People Share Their Funniest 'Oh, That's How That Works' Stories

After all this time.... well I feel stupid.

People Share Their Funniest 'Oh, That's How That Works' Stories
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Isn't it always the small things?

We study and prepare for every difficult aspect of life but how are we stumped and then one-upped by such simple things?

Sometimes we just have to be patient, calm.... and READ THE DIRECTIONS!

Redditor LaCreamy wanted everyone to share all the times we realized we were behind in figuring out the basics by asking...

What was your biggest "aaaahhh that's how that works" moment?

"by the ears."


"When my brother and I were really little we had an old family friend who would pick us up 'by the ears.'"

"He would grab each ear but then would also have us grab onto his forearms. It took me until I was much older to realize that he wasn't actually picking us up by our ears, but instead used his forearms to lift us up. Still a great trick to use with little kids!"



"I bought a car and was worried for months that my oil level never lowered, after 6 months I called my friend who sold me the car to ask about this, he explained that's that how it supposed to work, then when I realized every single car I owned and my dad owned my whole life leaked oil."


Lights Off.

"For a while, my christmas lights would randomly turn off. I couldn't figure out what it was. Was it the wireless switch? Was it some fault in the electricity? It would seemingly be random, and I couldn't figure out what it was. Then one day I was coming home from work and my neighbors got home at the same time. As they were locking their car doors, my lights turned off. I realized, "Ah, that's how that works."



"I bought some of those expensive windshield wipers that repel water and I they sucked. It would smear the rain and the damn blade kept sliding off. I'd have to get off to fix put it back on. This went on for a 4-5 months. One day I went to slide the blade back on that I realized it wasn't the blade, but the blade cover that I kept putting back."


"How long have you had this thing?"


"Got a laptop for a job managing a cafe. Worked fine but it was inconvenient to use behind the counter and in the kitchen. After watching me struggle to use it standing up, the owner took it from me, rotated the screen and flipped it closed. It was a combo laptop/tablet and I had no idea. "How long have you had this thing?" Two months."


Kitchen Tools...

"I have an air fryer. It's a pretty handy kitchen tool. The food goes in a basket which is attached to what's basically a metal bowl. So the grease and crumbs and whatever fall out of the basket and into the bowl."

"My only real complaint was it was hard to get the food out without a mess. You try and dump the basket onto a plate and the oil in the bowl still kind of runs out in a puddle. You can keep it away from the food if you're paying attention and like wipe it up but it's an annoyance."

"Then one day I mentioned it to my wife while making some fries. She just looked at me and said "Why don't you take them apart?" and took the handle and pressed the button to separate the basket and bowl, dumped the fries out mess free, and reconnects it back to the bowl."

"Now you might be thinking I'm an idiot for not knowing about that button. It's actually WORSE. I knew that button was there, I just used it to separate the pieces for cleaning and it somehow never occurred to me to take them apart during use despite the fact it's just one simple button that can be used with one hand."


29 is Hard! 

"I just realized, this past spring at a party, that I've been using corkscrews on wine bottles all wrong. Turns out it is NOT correct form to screw it in by turning the bottle, then depressing the handles."

"I was publicly mocked."

"I deserved it. (I'm 29.)"


The Jiggilies.... 

"My "aha" moment was learning why the little metal bits on the end of tape measures are always loose and jiggly. It's so that it can slide to compensate for the thickness of the metal stop depending which side of the edge you measure on. Genius bit of engineering that most people don't even realize is helping them out all the time.


Know the Limit. 

Never knew why some yellow lights seemed to change so fast and others felt like they took forever. I thought it was just a flat amount of time for everywhere. Then Reddit told me that yellow lights stayed yellow for the speed limit divided by ten, in seconds. So 25 mph speed limit means the light will stay yellow for 2.5 seconds, and 45 mph means it will stay yellow for 4.5 seconds. It all makes sense now."


I discovered.....


"I discovered, by accident, that when I push the car door "unlock" button 3 times, it makes all the windows go down."

"It's a very handy feature in warm weather."



"Turn signals. I couldn't understand how the car seemed to know where my dad was going to be turning so I started to watch closely when we were getting in the car to see when he told the car where we were going so the car would know what turns to signal. I was freaking amazed that it was this tiny little gesture he was making before every turn!"


She was floored...

"When we were like, 28 I had a friend that would drive her outgoing mail to the post office every time she had to mail a bill. She had been doing this forever. One day I asked her why she doesn’t mail them from her house. She looked puzzled and said, 'because if I put them in the mailbox the mailman isn’t going to just take them.' I was like 'Why not?' She proceeded to tell me mailboxes didn’t work that way. I told her they do if you put the flag up. She was floored. I asked 'What did you spend the last 28 years thinking the flag was for?' She said 'decoration?'"


Read Ed

"I grew up in a time and place without any real sex education."

"I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I thought it was a myth that women had multiple holes to pee with and have sex with."

"First time I had a tampon in while peeing, I thought exact the phrase in this question."


Thumb Action

tv land snap GIF by Lopez on TV LandGiphy

"When I learned the snap sound from snapping your finger comes from the finger hitting your palm fast, not from the finger snapping from your thumb. This also helps tremendously for when you teach people how to snap."



"Open road tolling happens because a car breaks a magnetic field and at that very time a camera takes a picture. I have met the guy knighted for making this happen at highway speeds."


"The Dartford crossing works like this now. You have to pay online within 24 hours or you get a fine. Easiest way is to just register a payment card and it will charge you automatically each time you drive through. I assume the London congestion charge works similarly but I stay away from that."


foul moods...

"My (now wife, then girlfriend) sometimes gets into a really foul mood, and I always thought I was doing something to piss her off. One day, her uncle was visiting when she got like this. He calmly told her to go get a snack.Turns out my wife gets really hangry, and has done so ever since she was a little girl. Everything suddenly made sense!"


Mind Blown

Eric Wareheim Mind Blown GIF by Tim and EricGiphy

"The alphabetize icon in excel. I had a professor in college demonstrate this feature in a huge lecture hall while going over APA citations for a paper. Half the class when, 'ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh' and had their minds blown."


Best Place on Earth

"Almost all of the IKEA products."


"A couple of weeks ago I put together a pair of Ikea chests of drawers for my mum. It was a pretty painless experience, all the parts fitted very well and the fastenings all fitted precisely."

"Today she presented me with some knock-off Ikea shoe storage thing from EasyLife. What a f**king contrast. All of the fastenings worked on the same principle as the Ikea ones, but the engineering was just shocking. Nothing fitted exactly as it ought to, and the whole thing just looks awful. I love Ikea."


They must have covered some of these topics on the days we were out sick from school!

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