People Share Their Best Side Hustles To Make Some Extra Money
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Unfortunately, money is a necessary evil in the society in which we currently occupy. A person cannot expect to function without much money. Also unfortunately, sometimes our primary jobs are not enough to make a buck off of. We need to take up a little extra work to make ends meet. But are you stumped in that search?

Here are some ideas.

u/NickNanu asked:

(SERIOUS) What is a way you guys made some extra money?

Here were some of those answers.

There Were Roses

If you like gardening my mom would plant roses in the fall/or winter in her greenhouse. When its near valentines day or spring she would sell them for $25 each. She sold most of them in 1 day and earned around 1k.


Just A Small Favor

Depends on where you live. I live in a small rural neighborhood with about 15 homes. We don't have garbage service. I would pay (and many of my neighbors would also) to have someone come once a week or so and take our garbage to the dump for us. So if you have a truck, I would say trash/debris/large item hauling.


Kitty Care

I pay large amounts of money for overnight cat sitting (I've got a cat with asthma, so they do have to give him an inhaler, but it's really easy). Depending on the country I'm living in, I've paid $25-50/night plus booze, food and comfy accommodations. My suggestion, if anyone's looking for this, is to go post on FB or other sites military/expats use.


Guinea Pigs

I made $3400 from a medical trial. It was great money but I had to stay in a medical facility for 19 days. The windows didn't open and we were on a special bland diet. Leaving that building and getting out in the fresh air, then sitting in the park across the road and eating a burrito was honestly one of the best feelings of my life.


Labor Nobody Wants To Do

Painting. No seriously. Talk to realtors, ask for referrals to houses they have sold. Only do repaints (that's the same color as is on the walls now) no trim, no doors, no ceilings until you get better at it. Buy Behr paint at HD, as its not bad paint. Start by charging $20/hr cash. Once you get decent at it, you can charge around $2.00/sq ft if floor (1500sq ft house =$3000, including paint) once you get really good you can charge upwards of $4/sq ft. As a single painter, I can do a 2 bedroom condo 1200sqft in 3 days easy. That's $2400 - $400 in paint. $2000 in 3 days. I work about 15 days a month i take home $10K. If they want a receipt I charge $2.50/software. I turn business away if the place is in horrible shape. My phone rings all day


A List Of Ideas

Recording/mixing/running sound for local musicians. Buying old beat up furniture and restoring it. The old furniture thing is extra good because it starts to become a hobby which means instead of going out doing things that cost money, I'm staying in my workshop doing something that makes money.


Literally My Own Blood

Donating plasma. Its clean and easy and you can make about 70 a week with 2 donations. If they have a promotion, you can sometimes make 600 if you donate 8 times in 30 days. You gotta space it out though because you can only donate 2 times in a 7 day period.

Also, day labor places also have data entry and the like that you can do.

Selling things on Craigslist.

Hope you get through your rough patch friend. Most of us have been there and are rooting for you.


Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Etsy

I make stuff and sell it. I mostly do chainmaille, a simple byzantine bracelet takes me between 10-20 minutes. Material cost is about $1.20 if I use premade rings from online, about $0.45 if I make my own rings. I sell them for around $25 each.


One Man's Trash

I drive around and pick stuff out of the trash in nice neighborhoods, put it on Facebook marketplace and sell said product within the day. People laugh at me until I tell them how much I have made in the few months I've done this, and it only take a couple hours out of my day.



Sign up deals/free spins on online casino sites. If you're disciplined - never use any of your real money, only sign up to sites that are by a brand you've heard of, and withdraw as soon as you make a return - then you can make a decent amount (I got £40 this week).

(This is not a good idea if you lack self control though, the whole point of these offers is to let you win a bit, enjoy the dopamine hit, crave more, and end up depositing and wagering your own actual money. You have to stay vigilant about it to not lose out.)


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