People Divulge The Stupidest Complaint Someone's Ever Made About Them
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Some people just seem to enjoy nit-picking. Whether it stems from their own insecurities or they are truly offended, it can be frustrating being on the receiving end of such complaints.

The most frivolous one I experienced was being sassed at work for a dress I had on. It was summertime and very warm inside the old, big retail store that most not be named. All of the young bright young 19 and early 20 something-year-old ladies were in mini skirts or mini dresses that barely covered their bums. No shame-they rocked it and were more comfortable in the heat.

However, I usually dressed conservative but this day I wore a dress that had cap sleeves but still went at least my knees. For those that don't know cap sleeves are short covering just the tops of your arms at the shoulder. This was great to stay a little cooler but still feel “professional". NOPE. I was quickly told by my supervisor I needed to “cover yourself" and “go find something to cover up with".

I was not quite as slight as the younger women who didn't comment on with their near sleeveless mini dresses. Apparently simply existing in a curvy body can be seen as overtly sexual *eye roll*. After the second time, this particular supervisor approached I pointed out that most of the women in their section were wearing much less they just got quiet and left without any acknowledgment. I wasn't sad when the store closed a year later.

Redditor merry_cat wanted to hear from others and asked:

What is the stupidest complaint someone ever made about you?"

They tried the blame game...

I was working on a product with a small team of 6 people. Once it was done, 3 complained to my boss that I don't communicate or listen to anyone and because of that, we had to rush through it last minute. We have a WhatsApp group with everyone on it."

“I am the only one who's messaged the team about the project in the past 3 weeks, every 3 days, only getting a response 2 days before it was due that we should 'get moving'. It was so ridiculous that our head didn't believe me until I showed him. Got transferred to another, (and much better) team. So all's well that ends well." RedEagle915


“I can't use my left leg so I'm in a wheelchair. Yeah, I can hop (rather fast actually) but its not recommended. Some lady called me lazy because I could stand on one leg to grab something but had to use a wheelchair to get around. Like, lady. Thats none of your business.​“ LaptopArmageddon

“I just had nothing in common with those people!"

“I got put on public speaking training because people from my job had a discussion where they thought I had issues with public speaking. The trainer asked within 5 mins why tf I was there because I 100% DO NOT have issues with public speaking (like literally, I have done performances and presentations in front of hundreds of people multiple times). I just had nothing in common with those people!“ sevasaurus1

Some people just like to complain...

​“Worked sales... Guy said I was awesome but tried to sell him stuff and he didn't like that. Boss brought me into the office to discuss my survey... Boss was reprimanding me and I stopped him halfway through. Said something along the likes of what do you actually want me to do differently? Got an uh nothing ok you can go.” bhaail

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Restaurant work...

“I had a woman accuse me of being racist because I couldn't accommodate her, her husband, and their child as walk-in guests at the upscale restaurant I was working at on valentine's day at 7:30pm. The best I could offer was seats at the bar and she took offense to that as they had a child with them." frequentstreaker

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I was accused of mansplaining. My job was to train people and review everything in a step by step format. The person who complained was notorious for being difficult and fellow coworkers came to my aid and said she was just ridiculous.” ​RedStradis

Weird thing for an accountant to be mad over...

“I was once called in by my boss for a ‘talk’. Apparently, the accountant was offended when I used too many coins to pay for lunch. My boss asked me if I hated her and if I did it intentionally to offend her. I didn't. It's just that I had enough coins that time to pay in exact change. I don't think it was even too much coins to be honest. Just proper exact change.” BreadedGlass

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“One time I had someone complain to my boss I was, and I quote, "mocking them using my normal voice." I asked him, what the hell am I supposed to do if I can't talk in my normal voice? He laughed, I was confused.”

In your normal voice?

“One time I had someone complain to my boss I was, and I quote, ‘mocking them using my normal voice.’ I asked him, what the hell am I supposed to do if I can't talk in my normal voice? He laughed, I was confused.” Puzzleheaded_Self613

It was just different...

“I am from New England and I lived in the southern US for a while. I had a customer complain to my manager about my accent. They said they didn't like my accent and said it was completely unprofessional.” ​MaingoGrey

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