People Share Their Most Cringeworthy 'I'm Surrounded By Idiots' Moment

We all have our dumb moments. Whether that be locking yourself out of the house while taking out the trash, to forgetting how basic math works, to tripping on your own shoelaces. It happens to everyone. But some cases are more hopeless than others.

Redditor _king_axel asked: What was your "I'm surrounded by idiots" moment?

So much for constructive criticism.

My office used to have a suggestion box. Despite the fact that anonymous suggestions weren't allowed, the box was always being filled.

They got rid of the box because they were getting too many suggestions.


Someone clearly missed an important class in preschool.


When I was in high school and someone asked me how you get green paint I said you mix blue and yellow and it makes green. Literally everyone argued with me, yelling, and called me stupid. I immediately lost all faith in humanity.

They were convinced that yellow+green=blue and when I asked how you get the green if you don't mix yellow and blue first, green isn't one of the primary colors, they never gave me an answer. I eventually told them to prove it to me by mixing the paint. So one of the guys tried, and he mixed my already mixed up green with some yellow to make yellow-green. And then when I said "See, it doesn't work." He said "Well you just have to mix it a really long time, like a really long time, just keep doing it."

At that point I just said f--- it and let them be idiots.


The correct answer is all of them.

Couple of young girls at the staff canteen said to the lady serving sausage links, "So what animal is used for sausages? Is there an animal called a Sausage?'

Serving lady: "I don't know."

I didn't know who I hated or felt sorry for the most.


What does that even mean?

I had a friend in college who kept getting on her roommate for leaving the door unlocked. The roommate said, "There's no point. It just keeps honest people honest." Nothing could get her to change her mind.


Technology seems to bring out the stupid in people.


I had a teacher with a dual monitor set-up in class. One was hooked up to our class projector, but he wanted to switch those screens around so the other was hooked up to the projector.

A classmate stands up, walks over, says "Okay, so lift them over eachother and swap places." And that's what he did. He didn't think about also switching cables because he thought swapping their places would suffice.

I damn near died laughing.


That could've ended badly.

I got hired on as an ambulance dispatcher for a company. Now I'm not an expert in medicine or anything, but I had some prior experience in related fields, so I felt pretty confident going into the job.

It was a newer "department" that was created specifically to handle the expansion of an already well-established company. What I found out this meant, was that the entire department was hired either just before, or at the same time as me, which I was cool with, because I figured that everybody would have come from similar backgrounds. Nope.

I found out that, for the most part, the people they hired were hired for their customer service experience. The management decided it would be easier to teach medical knowledge to those with good customer service skills, than it would be to hire people with medical knowledge and teach them good customer service. Unfortunately, while that sounds good on paper, what it meant was that 90% of the department knew NOTHING. They would f--- up diagnoses, leave out important equipment required for transport, and consistently dispatch units that couldn't actually handle patients needs.

It was a sh!t show for a couple months before people from outside the department were brought in to train. (They worked in the same building, so they just came to our floor. Eventually our entire just department got absorbed. I guess if I had to find an upside, it would be that, as one of only a few people who knew their stuff, it was easy to get a promotion.


I mean, sometimes it IS hard to tell the difference.

True story: When I was going through college the first time during the '08 election, one of my classes allowed us to bring in news articles for discussion; one sht!thead brought in an Onion article, and seriously tried to pass it off as completely legitimate. I tried to call him out, but he insisted it was real. I want to believe he was trolling, but... he was earnest. And, because life is awful, I'm pretty sure a looooot of people believed it.


You'd think in college they'd know what a dictionary is.


I joined a college group to help build a race car. During one of the first meetings when they were taking apart some components I used the word "acrid" to describe the smell of some liquid I had smelled in the shop. Now, I wasn't an engineering student, but everyone else in the shop was. They all discounted me because they thought I made up a word. It wasn't that they didn't know the word but refused to look it up and kept berating me for it, their attitude towards the whole thing was toxic and I left the group shortly after that.


What are they teaching in school these days?

During our presentations in a public speaking class I took in college. We each had to do a presentation on a country and the customs/norms of that country. One student explained to everyone that Africa wasn't actually a country, but a continent. Everyone seemed struck by that. Another student used the word 'providence' instead of 'province' multiple times. And the presentation on Scotland involved the student saying, "Oh and they celebrate Boxing Day. It's the day after Christmas and I don't know, I guess they have a big boxing match?" It was awful.


Do they know how hair dye works?


I dye my hair silly colours and lately have been different shades of purple. I was checking out at the tills when I overheard one woman ask another if my colour was natural. I turned and looked dead at them, and the second woman was squinting at me. I raised my eyebrows in a sort of "Yeah, your friend seriously thinks THIS is natural" thing, but the squinting woman turned back to her friend and said "Yeah even her roots are purple, so it must be".

I did a thousand yard stare as I collected my things and left.


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