People Share The Biggest Insults In Their Country -- And We're Scratching Our Heads


Is that really THAT big a deal?

Going to visit and galavant around a foreign country is one of the greatest experiences any human from anywhere in the world can do. It's a must to go abroad and experience the cultures of others. But before you book your ticket and go get a hideous passport photo that makes you look like the dead version of yourself, there a few things on the agenda to focus on. Like what are the biggest do's a do not's when visiting a new place? And figuring out what might be insulting to the natives. Even though we don't understand why. Better to know ahead of time.

Redditor u/JustWantYouToBeHappy wanted to discuss... What is the biggest insult in your country? Because when we know better, we do better!

Well Duh! 

German here, we really don't like being called Nazis. CallMeAdmiraI

I think that's more than understandable. KentuckyWallChicken

If it helps, when I think of Germans, great beer is the first thing to come to mind. Food too. And attractive women... Yeah, I don't really think of Nazis at all unless someone else mentions it. Motorboaturbutt

Aussies are grand! 

Australian, here. I don't think there are any. They're all terms of endearment now. Acoustag

Was there for a while. I thought 'bogan' would be an insult, but even the folks whom I'd consider 'bogan' would use it themselves. However, I made the mistake of shortening 'aborigine' to 'abo,' and my college mates very gravely told me that it was a racial slur. ImmortanJoe

But Stevie Nicks says it....

In Romania, i think it's being called a gypsy. OneError410

Legitimate question here: why is that word offensive?

I'm not Romanian and i only ever heard people call others gypsy usually in reference to their clothing or nomadic lifestyle. I'm American and fully aware that I'm ignorant on the topic but that's why I'm asking the question. optionalhero

Because actual gypsies are a serious problem in many European countries.

It's very controversial topic and not something you want to be associated with. warmcopies

We don't know those people... 

There's really no worse way to insult a Finn or Finns collectively than implying that there's not much of a difference between Finland and Russia (due to the geographical proximity, for example). Schilvagg

Or Finland and Sweden. It could also be considered as an insult in Finland if you do not offer a cup of coffee for whoever is visiting. void_of_causality


If I made my own country, it would be calling someone 'buddy.' zangor

Canada : "You wanna go, Bud?" Is a clear invitation to throw the gloves off. myairblaster

I'm not your 'bud' friend... Sir_Lemming

Can I call you Shirley?

I'm Scottish. You can call me Irish, but don't call me English. SilentSamamander

I love how every part of the UK hates the English. I'm Irish (NI) and I know Brits who hate the English too. VaultBoyNewReno

To be fair, most of England hates most other parts of England. Portarossa

Why would you ever in the first place?

Thailand, Don't touch people on their heads, it is the highest point of the body so therefore it's the most respectful part. Also never point your feet at a Buddha statue, it's considered very rude. Hylogenesis

My Partner is Thai, she also tells me off a lot for touching her with my feet. Not in any horrible way, just like putting my foot on her when we sit together, she tells me in Thai culture this is seen as very rude because feet are seen as very dirty. DankestDaddy69

Play nice boys... 

During a cricket match between India and Australia, an Aussie called an Indian player a "b**tard." The Indian called the Aussie "you monkey."

In India, "b**tard" is considered a very bad insult. Because you are not insulting the person; You are insulting his mother.

In Australia however, "b**tard" is often an endearing term, used even among friends. In India the term "monkey" is used all the time among friends. It just means somebody being mischievous. Well, the Australian player happened to be black. Now you know why the controversy happened. tinkrman

I'd rather starve... 

Malaysia. Don't ever tell us Singapore's food is better. They have the financial advantage, but their food is a shameless hellspawn of ours that should be put to sleep. ImmortanJoe

I couldn't FIND Malaysian food during my brief stay in KL. I was staying in a big business hotel attached to some malls. There was a Mexican place (awful), KFC, and some terrible noodle fast food place. Couldn't find where the Malaysian food was before I left. Lebagel

It's Steel Magnolias... 

Southerner here, if an older lady bumps into you or something and you say sorry, she must say "oh you're fine, honey!" Or something like that or it'll just seem strange and rude. I don't know if this is just a bama thing or what. PlasticJungles

This also applies at restaurants. "Darling," "sugar," I've heard "pumpkin," "dumpling" (that was Houston) my grandma uses "sweet cakes," but sarcastically (also Houston) are also acceptable. I'm a northerner with family in the south and I always find it endearing. SwashbucklingWeasels

I'm no Quisling! 

I guess I'd go with quisling, named after Vidkun Quisling, the prime minister of Norway during their occupation by Germany. Quisling collaborated and aided the Nazi occupiers.

It's not a very well known word, but once you learn of its origin you understand why it's such an insult to be called that. It's an aggressive and insulting way of calling you a traitor.

Even though the word originates in Norway it's used in all of Scandinavia. Huggison

Just don't name call... 

American. I feel like "commie" would have been some big American-specific insult. Now, I see a lot of "libtard" cropping up, but I feel like that's almost eye-roll worthy.

I don't know. It seems like we're so divided that what's a big insult to one group is almost a term of admiration to another. I mean, people latched onto "nasty woman" like they did to Yankee Doodle. pigeonqueen723

Oh eh?

As a Canadian who's travelled to many different countries, I hate when locals assume I'm American. lunatic_in_the_hall

I'm Canadian and I've travelled quite a bit, and to be fair most non-North Americans can't distinguish between our accents.

What grinds my gears is when locals in foreign countries are automatically rude to me, right out of the gate, because they assume I'm American. Even if I was American, individuals are not proxies for an entire nation, or for governments. whackthewheeze

Watch your mouth! 

While probably not as vitriolic as "c**t," calling a woman a "p**a" (wh**e) is the ultimate insult towards a woman in Brazil.

In some parts of northeastern Brazil, calling someone a "corno" (cuckold) may end very, very badly for you, including aggression - an insult that offends both you and your significant other, a double whammy, as our fellow Americans would say. In the rest of the country, it's a less severe insult, but still offensive. It's sometimes used as a term of endearment, but very rarely.

However, calling a black man or woman a "macaco" (ape, monkey) WILL get you in deep, deep poop, including jail, and possibly getting beat the crap up, depending on the bellicosity of the victim. An argentine football player (they were notorious for their use of racial slurs as an destabilization tactic) was arrested still inside of the field, mid-match, for calling a black Brazilian player a "macaco."

Racial injury is a crime in Brazil, and "macaco" is a huge taboo word. However, it seems to be the racial insult of choice in a few states. fellfromthesun

So you're not happy?

Middle eastern here. No offense: but telling someone they are gay, is pretty bad. Swanrepl

It's because you're high. ;) 

In the Netherlands we just laugh at the insults thrown at us. Kaaskop is nothing to us, being "gierig" (translation: money-hungry) is how we are one of the richest countries so y'all just jealous. Heikneuter is also really good but we came up with that ourselves. Cardboi

Get your translator... 

In Chile it's "conchetumare" short for "concha de tu madre". It means literally "c**t of your mother," some way to say son of a b**ch or something like that. Slabsquatch

Oh. I thought South Americans were always saying "concha tu madre," similar to "chinga tu madre" that you hear in Mexican Spanish. glorified_plumber


Know the people... 

I'm not Asian, but I know the only thing worse than using a racial slur to describe an East Asian person is to use the wrong racial slur (ex: use a Japanese racial slur to refer to a Korean).

Referring to a person from Pakistan as "Indian" or vice versa is also not a great idea. Tony_Friendly

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