People Share The Strangest Things They've Captured On Their Security Cameras

People With Security Cameras Reveal The Strangest Thing They've Ever Caught On Tape

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As surveillance equipment becomes more and more affordable, many people are installing security cameras in and around their homes. This leads to capturing some interesting things.

Sometimes it can be enlightening, sometimes funny, and sometimes frightening.

Reddit user AS_25 asked "People who use security cameras, what's the creepiest thing you've seen on your camera?"

While not all are creepy, they are all interesting.


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Spotted a drunk man walk into the bushes and take a nap. That could have been creepy for anyone walking by, because he was completely obscured.

Jehovah's Late Shift

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A guy stapling a handwritten note of apocalyptic/hellfire related bible gibberish to my patio door in the middle of the night.


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I saw a guy wipe out on my fence on his bike. His shoe fell off! Luckily he was not hurt... he sat on the ground for a moment, retrieved his shoe, and cycled off.

Mind of Its Own

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The creepiest thing I ever saw was my camera itself moving freely without my control.

Your Cheating Heart

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I have two security cameras in my apt, one at each entrance. The one near my back door catches a sliver of my bed if the bedroom door is open.

My oblivious cheating boyfriend left the door wide open.

Holiday Spirit

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Some girl stealing our Halloween candy and the damn bowl.

Good Vibrations

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My neighbor's video caught a man with one arm walking up to her porch.

He put his hand on the window to feel it, and then turned around and left.


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I have a Nest cam. I also have three male cats. The only thing I caught has been one of my cat's terrorizing the others by jumping them several times a day-he only does it when no one is home. I used to wonder why the others don't ever really want to play with him.

Felony Theft Feline

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Neighbor trying to catch my cat.

Just Dandy

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Asian lady pulling my dandelions.

Casing the Joint

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Some dude scoping out my house in the middle of the day. He was super suspicious because he had a hoodie and bedazzled jeans on, with a reflective vest on top. You could tell he was trying to "blend in" to look like a construction worker or what not, but that he was too lazy to actually put on different clothes.

Dude notices my cameras and nopes out really quickly, too. I was able to report it to the police and show the clip to an officer.

Peeking In

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Someone lifted the flap on my mailbox.

Unusual Egress

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I woke up in the middle of the night, like 3 am, and saw a bunch of notifications that there was movement on the side of our house. I go to the recordings and it's a man and 2 women climbing in the basement window of our neighbor's house. A half hour later they climb out the window and walk away down the street. I wake up my husband to tell him that our neighbor's house has been broken into and I watched the thieves climb in and out of the basement window, which is only steps away from our house.

He takes a look at the videos and says "that's the teenager from next door. He's just sneaking in and out."


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Got a notification from my smart home app in the middle of the night saying "Your doorbell detected a visitor".

Bark at the Moon

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My Nest cam has picked up the howling and yapping of a pack of coyotes.


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Saw a dude standing in the alley between the building I worked in and the building next door. He literally just stood there doing nothing for a couple of hours.

Party Puppers

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A group of dogs having "relations" in my front garden.

Aerial Assault

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A bird flying into my head.

May not be creepy but it sure scared the hell out of me when it happened.

Just Slithering By

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A snake climbing up my window.

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