People Share The Biggest Blunders They've Witnessed IRL


Everyone makes mistakes. Some are really dumb, like asking a car wash to Armor All your brand new seats, or failing to make sure there was no power running through copper wires before they get cut.

amco3008 asked Redditors: What's the biggest f*ck-up you have witnessed?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

This was a poor plan.

I used to live in a small town. The country club / golf club of that town was snooty and exclusive. On top of the building was a giant GIANT golf ball attached to the top of a metal pole. Maybe the size of a minivan.

One night, some guys stole the golf ball off the top of the country club, then drove it to the sea, put it on a boat, and left it on a tiny rock island about 200m off shore. Then they tried to ransom the golf ball back to the country club for a charity donation. I lived on the cliff over this beach so I woke up that day wondering why the f*ck there was a golf ball on the rock island and watched the rest of the drama from our balcony.

The country club refused to pay the "charity ransom" for their golf ball. So they got some guy to take his fishing boat out to the island, and tried to roll this MASSIVE golf ball on to the back of the boat. The boat was too small so they tied it to the boat, half on half off. On the way back, the golf ball filled with sea water and started to capsize the boat so they cut it loose and it sank.


"We're gonna need a bigger boat!"


500,000 reasons to verify requests for money online.

A public company I worked for got phished out of $500k. They apparently received a wire request via email thinking it was from one of our foreign subsidiaries, but it was actually a Chinese scammer. Someone didn't confirm the request, the CFO signed off on the wire, and we blew $500k.


Now that's a pretty big f*ck up.


I would love to have seen the scammers face. No way he actually thought it would work.


I love when this happens.

On a two-lane road (one way and the other way with the double lines) a person behind me got pissed at my speed and passed me up by going into the oncoming lane. What the person failed to realize was that I was going the speed limit because the sheriff was in front of me. This dude ends up passing both of us and the police lights come on instantly. I like to think that the sheriff just looked at him with a deadpan face then turned the lights on.


I imagine the cop let out one hardy "HUH!"


I dunno why but this made me laugh, thanks.



So one time this girl I used to work with was reaching up to a shelf to get some bottles to flip sauces with. Next to the rack of bottles there was a huge tub of baked beans, I'm talking huuugggeee. She somehow managed to make it tip over while attempting to get the sauce bottles, beans everywhere. All over her. All over the kitchen. All over everything.


Another day, another teen not paying attention to the road.

Probably not the biggest f*ckup but the one that comes to mind. Driving with my boyfriend when we see the car in front of us start to swerve back and forth a bit. See the driver clearly taking selfies of some sort and had time to comment on it before the car plows into a mailbox. Not a cheap one but a solidly planted thick wooden base one.

We pulled over and jumped out to make sure they were ok as they were going about 45 mph. Come up to the door and its some teenage guy taking in his bent hood and smashed windshield. Do the standard "are you ok? Do we need to call someone" only for him to reply "no, my parents should be close behind and they're going to kill me." Apparently they had just bought him his first car and they were on their way home from the dealer.


He was never seen again.


Well, I doubt they killed him before he posted those pics to Instagram, so technically...


Tiny lapse in memory, big f*ck up.

Back in 2012 I was a manager at a moving warehouse for an Air Force base, and was the only person in the warehouse who was certified on a forklift. Unfortunately, the second I was hired I had to tag the forklift out because there wasn't enough room to safely maneuver it due to the owner taking on far too many jobs and filling the warehouse well past its capacity. Unfortunately, the owner took the "DO NOT USE" sign on the forklift as more of a suggestion, and the lack of certification of the rest of the staff as a minor detail, and instructed one of the crew to take the key off of my keychain and use the forklift to move a set of crates onto a long-haul truck in the loading bay.

Now, one of the things they teach you when you're getting certified on heavy equipment is that you never drive around with the forks up unless you're actively loading or unloading -- you pick up, move enough to clear your forks, and bring them down to ground level as soon as possible, and only raise them up again when/if you're getting ready to stack the load onto something else.

The owner did not know this and, congratulating herself on her ingenuity, told the crew member to simply put the forks above the level of the stacked crates in order to be able to maneuver around. I arrived half an hour later to be greeted by a very sheepish crewman showing me a crate marked with "Fragile" and "contents valuable" tags that was half-off the forks, fifteen feet up, leaning against the upper part of a warehouse divider so precariously that any attempt to move the forklift would send it tumbling to the ground.

This was not the big f*ck-up.

I asked the crew to use a pallet-jack to bring me a set of empty shipping crates, cleared the area, and arranged the crates under the forks as a way to hopefully reduce the impact. Then I started up the forklift, dropped the forks, and attempted to guide the crate down as gently as I could -- only to discover that the "empty" crates I had been brought were actually full of a different family's belongings, with no way to tell what was what after both crates cracked and their contents spilled out across the floor.

This was also not the big f*ck-up.

After all of this was over, and I had thoroughly dressed down everyone involved, I again turned off and tagged out the forklift, cleaned up the area, and went to the office to call the families whose belongings had been intermingled and apologize for the mishap. As soon as the second call had been made, I heard the forklift turning on.

Stupid me, I tagged it out but didn't take the key out of the ignition.

Ready to rain down hellfire, I ran back into the warehouse and discovered the owner attempting to drive the forklift back to its bay... with the forks up as high as they would go. I tried shouting at her to put the damned forks down, but she couldn't understand what I was saying and tried to mouth something to the effect of "I'm just putting it back" when she collided with the same damned divider. Bricks tumbled, the forklift tilted, and I narrowly avoided getting concussed by a crate as it fell over. Panicking, the owner put the forklift in reverse and promptly crashed into the loading door, jamming it shut and crippling the only loading dock that wasn't blocked by stored shipping crates or airmens' belongings.

Combined with the discovery of a crew being sent out on a night pickup with a truck that didn't have working lights (which happened the same day), this was enough to send me over the edge. I called the Air Force logistics division and then called OSHA, and had the warehouse shut down. I later heard that the structural damage was bad enough that some of the warehouse had to be demolished and that the owner was forced to sell both the business and the building.

tl;dr: my boss ignores my "do not use sign", proceeds to destroy clients' belongings, ignores the sign again and destroys her loading dock, then does something incredibly unsafe and I call authorities and have her shut down.


The customer is not always right.

I worked at a car wash. We had add-on services people could get. One was Armor-All. $5 per region. A guy came in and ordered a full interior and exterior Armor-All on his brand new truck. He had King's Ranch seats, so our salesmen didn't add that charge, as we generally didn't Armor-All them. King's Ranch is a type of suede that's generally a really pretty tan color and super soft. It costs about $3500 for them. Armor-All is essentially a grease that makes leather and vinyl shiny.

When he got back to his finished car, he pitched a fit because we didn't Armor-All his seats. We explained that he didn't pay for that charge, and we wouldn't, in good-conscience, do it. So he threw a huge fit, screaming and cursing and insisting to talk to the manager. We all tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't budge. My boss was a dick, so finally he said, "F*ck it. Do it. In fact, do it for free." So we did. I felt like I was committing a mortal sin rubbing greasy solution all over these beautiful suede seats, but the customer is always right, eh?

The guy walked back to his truck after it was finished with a smug look of satisfaction, until he looked at his seats and his entire face dropped and turned ghostly white. I said "Anything else I can do for you?" In shock, he said, " do I fix this?" I told him, "Get it Armor-Alled a few more times to even out the color, but it'll never be the same again. Sorry. This is why we tried to talk you out of it." Sweating and shaking, he just said, "Uh, thanks." and drove off.


If you ever have a service provider actively NOT trying to make more money off of you, you should probably listen to them.


Never hurts to double check for safety.

I'm a retired electrician. In my life, I've seen some bad things happen.

One time, in 1982, myself and another electrician were up in a articulating lift, probably elevated 40 feet up.

We had shut the power off to what it was we were working on the night before, and needed to splice into the existing 3 phase / 480 volt circuit.

I had the wire loppers ( cutters ) and said to my partner " before we cut into these lines, I'd like to go check that power source for dead...

He said "listen, we shut it off last night, what more do you need to check ?"

I handed him the loppers and said " Then YOU cut them... " I turned the other way ..He did, and BOOOOM !

He was (luckily) wearing safety glasses and it shot out plasma, fire and molten copper all over him. The breaker feeding this circuit tripped luckily too, otherwise there would have been a fatality...maybe even two....


My dad was a live wires man. (I think thats what they are called. The people that get to play with live power lines.) And he was setting up a generater for a small town of a few hundred. He not being the brightest spark ended up using a wrench to tighten one of the points and it hit the other one. It melted a solid wrench. Luckily he wasn't part of the circuit so he was mostly ok.


A lesson on what not to do when kicked out of a bar..

At a bar in a beach town over the summer. A drunk twenty something gets kicked out by the bouncers. This bar can get rowdy and it's right across from the police station, so there's usually a cop around.

Now, I've been kicked out of this bar before after I got too drunk after a breakup. There's no ramifications, just come back when you're sober on another night and you're good.

This guy wasn't having it. The police tried talking him down saying "look, you're not in trouble but you need to leave. Sleep it off it's almost closing time."

The guy then tried to sucker punch the police officer in the face.

He went from sleeping it off at home to getting a criminal record for being an idiot.


Misdemeanor being an idiot is the charge that keeps jails full on week-ends.


These noobs.

Walked into a liquor store at 10 P.M. to get some Concord Grape wine. No employees and the store smelled like weed. Turns out 3 employees were in the beer fridge, smoking.

I'm assuming some theft went on while they did this since I saw people walk out with bottles right before walking in. I was about to leave when another customer walked in.. turned out It was some higher up from the company(Chief operating officer) who lived nearby and liked to check stores at random.

He apologized to me, sold me my bottle of wine then told me he had calls to make and to have a good evening.

Pretty sure they all got fired. On top of losing the ability to work with any liquor ever again.

F*cking morons not taking turns getting high.


F*cking morons not taking turns getting high.

This made my sides hurt


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