There's nothing more exhilarating than getting a good deal. Maybe it's from a sale or from some lesser-known means of acquisition, but tracking down a life-changing item on the cheap is best described as "cheating the system." You've found something so revolutionary, so wonderful, and cheaply, that it can't be true, right? Right?

Reddit user, u/sonkipitekusz, wanted to know what to keep an eye out for next time they went shopping when they asked:

What life changing item can you buy for less than $20?

Seriously. Got Lower Back Problems? Get One.

Foam. Roller.

Knead out my lower back, you beneficent cylinder.


How Is This Not Common Practice?

Rechargeable batteries and a battery recharger will do wonders especially in a household where there are batteries being used left right and center.


Get Innovative With Your Space

2 expandable curtain rods, 1 battery operated light, and a laundry hamper.

My husband and I have a house with 2 bedrooms. Both have sort of half closets. It was a nightmare to try and fit our things on the traditional rod and we considered just getting a second.

Then my husband did width/depth measurements and had a crazy idea.

We divided the expandable rods into their 2 component parts, and made 4 small rods. We put 2 depthwise on the top of the closet, and 1 depth wise on the right of the closet. Now our fancy clothes are all on the left, he has the top right bar and I have the bottom right bar. We have the last one in case we decide we want/need more room. Meanwhile our 2 hampers fit underneath the fancy dress bar and we have a fancy 'step on' closet that meets 100% of our needs and thensome.


Write It Down To Remember It Now

A day planner. Or weekly. Something you check everyday to keep todo lists and events in. You'll be surprised at how productive you'll be if you keep track of things and check it frequently.


But Seriously, Don't Ever Look Down Your Shower Drain

A tubshroom drain protector if you have a tub drain and long hair!! I haven't have a clogged drain since!! That thing is amazing!


Want To Know Why Your Laptop Is Always Warm?

As a laptop gamer, my cpu is bottlenecked asf and thermal throttles all the f-cking time, so I bought a laptop cooler for about 15-20 bucks and it honestly changed everything


I'd also recommend looking into re-pasting. I gained 20⁰c from putting tgermal grizzly kryonaught in mine.


We've All Had This Problem In Bed Before

10' USB cord for your phone. Being able to be fully charge while lying in bed is awesome. Also great for car rides so you can plug in anywhere and awesome for hotel rooms which never seem to have a good plug nearby.


No One Likes Sweaty Carpets

I got a yoga mat for $10 at Marshall's. I don't pull it out all the time, but it does make a BIG difference to home workouts (yoga or not).


For The Ladies:

For a woman, a menstrual cup. You save literally hundreds and thousands of dollars over your lifetime, not to mention you have to change it less than pads or tampons, and there is no risk of TSS. They can be insanely affordable. I bought mine on Amazon for $12.95. It is life changing. AMA about it 😁


Live Near Snow? Water?

A window breaker / seat belt cutter for your car. You never know if you go into water or flip your car where you need go immediately exit your car.


You Can't Afford To Not Have Uncomfortable Shoes

Dr.Scholl's Ultra Work insoles. They are by far the best I've ever had, only about $9 and have lasted longer than the last two pairs of shoes I had them in.


The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Rapid egg cooker. If I don't eat breakfast, I have trouble sleeping at night. I read somewhere that your internal clock will start your metabolism when you first eat. I don't know how true it is. But, if I eat within the first 2 hours of my morning, I'll fall asleep easier. So I stick with it.

I don't really like breakfast stuff, but I will make myself breakfast bowls a lot. I can start my egg cooker, put my tater tots in the air fryer and microwave some vegetables, all in the time it takes me to put on my make up and fluff my hair. Put it in my tin and hit the road. I get to work a bit early, eat my breakfast and get to work in my exciting job at a cubicle. Lol.


For More Than Just Nails

Not really life changing but definitely helpful, a nail manicure set with at least nail scissors and tweezers along with nail clippers. Tweezers can be used to pull out splinters and nail scissors can be used to cut more than nails, same goes for nail clippers. I got one at dollar tree and I added a band aid and a straight pin to it because I get splinters all of the time. It has come in handy way too many times to count and I got another set to put in my dad's truck he takes to work because he works at a saw mill.


You Can't Time Out How Important This Purchase Is

A Casio F-92W. A real one, not a fake. $13-14 dollars for an amazing watch that'll last for years. Its so cheap, that when you run out of battery, you can just buy a new one! There are also plenty of mods you can do to one.


Better Have It And Not Need It

A plunger

Always buy a plunger before you need a plunger


Stop Buying Those Disposable Razors, Guys

a razor. People underestimate what a difference a clean shave does


I had a beard for over 2 years and once I started wearing a mask everywhere back in April I got sick of my beard being wet and mushy from my own breath. Mushy mask beard is freaking gross


Use Less

A reusable water bottle. Could save a whole bunch of lives in the ocean


This! And it doesn't even have to be an expensive one like a Yeti. I bought a half gallon jug from Walmart for like $20 and it can keep ice in it for like 2 days sometimes without it melting. Haven't drank from a plastic water bottle in like a year.


Here's A Few, Rapid Fire:

Essential oils for bathing: Eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and camphor transform any shower/bath into a hotel spa-quality experience. Guests notice

Garlic butter: minced garlic, butter, freshly grated parmesan, parsley. Incredibly simple but brings mediocre dishes from zero to 100 and makes you look fancy AF when cooking for guests. Steaks, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, pasta/scampi, seafood, vegetables, etc.

Earplugs: life with quality sleep >>> life with poor sleep quality

Flonase: don't waste your time with oral antihistamines. Intranasal steroids beat the living hell out of allergens during allergy season. No comparison

Bottle of Ambien: life changing in all the wrong ways


Or, You Know, Help Other People Out

A micro loan to impoverished folks in developing nations. You can do a lot to improve someone's life with $20.


Is this real?? I saw it in a Simpson episode years ago but never heard anything else about it. Is there proof the money goes where its supposed to?


Yeah, there are different orgs, but the biggest most reputable one I'm aware of is Kiva. Check them out. It's pretty easy to chip in $20, and when your loan is repaid, you can just loan it out to another person in need.


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