Have you ever experienced a "glitch in the Matrix"? You know, those instances where your whole world suddenly becomes unfamiliar, and the unexplainable occurs before returning to normal? It's beyond the blue pill and the red pill- this sh*t happens in real life too. Here are some of the craziest glitches.

u/C00LRTH4nU asked: What is the creepiest glitch you've experienced In real life?

Maybe it was a prank?

Was taking the train home one afternoon and an old man was sitting a row ahead of me. He turned around and asked for directions to the hospital, and I told him which stop to get off at. Eventually, his stop arrives and he gets up to leave, but before he exits he turned and said "thank you, I'll see you later." I said "yeah no problem," and again he said "I'll see you later" and he looked me right in the eye. I said "sure, see ya" and he got off the train and hobbled away with his cane. Thought it was a little weird he was adamant about seeing me around but whatever.

Freaky thing is, when I got off the train and to the bus station, about five minutes after boarding my bus I hear a voice that sounds like the old man. I looked out the bus window and sure enough, he was there at the bus station--same clothes, hat, and cane. I know it was the same guy, but with his walking speed and the available bus/train routes at the time I have zero clue how he got to the bus station right when I did. There are no buses near the hospital that go to that bus station, and my train was the only train that had just arrived at the bus station.


This is actually kinda sweet.

I had a dream about a coworker. She loved dogs and would always ask me to share pictures of my GSD and Labrador whenever we'd talk at work. In the dream she was on a couch crying. My Labrador is a very emotional connected dog. She goes to anyone she thinks is sad, which is exactly what she did in the dream. My coworker looked at me and said, "thank you for sharing her, I feel better about all of this now".

I found out at work the next day that my coworker had tripped at the top of her stairs and died that night. The dream still freaks me out when I think about it. It was so vivid and clear.


That's unsettling.

In 2010 I was working for a transportation company as a dispatcher and I walked out to go home one afternoon and my foot went through the paved parking lot. After I took another step I looked all over and it was all solid - it was a weird random thing but I'll never forget it.



While this may not seem creepy, I can tell you the experience most definitely was creepy.

This happened when I was 8 and working in the yard with my mom. My mother and I were doing the spring planting in the flower beds around the house. I went inside for a pee break and on my way to the bathroom I had to walk through the living room.

I entered the LR through the kitchen. Looked up and on the other side of the LR, I saw sitting on the couch none other than my sister. She was wearing her school uniform and was looking towards me, but not at me. Never said a word. Nothing really unusual, right?

What makes this a glitch? My sister was hundreds of miles away at boarding school. Not helping us plant flowers and certainly not sitting at the edge of the couch giving me a blank stare.

My little 8 year old self reversed course and locked himself in the half bath until he regained the courage to go back through the house and finish planting hostas.


I mean, it's a great movie.


Every time I just randomly think about the movie Groundhog Day I see it everywhere, people mention it to me, it's on the TV, radio, I can't escape it.


Reminds me of a weekend vacation my friends took, where we kept hearing the song House of the Rising Sun, to the point where we started to notice it.

The last night we were there, we were just watching TV in out hotel room when an episode of (I think) Supernatural came on where that song precedes bad things happening. We were all a bit stoned so it freaked us out.

We were freaked out again when we heard it on the drive home.


That's freaky.

When I was a little kid, like around 6-7, my family got a pet hamster/gerbil/whatever. I remember the first day we got him I played with him, went upstairs for bed, fell asleep, woke up, came back downstairs, and he was dead.

I was really sad that the pet we had just gotten was dead, and my parents informed me we had him for a year before he died. I literally have no recollection of that entire year. I just get a hamster, fall asleep, miss a year of my life, wake up, hamsters dead. It's trippy thinking about it now.



One night my dad was tucking me in when I was 8 years old. He said goodnight and I replied "goodbye." He asked me why I said by and we laughed it off, it was just an accident. The next morning my brother found him passed in the living room. He had a heart attack in the middle of the night at the age of 48.


Nice reflexes.

Had a bonfire at a family member's home. They put a sheet of metal on a concrete slab, then built the bonfire on top. No one thought about what happens when you make a hot spot in the middle of a frozen concrete slab. The concrete expands with no where to go, so it literally explodes.

I was the closest to the fire. When it exploded, I had enough time to check where the debris was going to see that I wasn't going to be hit. Look over at my mother and think, "I should move anyway so she doesn't freak out". So then I calmly stood up and backed away from the fire while laying down the chair I was sitting in (so it would fit between my legs while I stepped backwards).

At least that's what I thought. My cousin came up to me after and said he'd never seen anyone move as fast as I did.


That's really rough.

When my mom called to tell me that my grandpa died, I thought she said "papa died" and papa is the nickname for my dad. I was crying uncontrollably and when I finally figured out it was grandpa I was too embarrassed to admit that I thought it was my dad. I called him later and told him and he just laughed.

Anyway fast forward three weeks and my dad dies too. Part of me thinks mishearing her was the universe preparing me to lose him.

It was weird because it was like I lost him twice and I'm still kind of waiting for someone to tell me it was all a mistake and it was actually someone else.

Edit: I feel kind of bad because I've barely thought about Grandpa since my dad died. My grandma has it the worst because she lost a husband and a son in the same month.


Sleeping can be scary.

Sometimes when I dream, and I wake up, I "wake up". I know it's a dream. I just know it's a dream. But I can't "wake up". And the harder I try to wake up, or the more I realize I have to wake up, the scarier it gets, even though nothing really changes. It feels like a darkness enveloping you as you try and wake up from your fake room.

How do I know it's a fake room? Just some weird details. Like how my wall looks a little TOO white. Or the christmas tree's lights are on when they're supposed to be off (don't ask why I have one in my room and not the living room lol).

So then I go through like maybe 1-2 minutes of intense waking up, falling back asleep. Trying to open my eyes, but then falling back asleep right after. As I said, the rooms are similar but not too similar, so I can just about tell when I'm in the real world and when I'm dreaming.

Or perhaps both rooms are fake, and when I finally wake up, it's the real me in the real world. I dunno. Those are the scariest of dreams, even though they last for a few minutes tops because that's right before I'm about to wake up.


Listen to your dreams.


I was on holiday with family and had an intense dream about our home being broken into. When we got home the place was trashed just like I dreamt, my parents remember me telling them about the dream when I woke up too so I didn't imagine it.


Not a self-fulfilling prophecy.

My mom and I have had dreams MULTIPLE times about people dying or things happening and then they did. The most notable ones off the top of my head are when she told me she had a dream my former boss, who was also a family friend, died, and then he did 3 days later; and the time I had a dream that myself and two of my employees were driving somewhere together and the three of us got in a car crash. I texted them telling them to drive safely because I'd had that dream, and the next day the two of them were driving somewhere together and got in a car crash. It wasn't their fault either, so it's not like it was a self-fulfilling prophecy or anything.


Tragic but hopeful.

I don't know if I would even call this a glitch because I'm sure it can be explained by my brain just making this up, but I don't believe that that's what it was.

My childhood best friend died tragically and unexpectedly in the summer of 2018. When I say childhood best friend, this guy was more like my twin. We were 9 days apart and close literally since the day he was born. We grew up together, learned to walk together, were each other's first kiss at 4 years old, etc. We were close until the day he died, and he was very literally like my twin brother (we are both only children).

I believe in God and Heaven and in the concept of an afterlife, reincarnation, etc., and I've seen lots of signs from him since he passed, like me saying "give me a sign you're here" and a plane flew over my head (he was a pilot and that's how he died), and then me following it up by saying "that was just a coincidence" and ANOTHER plane flew over immediately. Another time, at Disneyland, we were in line for Thunder Mountain and a little bird was following us, hopping around the rafters. I made a comment like "it must be [friend]", at which point the bird landed on my head (I have witnesses for that one).

But the biggest thing was a dream I had. It was maybe two months after he died, and in the dream he and I and a bunch of other random people were at a party at my aunt's old house in Phoenix (me and the friend have never lived in Phoenix so idk why that's where we were in the dream). But in the dream, I knew he was dead, and I was crying and hugging him and saying "how are you here? How are you here?" And he just hugged me and said "it doesn't matter how I'm here, I can't tell you about it, but I'm here" and he was happy and healthy and okay. It's making me cry just typing it. Like I said, not exactly a glitch but everything that I've experienced when loved ones have died, especially everything with him, solidifies in my mind beyond a shadow of a doubt that this life isn't it.


A psychic movie.


This happened last year, during December I think? I was at school, watching a movie about the quantum immortality theory and stuff. I'm a big fan of PieMations, been following him ever since 2015. Let's go straight to the point

I wasn't really paying attention to the movie, so I just took out a few sheet of papers and started sketching. Mike (Piemations) has this one little character named pretzel. He's some kind of weird gryphon/bird? I don't know, it's pretty weird. I really like him so I said to myself "Hey, since I have nothing else to do, why not draw this old man a gift?" I started sketching. Came up with the idea of Pretzel holding a pepsi bottle, for the memes.

So, as soon as I finished sketching, I moved my chair back a little and took a look at my drawing. Then, I hear something coming out of the school's speakers; "A bag of pretzels and a bottle of pepsi, huh?" I was shook. My heart skipped a beat for a moment, I really lost notion of what happened at the moment I was so confused, so impressed, practically speechless.

School is now over and the thought of how coincidental life can be at times is still spinning in my head.

TLDR: Decided to draw during a movie, the movie "guessed" what I was drawing.


Talk about foreshadowing.

About 2 weeks before my best friend's grandmother passed away, her name (Which wasn't super common) and age had been in the death notices in the news paper. The day it came out, obviously everyone called concerned, but she was alive and well, needless to say, weeks later when she actually did pass away, everyone felt like it was some sort of weird warning.


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