The things that go bump in the night, on the dark roads of the land, they haunt us. Who knows what is out there. When we're driving our attention too often is distracted, most of the time it's for superfluous reasons like a text, which can lead to death. But sometimes we see things that make us do a double take so we must know more. The road has secrets and drama. So buckle up!

Redditor u/Gonzapex wanted to hear from everyone a few tales about those times when driving became an "Agatha Christie" moment by asking....

People who saw "something" next to the road and stopped to take a look, what's your story?

nobody else around.....


Near my house by an intersection, guy dressed in leather and a huge trench coat was stabbing a skateboard with a weird sword. Around 10 on a Sunday night, nobody else around. LifetimeOfLemons

Hey Iron....

The wife was driving when I asked her if we could turn around because I saw something on the side of the road that I was instantly sure was a rubber 1990s WWF Iron Sheik action figure.

We turned around, and she slowed down as I opened the door and scooped up what was 100% a rubber 1990s WWF Iron Sheik action figure.

He now lives in the ceiling beams of the laundry room where he watches over the washer.

Edit: as requested, here is pic #1 of the man, himself: Ptooey

....And here he is in his laundry-humbling perch Dyko

I found some gourds!

I found some gourds! But they were too tough to cut into with my pocketknife and smelled like terrible body odor so I left them.

Another time while out biking I saw a ski in the gutter. A few blocks farther, I found the other ski, so I picked it up and went back for the first one. On the way home with a pair of skis across the handlebars, I found another pair of skis in the gutter so I took those home too. My mom was absolutely baffled when I rolled up to the house. egmalone

The Shock. 

My brother was driving 100 down the highway at night and swore he saw a guy right next to the road. He turned around the first chance he could and sent to look to see if he was ok. This was in the middle of no where and he had his wife and 3 kids in the back. Wife saw it too. They really only got back to the spot about 5-10 minutes later and couldn't see anything.

They called the police of the nearby town and met the officer there. My brother and the officer looked around a bit more while his wife stayed in the car. Eventually they gave up and drove home. The officer said he would look a bit more. The next day he got a call from the officer. He found the guy in diabetic shock some ways from the road.

Got him to the hospital and he lived. He had left a bar and started walking down the highway. He was found about 4 km from the bar outside a tiny town. Brother definitely saved the guy's life. discostud1515

Not Cool. 

It was a box with a paper taped to the top that said "RIP Someone's Poor Dead Kitty."

I was in a college town so I figured it might be a prank, like someone was doing a "Schrodinger's Cat" bit.

Nope, there sure was someone's dead cat in that box. chris_courtland

Runaway Crusher....


We were driving and my boyfriend stopped the car all of a sudden and put his hazard lights on. The car behind us thought we were stopping for no reason. He got angry and cut in front of us and ran over the old man who was laying in middle of the road. The old man fell and was not able to get up and now....... his leg was crushed.

And when the driver realized what he had done, he drove away at the speed of light. Nonewnews_

Finding the Shimmer....

I saw what appeared to be a diamond necklace fly by in a glittery blur on the freeway shoulder. Thinking some girlfriend angrily tossed it out of a speeding car to make her cheating boyfriend upset, I turned around at the next off ramp and went back to stop and collect my payday.

It was just one of those stupid ass fake diamond license plate frames.

I have an active imagination and an empty wallet. ObiWan-Shinoobi

A Great Day.


Thought I had seen a turtle.

I pulled over.

It was a turtle.

That was a great day. SimplisticFox


I didn't stop, but my girlfriend at the time and I saw a mountain lion (cougar/puma) standing on the side of the road in Connecticut around 2008.

There haven't been mountain lions here for 100 years.

No one believed us, until a few years later, when one got run over on the highway. FastWalkingShortGuy

I miss my Flower now. 

In a muddy ditch me and my sisters got out to see a filthy dog drowning in this mud pit. My sister jumped in, drug the dog out, and we took it in. The owner of the dog had apparently gotten sick of her and let her out in the middle of the busy road. He didn't want her anymore so he gave her to us. She was a mixed Pitbull terrier we named Flower who lived with us for 13 years.

I miss my Flower now. She was one of the kindest dogs I ever had. Chefshipwreck5897


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