Most likely, but a good laugh all the same.


"Thank you sincerely. Let us never speak of this again."


Death solves all problems.

I received a recycled number and the previous owner had used it everywhere from his bank to shopping websites so I used to get a lot of spam. I even tried to explain to the bank when they called regarding the account. One day someone added me on Snapchat through my phone number and upon seeing my Snapchat story, a 35 year old woman replied to my story of watching Star wars by saying "I attended your funeral."


What a way to find out you died.


I actually got a recycled number from a brothel. That was fun for six months.


But was he cute?

I was running late for work one morning, a couple years ago, and got a phone call from a local number I didn't recognise. Asked who was calling and a deep, muffled voice said something like "it's Mike." I didn't know any Mikes and figured it was a wrong number, so I said as much, hung up and kept getting ready.

Then I heard my phone go off again. And again. And again. Checked my texts and I had a series of messages like "I'm at the hotel" "I'm opening the door to your room" "You're naked on the bed" etc. from the same number. I'd had enough by that point so I replied "If this is (friend who loved to pull pranks), f*ck you. And if this is a psychopath, can we do this later? I'm late for work. Thanks."

They replied "You're funny, bye" and that was the last I heard from them. Grilled all of my friends and I'm sure none of them were behind the messages.

ETA: I'm from Quebec, I knew one Mike (former friend's bf) but that's literally it. I know a whole lot of Alexandres and Gabriels though. I'm loving these replies :')


And if this is a psychopath, can we do this later?

Absolute gold.



"Hey you look like my sister and I'm into inbreeding."


I messaged back "that's good to hear cause my brother is also my father."

Nailed it. He didn't reply back.


And that's how it's done.


This is so sad. Alexa, play Sweet Home Alabama.


Yeah, creepy.

A man ten years older than me sent me a long message declaring his undying love for me, said he was going to leave his wife and kids for me how he couldn't stop thinking of me and he wanted to be with me forever and how he'd divorce her so we could be together...I was 18 and barely said a few words to him

Edit: Some context guys, I'm now 27 this happened 9 years ago and the age of consent in my country is 16 but it was still unnerving and frankly a bit scary.


Similar thing happened to me. I'd just turned 18, the guy was 36. My sister bought a car and gifted it to me, an ex drug runners car, but we didn't know that at the time. My sister dealt with the guy, but later on I needed a tool that he had. I messaged him on Facebook, and he was polite and friendly. A week after that one interaction, he confessed his love for me. Wrote me a sick track (he was a dj) and told me he'd leave his newborn son and girlfriend just to be with me.

My sister sold the car and I blocked him.


This happened to me. He got my details from a Starbucks purchase.


Grindr is the. Literal. Worst.

A guy was writing me on Grindr. I wasn't interested, so I said I wasn't interested. He keeps persisting that we should meet tonight. I was like w/e, stopped responding. Then he said he would take his car to come find me. When i refreshed the app I saw the distance drop from 3000m to 200m. He was like "I'm close now." Then I blocked him, turned off all lights in my apartment (I live on the 1st floor). Now I'm careful to have distance showing on dating apps... :/


That's exactly the kind of sh*t that prevents me from using Grindr.


With all the nice experiences I've had I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying it tho. Just don't keep talking to creeps.


What's the creepiest message you've ever received?

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