Being forgetful can be really embarrassing. It always seems to happen at the most inopportune moments...

simplypoja asked: When is the absolutely worst time to hear someone say "I forgot?"

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Definitely not good.

Did you bring your passport? Happened to my sister once at the airport, not a good time.


1980. A lad on holiday in France lost his passport.

He rented a moped to go to the British embassy, don't know where that was but must have been some distance.

The advice he got was just to tell the passport controller.

I was behind him. He did. The man said, And you are English?" "Yes" "off you go then"

Different time.


Same day every year...

On your wedding anniversary, when you come home and discover that your spouse has cooked your favorite dinner, and you have no idea why.

There's a present waiting for you on the table. And you look them in the eye, and say, "Sorry - I forgot …"


it was my official birthday.


Wife and I got married the day after her birthday. I always joked that I'd only be in trouble once a year if I ever forgot the dates. This year I forgot.


The windows are cracked, it's fine.

"Did you take the baby out of the car?"

As literally the most absent minded person I know, this scenario scares the living sh*t out of me.


I had a couple of friends that couldn't understand how someone could possibly forget about their kids in the car - until I showed them that haunting Washington Post story.


I once forgot my 6 month old son in the car while running errands. I spent the morning running them without him (while he was with my wife) and then ran an errand in the afternoon with him in my care. I will never forget the moment I realized someone was missing. I ran to the car as fast as I could. Fortunately, despite the heat, he was still alive.

I had nightmares for weeks about that day and still have them 3 years later. It's easy to say it won't happen to you, until it does.


They sell carseats that beep at you when the car turns off if the latch is buckled. Good investment.


They really do ask. Enjoy the gas.

"Doctor, which leg are we amputating today?"

"Umm...I forgot..."


Whelp...third time's the charm.


That is pretty common. When i had my knee surgery the nurse gave a funal check "we are operating on your left knee correct?"


Then she drew an arrow on my thigh pointing down to my knee. And said "surgeons are pretty thick"


I believe this is also done to check if they got the correct patient. I had the same procedure done on both ears and they asked on witch side it had to be done. Along with alot of other questions.


The trick is not to ask in the first place.

"Uh, say my name, baby..."

"I forgot."


"Your name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And You will have your vengeance, in this life or the next."






"The doctor left a sponge in me."

When the surgeons are stitching someone up after surgery and realized that they left an instrument inside them.


There is mayonnaise in my bloodstream as we speak.


Happened in my country, they didn't realize it until the patient had unexplained fever due to some mysterious infection days later.


Nuclear war would be brief and total.

"What's the code to cancel the nuclear order?"


Actually, as far as I know, there is no "f*ck, go back."

Once those keys are turned and the button is pressed, the flight plan and autopilot information is loaded into the missile's computer and the doors are opened. Any connections to the controls are severed and the missile is completely autonomous.

Then the world ends. The only defense at this point is to destroy the warhead, which... I know things are being worked on, but I doubt we have any systems that scale to nuclear war. The most likely scenario is that everyone even remotely near anything significant dies instantly. They'll be the lucky ones.


Anti Air systems exist that are actually able to take out some warheads, but there's nothing to deal with the overwhelming number of them that exist in the world's biggest stockpiles.



Half way through a tandem parachute jump, after the primary chute has failed.

"Did you pack the reserve?"


Make sure you land head first in that scenario, I don't imagine you want to accidentally survive a plane jump.


Oh well.

"The rings, please."


I was at a wedding where this legit happened. The minister said "do you have the rings?" and the couple looked over to the best man (who is a very absent minded friend of mine). He checked his pockets for the bride's ring and then shrugged and gave them this cheesy I dunno face. Then the bride, breaking into tears yelled "YOU FORGOT THE RING?" Ohhh man it was so awkward to be in the crowd right then.

Fortunately, the minister was level headed in the moment. He made a quick speech about the ring only being a symbol, and took off his own ring and gave it to the groom to put on the bride's finger as a place-holder.

And yes, they found her ring after the ceremony and no, she didn't end up accidentally married to the minister.


That minister is a serious class act.


A what?

"Did you put the condom on?"


I forgot.


Absolute worst!


"You said you had protection!"

"I was wearing my Armor!"



"Did you tell the engineers we are making the phones thinner so they can compensate on the battery design?"

Proceeds to have many, many, explosive Galaxy Notes.


What kind of a mother are you?

"Where's Kevin?"




So much for planning.

"Did you get the visa's?" "No, did you? I forgot" "No, I forgot all about it". Happened to me and my dad while we were already boarding the plane haha.


What happened after that?


Departing from Schiphol, which is quite a big airport. Pushback was in 10 and they were not delaying the flight for us, obviously. Had two options; run back 15 minutes each way to the counter at the beginning of the airport and miss our flight, or wait 10 mins and maybe, I emphasise maybe, some airport crew member was on time with the visa's for us to catch the flight. Most anxious 10 minutes of my life. Made the flight tho, with about 30 seconds before they sealed the doors :)


Haha, thatz a good ending. But wait, you forgot the Visa's at the check in counter?. Lol


It's not like this is challenging or anything.

After they agreed to feed your pet when you are out of town. Friendship ending words in that scenario.


They had one job.

This was posted on Reddit not to long ago. Paraglider instructor forgot to attach the passenger before take off.


Almost 3 minutes dead hang is not too bad, although the guy had good motivation.

I would have tried climbing on the other guy somehow.


What is your worst "I forgot" story?

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