People Share The Strangest Way They've Ever Died In Their Dreams

Til death do I part....

Death is coming for us all at some point. And Death seems to like to chase us through our everyday lives. It likes to remind us that it's always near. The reminders are especially disturbing during our slumber. Death in sleep can be a harrowing experience or just plain odd. More often than not our dream deaths seem to be the work of a hysterical mind. No?

Redditor u/LassieTino wanted to how people have met their makers while in the REM state by asking.... People of Reddit, what is the strangest way you have died inside one of your dreams?

The Milk Chocolate Ending...


I was beaten to death by hundreds of M&Ms.


Now are we talking about the normal small candy M&Ms or the anthropomorphic ones? Because one of those is a lot more hilarious than the other.


Bridges & Garfield. 

I was about to be pushed off a bridge. Then i realized i was dreaming and just swapped places with the guy trying to kill me. And pushed him instead.

And one time I dreamt i was Garfield driving a big truck off a bridge.


Zombies are Coming...

Forgot my wallet at home during a zombie apocalypse and so I couldn't pay to get on the plane to safety.


Mine is a zombie one, too! I lived with my brother at the top of a dilapidated skyscraper. Windows were all gone up there. It looked like a construction site. My brother found a radio one day and decided to show me while I was sitting on a beam. The radio came on so loud the zombies all showed up aaaaand I fell right on them. Thanks, bro.


Nasty Stuff. 

Pinned down by two heroin addicts and they injected me until I died. That was also the first time I encountered sleep paralysis. Nasty stuff.


In on of my sleep paralysis dreams my brother put a needle in my arm pit and shoved it allllll the way down my arm. Oh sleep paralysis dreams. You kinda get used to them, I guess?


The Chase....


Getting chased by Obama, Tom and Jerry style.


This, but with the first villain from Sailor Moon, who ultimately discovers me hiding in a bunch of blankets in the closet. I've had versions of this dream several times.

There's another dream where I am a Chinese empress leading a military campaign that is going badly enough that I decide to end my own life by slicing through my neck with one of those white plastic knives that come with fancy cakes. I'm a guy.


Dreams are whack....

I cant recall any weird ways i've died right now, but I can recall many weird ways I didn't die in a dream. Had a dream once where I repeatedly stabbed myself in the abdomen before a friend's wedding, then proceeded to attend the ceremony, with only a towel keeping myself from bleeding out. Woke up feeling a stabbing pain in my abdomen and felt pure horror as I checked it for the wound. Dreams are whack, man. Chad_Yoo

No Breathe. 

Found myself in a room with my clone. I strangled her to death and for some reason that also killed me and my mind was stuck in my lifeless corpse as scientists entered and carted our bodies out.


Similar one here. Came face to face with an alternate me, which I somehow knew in the dream was a "me" who was the result of a string of bad decisions. We looked at each other for a few seconds, then I took out a knife and stabbed him in the heart.

The catch? I too felt the most intense pain I've ever imagined in my life in my chest. He fell dead, I fell to the ground in agony, clutching my chest and screaming. I woke up like that, in a blind panic and with the strongest emotion of dread I've ever felt.

Shook me to my core.



There's a famous bridge near me that for some reason I'd bought for 2p. As me and the family were going to look at my new purchase, a cavalier jumped out and stabbed me in the stomach with his sword. I was really young at the time but I remember it vividly.


Still Asleep....

My personal favorite is where I wake up from a bad dream and all the bad stuff didn't happen and my life is normal but I don't realize that this too is actually a dream and I'm still asleep. That little bit of relief and breakthrough before more bad stuff happens makes the second round of bad stuff seem way more real.


I hate Snow White.


This one time i had a dream where i Got killed by a three headed snow-White. But one of the faces was my moms. Without a doubt the weirdest Dream i've ever had.


I had a dream I was banging a girl then her head spun around a few times morphing into different faces while the room turned into a surrealist painting melting clock type crap. One of the faces was my fathers. It was screwed up.



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