People Share The Biggest Case Of Hypocrisy They've Ever Witnessed


We all know someone who struggles to practice what they preach.

People who tell you to eat healthy but still eat junk food, or say bad thing about someone but are nice to their faces.

Redditor u/TonytehGreat asked, "What's the biggest case of hypocrisy that you've seen or heard about?" and people shared stories about the most frustrating cases of hypocritical people they've had to deal with.

20. You don't have to invite people to talk to you

"When people tell you to be open to them and share what you're going through, but when you talk about your problems they turn around and call you attention-seeking."


19. Make up your mind, mom!

"My mom saying: 'I don't care about if your friends going or not'

Also my mom: 'Your friends are more orderly than you are'"


18. When they treat other people poorly

"My father always said I had to respect him because he was older, but he always was disrespecting my mother (she is older), my grandma, his boss and more. WTF DAD?!"


17. Famous people who forget their roots

"A little controversial but Taylor Swift's song 'You Need To Calm Down'. I don't disagree with her message, but SHE LITERALLY GREW HER CAREER THROUGH COUNTRY MUSIC and she is pushing back at those who built her whole career."


16. Can't have it both ways

"My dad: 'You gotta go to work' Also my dad: 'You don't have to worry about a job, your only responsibility should be schoolwork'"


15. Not so "woke" then

"There's this girl in my grade who tries to act 'woke' all the time. Always talking about why she doesn't eat meat and how it's bad for you. She eats chicken ramen noodles for lunch almost everyday..."


14. This roommate that's trying to get out of a bill


"Roommate doesn't want to split the cost of WiFi because he doesn't want to use it and it's giving him a headache. Yes, WiFi is giving him a headache. Yet he's in his room using his laptop to watch YouTube videos and other stuff."


13. Politicians can be the biggest hypocrites 

"Newt Gingrich impeaching President Clinton for having an affair while he himself was having an affair on his then wife with his current wife."


12. When you see your childhood bullies post stuff about kindness

"For me it has to be bullies preaching about mental health. In light of Caroline flacks death I have seen people who I have found to be mean spirited through personal experience post about 'being kind, you don't know what someone's going through', aswell as celebrities and tabloids who are known to publicly attack people. The height of hypocrisy."


11. Some bosses are impossible to please

"My boss wants me to get everything in writing, but gets angry when I communicate via texts and emails rather than phone calls. She only ever calls me, and gets mad when I don't have perfect recall of an average of 20 minutes of conversation. Reiterating that I should have gotten it in writing..."


10. Management tends to not think of their employees' safety

"Management insisted on meeting in person, making dozens of employees risk their life in a snowstorm, just to make the decision for herself and only her direct staff to conference call in."


9. Lady A needs to wake up

"I'm working in a gym. Female member tells me that a lady (Lady A) has lost her locker key after showering. The woman makes sure that the there's no other ladies in the locker room, Lady A is sufficiently covered up and stands guard outside while I go in with bolt cutters and cut Lady A's lock. She profusely thanks me for this.

Two weeks later, another member comes to front desk and tells of a similar situation, this time with Lady B. After taking similar precautions, I do the same for Lady B. All the while, Lady A is present remarking how inappropriate it is for a male to be in the ladies' locker room."


8. Who is HR really there for?

This happened when I was a bar supervisor in a theatre.

I was running late for work once day, so I gave my co-worker the code to the bar safe, so they could open up the business.

The theatre manager at the time, had me investigated by HR, for breaking procedure...

The very next day, he hands me the code to a totally different safe, for a totally different department, because he wouldn't be in that day.

To top it off, I pointed out the hypocrisy to HR and nothing happened; no investigation, no follow up about me, nothing. They whole situation was just swept under the rug.


7. When wealthy people don't want to share the wealth anymore


"Michael Jordan. When he was a player he fought to increase player pay. As a team owner, he now fights against increasing player pay.

Rich people bickering with other rich people about not being rich enough."


6. Who isn't glued to their screens?

"My step dad constantly rants about how you shouldn't be on your devices or watching tv while in bed but what is the first 3 things he does when he gets home? Get in bed, turn on the tv and browse Facebook."


5. Nosey parents make nosey kids

"My dad always yells at us for listening to his conversation (when it always has something to do with us) but then he will listen to ours."


4. Practice what you preach

"At a summer residency writing workshop, there was this middle aged woman who wrote Christian fiction. She was loud and self-righteous, constantly talking about how modern literature is full of sexual immorality and moral degradation. That didn't stop her from drinking every night and by the end of the conference, she'd tried to seduce a workshop leader who was married, and had sex with an MFA candidate who was 16 years younger than her. She justified it because she had been 'washed in the blood of Christ' and so her place in Heaven was assured no matter what she did."


3. When your favorite band sells out

"Rage against the machine tickets costing like 200 bucks"


2. That raise came a little too late

"I asked my boss for a raise of €5,000 2 years in a row and got declined. I only asked because I knew that is what I deserved compared to others in my field and years of experience.

Now in my 3rd year at the company I gave my notice last week - now he offered me almost €10,000 to stay. I declined."


1. Teachers who don't follow dress codes


"My high school vice principal was overly strict about girls following the dress code (shorts past the finger tips, no spaghetti straps etc.) but would wear stilettos, push up bras, short tight pencil skirts and plunging necklines on the daily."


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