People Share The Most Severe Cases Of 'Spoiled Child Syndrome' They've Ever Seen


It's not fun being around spoiled people.

Spoiled people are entitled. They want you to do everything for them and can't accomplish simple tasks without throwing a temper tantrum.

And sometimes it is our unfortunate path in life that we have to be around those people.

u/maddisonxoxo asked:

What is the most severe case of "Spoiled Child Syndrome" that you have ever seen/heard of?

Here were some of the answers.

Caution To The Wind

Guy from my old school was gifted by his parents an new 25k Challenger. 2 months later he totaled it while texting. His parents bought him a new suv same price. Crashed it next month. Parents bought him a used POS for $2000. He ranted for months.


Privilege To The Extreme

An old friend of mine and his family are loaded. They constantly get the newest car, massive house, multiple out of country vacations a year first class, and he'll get the most expensive tickets possible for concerts and mommy and daddy would never say no.

When the iPhones/ and iPod touches were blowing up, he asked for a very specific color and GB for the iPod touch. It was near Christmas time and they were sold out EVERYWHERE. His mom was so disappointed that she paid a lady at the mall DOUBLE the price of the newest iPhone max GB while she was walking out and so he could get something similar since she couldn't find what he really wanted for Christmas.

Fast forward to Christmas Day, he opened the box and was so pissed it wasn't what he wanted that he threw it so hard onto the floor saying that it wasn't what he asked for. It was DESTROYED. Then he called her a b**** and left to his room without opening the rest of his presents.

She then had a breakdown and went to the mall again to ask for what he wanted for the next few weeks until yet again, someone had just bought one and she paid double to gift it for him again.

That was the last time we ever spoke and from what I hear, he has no job, still lives with mom and dad, no high school diploma, upgrades his Mercedes every year, and decided that he's going to be a rapper or nothing at all.


Huge Allowances

Spoiled child syndrome that bled into adulthood. I work at a collection agency, and this guy racked up a 200k debt. Thing is, anything of that size we had to go over financials.

Dude got 60k a month from his father. A month. He got more in a month than I do in a year. But, still followed procedures. He claimed huge amounts for expenses. Didn't add up to the 60k though, only 20k a month. Dude could pay off his debt in half a year. He then informs me he can't afford the 40k monthly payment, as he is renovating his house. And spending all of that 40k each month on said renovations.

Thing is, he was technically employed by his father, and that was a garnishment source. So when he basically threw a tantrum and hung up. I just hit send on a wage garnishment, which his father would likely see.


Manipulative Life

My ex's niece. They got her a car - she wrecked it. So they got her another one. She wrecked that one. And so on - there were about four cars they got her, one right after the other, during the years I was with her uncle.

Oh! And speaking of "one right after the other", one guess what else that applied to? Her kids. She had three little kids, back to back, who she never took care of, and used to foist off onto her mother (my ex's sister) to take care of. Oh, and she never had a job, she'd just live there and sponge off the parents. "Well, why can't you get a job, Donna?" "Because I have three kids I have to stay home and take care of." (But your mother does that because you ignore them).

And as soon as the littlest one would be big enough to go to school, leaving her no excuse to not get a job, she'd pop out another one - and there you go! Can't possibly get a job with an infant to take care of! Except her mother would take care of that kid too.

So she and her three little children had free room, board and child care while this girl went out partying, and if she wrecked the car they gave her, they just bought her a new one. This had been going on from the time she was 16, when I started dating her uncle, until she was 25 when I broke up with him. I don't know if it's still going on, but probably.


Little Monsters

I lived in Russia and worked for a very wealthy family. The four year old had very clearly never been told "no." The first time I did, he threw a full scale tantrum for four and a half hours. He was a monster (though not to me once he understood I had all the time in the world for tantrums, and definitely wasn't going to give in to one).



Had a boss ages ago. Great guy. He had two kids: one was a pretty normal guy and then a very, very "everything is about me" daddy's girl for a daughter. One day, she runs through our office, tears streaming down her face, straight out "looks like someone died" levels of trauma. She slams the door to his overhead office, loud enough that everyone in the store can hear, and then theres a ton of tearful screaming ("WWAHHHHHTBTHBTHA THASKJHT THBTHTBTHBTHBT') as her father just keeps repeating over and over "Whats wrong? What happened?"

Ten minutes later, she blurts out I RAN OVER MY IPOD MINI. She must've dropped it in the parking lot at the gym and backed over it somehow? Who knows.

Couldn't stand her at all, apple fell very far from the tree on that one.


More Than One?!

A guy (in his mid 20s) that worked for me was mad that his father bought him one jet ski. On Christmas he said to his father, "What am I going to do with one?"

His father bought him a second one so his friends could go, too.


Confident Thievery

Hosted and gave a lecture to a cooking group (+ kids) and as a thank you for this free event the organizers gave me some cupcakes they had baked during the workshop. One of the kids started screaming at me that she wanted the cupcakes and almost pulled the plate from my hands. The mother very softly said that those were meant for me and the kid shouted while stamping her foot "but I want them, she (meaning me) doesn't want them". The mother just looked ashamed and did not say anything further while the kid ran off angry.

It's not about the worth of the cupcakes, more about the sheer confidence in the kids eyes that I would hand the thank you gift I had just gotten over to her, just because she wanted them.


When You Know It Won't Last

I dated a girl whose parents had promised to give her a car upon graduating university. In her first week of first year university she decided that this tyranny could not suffice and began screaming at her parents over the phone demanding they give her the car NOW.

Her parents were not well off, and were already paying for her rent and tuition.



Crying that their 16th birthday present was a used BMW and not a brand new Mercedes.

Story goes she got T boned at an intersection later that week, totaling the car and not her fault. (Rolling eyes)

The replacement car was a brand new Mercedes. Because it's "safer". (Rolling eyes higher)

To the kid's credit, she graduated college, top of her class and went to an Ivy league school for a law degree.

She now absolutely earned her brand new BMW (the irony) and is making a good salary helping disadvantaged people with law issues.

So, in the end, a pretty good story, I guess.


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