People Share The Strangest Coincidence They've Ever Experienced


It's easy for people to believe in a higher plan, like someone or thing watching over us, and that's their prerogative. Many are more inclined to think their life is directed by a universal roll of the dice. No one can know for certain if there's a cosmic plan for us, but when situations like the following come up, it's hard not to think so.

Reddit user, u/RichCauliflower, wanted to hear about the time things were just too perfect when they asked:

Hey Reddit, what's the strangest coincidence you've ever personally experienced?

The Perfect Gift

My old work ran a secret santa once the week before Christmas. It was a $10 limit and the person I was buying for I didn't know very well. I left my buying to the last minute because I just didn't know what to get her.

So I was in town and walking past some shops when lo and behold, I see an old copy of Oliver Twist in the window of the 2nd hand book store. It just called to me, so I went in and picked it up. I checked the first page for the cost and guess what? $10 - perfect.

A Tale From The Past

So come the day of the secret santa, we were all opening our gifts, some 150 people. Out of the corner of my eye I see some people crowding around a woman who is crying. I keep listening and people are calling out for the person who was her santa. I go over and reveal that it was me.

The lady I had bought for was crying and hugged me. She said 10 years ago her house burned down along with all her of possessions. The book that I bought her, was her favourite and also the exact same edition so had the exact same cover she remembered.

Because it was a second hand book it was even weathered in the same places she remembered, so it was as if I'd grabbed the book off her shelf before the fire and delivered it to her 10 years later.


Perfectly Healed

I had a rare disease when I was 4 years old which hospitalized me for months. Doctors were dumbfounded and were unsure how to treat me. A Japanese doctor who was touring hospitals in the US walked in with a bunch of interns and other doctors. He recognized what I had immediately and helped to bring me back to norm.

6 years later same rare disease hit me. Slightly different symptoms, same Japanese doctor at the same hospital walked in the door. Not sure how those stars aligned so perfectly.


Paul?! Is That You?!


Seeing Paul McCartney (The Beatles) on TV in 2001, and noticing he was tall. Next day I'm walking down a very quiet street, and walking towards me is a really tall guy, and it was Paul Mcartney. He must've seen my expression so he veered my way, stuck his hand out and said "Hi mate" . I was shocked. 18 years later I'm still shocked lol.

Edit:I'm 6ft 1, turns out he's 5'11. Maybe he was just "lanky". He certainly appeared tall to me. I should also add that he didn't just stick his hand out, I meant to say he shook my hand. Crazy. He then briskly walked away. A very brief encounter but a really important one for me. I also wouldn't blame anyone for not believing me. It's a weird story.


Left Behind

I used to get two busses home from work. I got off the first one having left my phone and keys on the front seat of the bus without realising.

Got on the second bus, went to my favoured front seat and my possessions that I didn't know were missing were waiting for me. The bus had changed driver and route. Still freaks my nut out to this day.


See You, Monday

Worked half day. Drove six hours from Southern California to Northern California for car camping with my wife. Chose obscure campground which was neatly deserted (off season). Picked the most deserted and remote camp site location (we planned on rockin the tent). Were bummed after setting camp and another couple selects site right next to us. Turns out to be a coworker I'd spoken with earlier that day.


Let's Meet Again In A Few Years

Not me, but a pretty interesting story in my family. Two of my great grandfathers got imprisoned in the same jail, and served time together.

My great grandfather on my mother side was an architect and even drew my other great grandfathers house.


Are You Following Us?!

Nobody believes me when I tell this story, but one day my husband and I ran into the same couple at 3 different places, in 2 different states.

So my husband and I had an errand to run out of state. We leave early and stop to get breakfast. The couple was sitting across from us. The lady had on a funky shirt which is why she stuck out in my mind. After breakfast we drive the next state over to the office we have an appointment at. We're waiting in the lobby and the couple from the breakfast joint walks in! Weird! So we spend the day finishing up our errands and then we drive back home. I didn't feel like cooking so we stopped to get some dinner at the pub. We sit down at the table and guess who's already eating at the table behind us? The same friggen couple!


You Never Have To Ask For Tamales

My wife and I were in Tucson Visiting my mother who just moved there. My wife decided she want a tamale. We drove around for two hours stopping in restaurants looking for tamales. Couldn't find one. Went back to my mothers apartment.

Literally two minutes later somebody knocked on the door of my mothers apartment asking us if anyone wanted to buy any tamales.


Thanks For The Brews, Sis

My sister, Emily, was on a ski lift in New Mexico when some younger girl across from her asked if her name was Emily. Apparently the stranger, who kind of looked similar but underage, had found her lost ID the year prior and had been using it for a year to buy alcohol.


The Stars, And Dates, Aligned

A couple years ago, I had a crush on my manager at work. We were talking and I asked him when his birthday was. He said Oct 25. I thought he was teasing me because he can check my profile on his computer. Oct 25 was my birthday. So I gave him a little punch and asked him to stop teasing in which he replies that he is telling the truth. He showed me his ID and I told him that oct 25 was also my birthday. He didn't believe me and checked my file online which confirmed it was.


They Say It'd Take 3 Days To See It All

I live in Dubai currently. I was in Paris for the weekend last month while taking a few weeks in London where I also live part-time, and ran into a guy I dated last year.

We were the only 2 people looking at a painting in the louvre, and if you know the louvre you know how insanely massive and busy it is. The chances of us running into each other at the same empty painting, when neither of us even live in France, is ridiculous.


All The Links, All The Connections

this will never get seen, but here goes.

My father's best friend is my best friends father. I am 6 or 7 years older than this friend. this friend and I have been friends for about 6 or 7 years. the realization didnt hit me until recently.

my father's best friend name was Roy. Roy died in the army in early 2000s left behind a daughter less than a year old. I had always know my father's friends name. I had always known my best friends fathers name. I knew both of them died in the military. the only thing I didnt know was my father's best friends last name and I didnt know my best friends fathers branch of the military. I also had a vague idea of what he looked like from pictures. had never seen a picture of my fathers friend.

one day I was walking up to a memorial in my area of people that had died in service. I dont know how i knew this but i saw the picture of Roy (my friends father) and just instinctively said to myself "that looks like Roy" (my fathers friend). it was a big holy sh-t moment for me. and it took me like 2 or 3 hours and phoning my father.... his cousin.... my best friend and her mother to confirm. but yes jts totally him and I freak about it every time I think about it.

Roy used to always tell my father they are gonna grow up together and be best friends just like there dads. your son will protect my daughter like his own sister. Even though he died... I dont think he knew how true that was. he also didnt predict that we would end up falling in love with each other... but that's a story for another time.


Real And Digital Worlds Collide

I had a fan instagram account for a band I liked in middle school. I followed another fan account of the same band, and we began talking over DM. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until she posted a picture of herself. To my surprise, she was my close friend from school. We still talk about it today lol


Never Question The Belly

My work buddy gf was pregnant and near the final days. I kept thinking to myself how he thought knowing today could be the day. Finally one day I thought let's ask. So I turn to him and ask "how do you feel knowing that today could be the day you could be a father". My buddy shrugged it off like nothing.

Later that after he calls me and tell me that today is the day he is a father.


Dreams Bleed Into Life

My father once told me that he had a dream where he was going shopping (at his regular shop) and meet an old work colleague who lives far away that he hadn't met in years. He tried to remember the guys name throughout the dream and eventually figured it out.

The next day he went to that very same shop and, low and behold, the guy was there. My dad instantly went up and greeted him, then proceeded to tell him the story of how he dreamt this would happen, and it's how he remembered his name.

The guy was just kinda weirded out and walked away.


Buddies 4-Life!

Buddy in middle school and I had the same birthday, we were born in the same hospital, and I was only 10 minutes older.


A Cruise To Remember

Was once on a big cruise for a week vacation with my family a few years back. On one of the stops we had to tender in to the shore. We were on the tender boat, and I was putting on sunscreen that had our last name written on the top in sharpie. A woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked if the name written was our last name. She tells us that her maiden name is our last name!

Until that point, I never met or known someone with my last name that wasn't directly related me. We lived many states away from each other, but we were able to trace back our ancestors and when they split up and ended up in different regions. We still keep in touch with them and is still one of the craziest coincidences I have ever experienced.



My dad picks me up from my boyfriends house for the first time. He looks a little confused and then realises he used to live in the same house (I live in a city of nearly 2 million for reference) He even slept in the same room as my boyfriend does now




In grade 10 English class, the teacher didn't have anything planned for us to do and it was close to the end of the year I guess, so she goes to the big cupoboard in the corner and pulls out a stack of copies. It's examples of a successful essay written during a final exam, so we can learn what a good one looks like and how to build a narrative, etc. The topic of these was What was the most pivotal moment of your life?

There's three examples, ranging in proficiency. We read through the first two, and I volunteer to read the last one aloud. I start reading... and I stop. The essay was about... me. My big sister had gotten a really good mark 6 years earlier on her final exam essay which she wrote about the day I was born. I got pretty emotional about that one.


When were things just a little too coincidental for you? Tell us all about it!

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